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Sunday, November 2, 2014


On Saturday, 21 November 1987, after nearly eight whole months of translating, Elisha completes the record, and is visited again by Oleeha, who, again, knows everything that has taken place. Elisha makes it a point to relate that he was awake this time for Oleeha's visit, but it's still unclear when he first entered his dream-state back on April 6. Did he fall asleep reading his Bible (very plausible ; ) even before Oleeha comes, or during their talk before translation, or after that first instruction in God's method of translation? I don't know.
In any case, Oleeha reiterates what the Lord had already told him about the publication process (Visions 3, Part 5), that only a portion would be included in the first edition, and even that would have to wait twenty years. He instructs Elisha to call the record "The Aklatan", meaning "library" or "collection of books" (we discussed this back in Introduction, Part 1), and tells him which books to include first. Christ had explained that this piecemeal process will be a test of faith for His people in accepting not only these new scriptures, but also Elisha as His prophet.
And If My people shall receive it with glad hearts, and do all the things I shall command them through you; then you shall publish more of the record. Even until all the record shall be published. (Visions 3, Part 5)
Elisha has posted HERE what trigger events need to transpire to allow more to be released, but I'll add the chart here, too. (Those events in bold and underlined occurred during the second half of 2013, and the accompanying books were published in the 2nd edition.)

The Great Scroll of SuranAfter land has been acquired to build the temple.
The History of the OphirAfter ministry are established in each of the six areas of the Kingdom.
The rest of the Book of AhkmanDuring the large gathering of believers
The rest of the Book ArakimAfter the Filipino communities in America have been established.
The Book of KimeshAfter the Filipino communities have been established in Europe
The Gospel Written by AnguluAfter a great number of men begin to travel around to share the Aklatan.
The Gospel Written by TaletanAt a large gathering with representatives from all six areas of Maharlika.
A Record of the Twelve WomenAfter a great number of women begin to travel around to share the Aklatan.
The Prophecies of TelemekAfter the first pilgrimage has been completed.
The Book of DataraAfter the Warriors of the Darkness are re-established and strong in numbers.
The Book of KilingaAfter Temple construction had begun.
The Preserved Record of AlgapoJust before beginning the friendship ministry to the Muslims in Mindanao.
The rest of the Book of NamwaranAfter cities for believers have begun to be built.
The Record of the AncientsAfter the Kingdom of Maharlika is completed
I started to wonder what it would've been like had the Book of Mormon been published in this same way but then quickly remembered that it had. A large portion was published in 1829, and we consider that the entire record, but time and again in the text itself, we are promised to receive more records (those of lost tribes, more of Christ's words during His Bountiful visit, the sealed portion of the plates, etc.) according to our faith in accepting the first. (We might even get to have the Book of Lehi back ; ) The Aklatan is the first of these purporting to be a record of lost tribes that we're exploring here in this blog, but there are others that we'll get to in due time. Pray and exercise your faith so that we can receive more!

Elisha again notes his surprise that such a long waiting period is necessary, even though Christ told him the same thing over a year ago. I'm assuming this is a continuation of the surprise he must've felt when he first found out. I know I would've been too overwhelmed at that visit to show much emotion other than only mustering blank looks, nods, and "uh-huh's". But Oleeha explains that the people of the islands need a time of preparation to receive the record and take up the work. During the interim, Elisha will "begin other works to bring forth God's purposes"--preaching, gathering, translating, etc. Remember that we discussed in passing "another work of translation" that Christ said Elisha would help with five years from that time (1986) (Visions 3, Part 5). I don't know what that would be but seems to be something other than a record of the people of the islands.

So, what has happened in the 1987-2007 period to prepare the people of the Philippines?

1986 - Marcos ousted, and a new republic established.
1987 - New constitution ratified, but the recovery process from Marcos' rule in uniting various political factions is difficult
1991 - Mt Pinatubo erupts, killing over 800, leaving 200,000 homeless and 650,000 unemployed
1992 - US military presence officially ends
1994-96 - Peace achieved with separatist and militant groups
1998 - Election of a president who favors the poor and economic growth
2000 - War against militant groups
2001 - That president is forced to resign for corruption
2001-07 - Coalition politics, military mutinies, etc.
2007-present - economic growth, political influence in the region, etc.
It definitely hasn't been all puppy dogs, fluffy clouds, and rainbows, and there still remain major poverty issues, but there has been much change, maturation, and growth in these islands since 1986. The Lord feels that the people of the islands are now prepared enough to accept Him fully and move forward in establishing His kingdom.

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  1. Again, thanks for all your research here! So interesting to see what events were taking place during that time frame. I wonder what other books of scripture are soon to be revealed.