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Now during the eleventh year of King Linurang there came a messenger among the people of the King. And this messenger prophesied about the death of the Christ. And that it must shortly come to pass. For behold a large portion of the believers had been killed by King Nagurat. But Nagurat had died and Linurang had taken his place. And Linurang did not hate the believers, and he let them be. Therefore there were some believers among the people, and they did hearken unto the words of the messenger. And they did gather themselves together to hear his words. And behold the messenger spake unto the people, Oh people of the King, the time doth shortly come that the Christ must die. And this He must do to fulfill the law and to bring salvation unto all those who will believe in Him. For behold, ye must prepare yourselves for this time. For at the time of His death the earth will shake and rend. And great darkness shall cover the earth. And ye must prepare your homes and lands so that ye may survive this time. And he did speak a great many things unto the people. And behold the believers did hearken unto his words and did prepare their homes, and their lands, and their fields. And they did spread his the words to their families that they might also prepare themselves. And it came to pass that ten days did pass away and many of those who were not believers did mock them that did believe. And they did damage the property and supplies of the believers as a way to mock them. And the believers did suffer all these things in meekness for they knew that Christ would bring redemption unto them. Now after the space of five days had passed away the believers were beginning to become distressed over the actions of those who did not believe. And many did pray unto God that the persecutions might be lifted from them. And at that time, while many were lifting their voices to God, the sun did grow dark and the ground began to shake. And the shaking of the earth was so great that it might have split asunder. And many knew and cried that the time of the Lord’s death was at hand. And the land will filled with all manner of disasters and many places were destroyed. And there were fires and burnings and the cities of the wicked were destroyed. And it came to pass that after the, earthquakes, and lightnings, and thunder had ended that a great darkness did fill the land. Yea, even the whole land was filled with an exceedingly great darkness. And the darkness was thick insomuch that no light could be seen. And many did suffer for lack of breath. And behold there were those who did attempt to light fires so they might be able to see. But no fires could be lit. And many were afraid. And others did say, It is the true sign of the Christ, who has died for our sins. It has been fulfilled even as our fathers and brethren had prophesied. And the Spirit of God came upon King Linurang. And he did exit his house and proclaim, with a loud voice saying, The god, which is the god of nature doth suffer.
And the hearts of many of those who did not believe were filled with sorrow, because they knew of their rejection of the prophets. But within the city Malu, there arose a group of many of those that did not believe in the Christ, that said, Behold, it is because of the false beliefs of our brethren that this destruction has come upon us. For behold they have angered the gods, because of their worship of the false god known as Christ. And yea, they have led away many of our fathers, mothers, and brothers, and sisters to believe in this Christ. Even though we knew it to be wrong we suffered that they should live within our midst. And it is because of this thing that the gods have punished us. Therefore, in this time of darkness we must punish the believers of the false god, Christ. Yea, we must smite them even unto death. And it was after this manner of speaking that the wicked did convince many that they should kill the believers of Christ. Now, because of the great darkness which had covered the land, and because of the great destruction that had come upon the land, there were many that did cry unto the Lord for protection. They did cry unto heaven for the safety of themselves and their families. And it came to pass that the wicked who had sworn to kill the believers, did listen for the cries of the believers. And because of the darkness they could not see, but they did follow the cries with their ears even until they did come near unto the believers. And when the wicked had neared themselves unto the believers they did draw their swords, or feel with their hands to find a stone, and they did smite down the believers. And this they did in order to please the false gods that they did worship. And they did continue to do this even until they had killed many hundreds of believers. And it came to pass that after a time many other believers did learn of the doings of the wicked men and many were afraid and did flee in the darkness. But behold there was a group of men who did take courage in their hearts. And they did gather together in the darkness and did assemble themselves. And they took up their weapons and they followed the cries of those who were being slain by the hands of the wicked men. And they did find the wicked men and slay them with their weapons. And theirs was a hard search for they did use their hands and ears to find the wicked men to slay them. And this they did to protect the believers. And they did gather the believers into one place even so that they might defend them. And it came to pass that they did call these brave and righteous men that Warriors of the Darkness. And insomuch as the wicked did attempt to kill the righteous in this time of darkness they did defend themselves and the righteous. And after three days the darkness did begin to clear. And many did gather themselves and rebuild their homes and lands. And there were still those who sought to destroy the righteous.
And Yea, the Warriors of the Darkness did remain to protect the righteous. And after a few years had passed away many cities had been rebuilt and those who had listened to the words of prophecy and had prepared themselves did not struggle for lack of food nor for destruction of land. For despite their persecutions God had preserved them. And a cry went forth upon the whole land that the believers should gather themselves into a place. For the Warriors of the Darkness had established a city at the base of a mountain. And they called it Garakayo. And believers did gather into this place. Now as the people did work in the fields behold a voice came upon the people. And the voice was a quiet voice, but even being a quiet voice all did hear it. And they did look for the person whose voice it was and they could find him not. And they did again hear the voice. And they turned their eyes toward heaven where the source of the voice had come. And they did hear the voice a third time, and each time the voice spake it did say, Behold, My most Beloved Son, for I am pleased in Him, and He hath glorified my name. Hearken unto Him. And it came to pass that they saw a man descend from Heaven in a beam of light. And the light rested upon the top of the mountain Garakayo. And the people did climb to the top of Garakayo, both old and young. And when they did reach the top they beheld a man floating in the air. And his appearance what one of great whiteness. For he shone with great glory and power. And he was also dressed in pure white. And the man set foot upon the ground so that he might stand in their midst. And behold the man put out both his hands and spake saying, Behold, I am Jesus Christ, I am He who was foretold of the prophets of old. And behold I am the light of the world and I am the life of the world. And I have partaken of the bitter drink that the Father has given unto me. And I have taken the sins of the world upon myself. And I have obeyed the Father in all things. Come forth and place your hands on my side, and feel the holes of the nails in my hands and in my feet. And do this that you may know that I am the God that was prophesied of old, Yea I am the God over the whole earth. And I have died for the sins of the whole world. And behold all the people were amazed at what had taken place, and they did approach Christ and they did feel the marks in his hands and feet and sides. And they did rejoice and praise God for they knew that this was Christ who had been prophesied would come unto them. And it came to pass that Christ did bring forward twelve who had been righteous men and they were even of the Warriors of the Darkness who had protected the believers during the time of darkness. And the names of these men were Taletan, and Buka, and Angulu, and Kiro, and Saran, and Dulak, and Garek, and Butulam, and Surakan, and Bulakan, and Rida, and Gil. And Christ did call each of them forward and did bless them. And He did set them apart to be leaders of His kingdom in this land. For he did ordain them of the Holy Order of God. And He spake unto them saying, This I have done that there shall no longer be any conflicts between you. For there have been many conflicts and divisions among you. And you have had conflicts concerning your understanding of my teachings. For behold I say unto you that he who promotes conflicts is not of me, but he is of the devil. For the devil is the master of conflicts. And he inspires men to fight and be angry. But behold my teachings do not promote anger or fighting, but my teachings do put it away. And behold I do now teach unto you my doctrine. And what I shall teach unto you was given unto my by the Father. For I do testify of the Father and the Father Testifies of me. And the Holy Spirit does testify of both the Father and me. And the Father has commanded that all men should repent of their sins, and believe in me. And whoever will believe in me, and is baptized, will be saved. And they are those who shall inherit the Kingdom of God. And whoever shall not believe in me, and is not baptized, shall not be saved. And I say unto you that this is my doctrine. And I testify that it comes from the Father. And whoever believes in me believes also in the Father. And the Father shall testify of me for the Holy Spirit and testify of the Father and me unto he who shall believe in me and the Father. For the Father, and I, and the Holy Spirit are as one. And you must repent and become like a small child, humble and innocent in all things, and you must be baptize in my name. And if not, you cannot accept me. And I say unto you again, you must repent and be baptized in my name. And this is my doctrine, and the doors of hell shall not prevail against he who has my rock as his foundation. And whoever shall make more or less than this and preach it as my doctrine, shall preach an evil. For he has not my rock as his foundation, but has sand as his foundation. And the doors of hell shall open and accept those when the hurricanes shall come upon them. Now go forth among the people of this land and preach unto them the words which I have spoken. And after Christ had spoken these things unto the twelve he had chosen, he did speak unto all the people who were gathered around, saying: You shall be blessed if you will hearken unto the words of these twelve, whom I have chosen, and blessed, and set apart to be servants unto you. And you shall be baptized by them in water. And after you have been baptized with water I shall baptize you by fire.
And those who believe in me and are baptized shall be blessed. And you shall receive forgiveness for your sins. For blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. And blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted. And blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. And blessed are they who hunger and thirst for that which is righteous, for they shall receive the Holy Spirit. And blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. And blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. And blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. And blessed are the who are harassed for my name’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. And blessed are you when men shall speak falsehoods against you, for you do my will, for you reward shall be great in heaven, and you shall be glad. For many who went before you were so persecuted. And I say unto you, I have given it unto you to become the salt of the earth, for your descendants shall spread abroad in the earth and shall be as salt and shall be a delight. But if salt shall lose its savor how can the earth be salted? And the salt is not good for anything except that it be cast out and trampled on. And I say unto you, I have given it unto this people to be a light for the world. A city that is build on a hill cannot be hidden. But behold to men light a candle and put it under a basket? No but they set it on a high place so that its light can shine forth unto the whole house. Therefore let your light shine before the world, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. But do not think that my mission is to destroy the law or the prophets. For I come not to destroy but to fulfill. For I say unto you not one small piece hath been removed from the law, but in me it hath been fulfilled. And behold, I have given you the law and commandments of my Father, that you should believe in me, and that you shall repent of your sins, and come unto me with a broken heart and a humbled spirit. For behold, you have the commandments in front of you and the law is fulfilled. Therefore you shall come unto me and be saved. And I speak unto you that unless you will keep the commandments, which I have given you, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.
And you have heard in the law that you shall not murder. For whoever shall murder shall be in danger of the judgment of God. But I say unto you that whoever is angry with his neighbor shall be in danger of judgment. And whoever shall speak a curse unto his neighbor shall be in danger of hell fire. Therefore if you shall come unto me, or you shall desire to some unto me and you remember that your neighbor has a conflict with you. Then you shall go to your neighbor and you shall reconcile with your neighbor. And then come unto me with a full purpose of heart, and I will receive you. Agree with your enemy when you encounter them, unless he shall take you and place you in prison through a devious means. And it is also written than you shall not commit adultery, But I say unto you that whoever shall look on a women, who is not give unto him, to lust after her, hath already committed adultery in his heart. But I give unto you a commandment that you shall not allow any of these things to enter into your heart. For it is better that you should deny yourselves these things, and endure the burden, than that you should be cast into hell. And it is written that whoever shall but away his wife, save for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery should she marry again. And he who shall marry her who is divorced through unjust means, committeth adultery. And again it is written that you shall not make false promises, but you shall perform unto the Lord all you oaths. And behold I say unto you do not make great promises. And promise not by heaven, for it is God’s throne. Nor by the earth, for it is his footstool. Neither shall you promise by yourself for you cannot make on hair black or white. But let your promises be simple Yes or No. For whatever is more than this is evil. And behold it is written an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say unto you that you shall not resist evil, but whoever shall hit you on your right cheek, turn unto him the other. And if any man shall sue you with the law and take away your clothes, let him have also your bahag. And whoever shall force you to walk a mile go with him two. Give to he who shall ask of you. And from him who would borrow from you do not turn away. And it is also written that you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But behold I say unto you, love you enemies, bless them who curse you, do good to them who hate you, and pray for those who take advantage of you and harass you. For if you do you shall be children of you Father in heaven. For he causes the sun to rise on both the evil and the good. Therefore all those things of the old time, which were under that law and all fulfilled in me. And old things are done away with, and all things are new. Therefore I would that you should become perfect even and I and your Father in Heaven are perfect. For I say unto you that you should give unto the poor. But be sure not to give unto the poor to be seen of men, otherwise you shall have no reward of your Father in heaven. And you shall not donate and make it known. For those who do their reward shall be their renown. But when you donate don’t let you right hand know what your left hand doeth, so that you donation may be in secret. For your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly. And when you prayest, you shall not pray openly, that you be seen of men. But when you prayest enter into your room and shut your door. Pray to your father who is in secret. For your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly. But when you pray do not use vain repetitions, for some think that many words shall be heard better than a few words. But you Father knoweth those things you have need of before you ask him. After this manner should you pray. And this shall be a guide for your prayers: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.
And if you shall fast, do not fast in a false manner, to be seen by others that they shall know of your fasting. For such have their reward. But rather you shall wash your hair and your face. And do so that you shall not seem unto men to be fasting. For your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly. And do not work for rewards of this earth. For such things shall be destroyed, and rot, and be stolen. But rather work for treasures in heaven. For such treasures cannot be destroyed, nor rot, nor be stolen. For whatever rewards you work for that is where your heart shall be. And the light of the body is the eye. And if your eye shall be focused upon righteousness, then your whole body shall be filled with light. But if you eye shall be focused on wickedness, then your whole body shall be filled with darkness. And if your light is darkness, then the darkness is great! And no man can serve two lords. For he will hate one of them, and love the other. Or he will hearken unto the teachings of one and not the other. You cannot serve God and Evil. And now after Jesus did speak these things unto the people. He turned unto the twelve that had been chosen, and he did say, Remember these things that I have spoken. For you are those who shall preach and serve these people. And do not concern yourselves with your life, nor for your food, nor your clothing. For behold, the birds do not sow, nor do they harvest, nor gather into storage, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you better than they are? For who among you can increase your height with a simple thought? And why do you concern yourselves with your clothing? For the flowers do not work, nor weave, and they have the most glorious colors of all. And God doth clothe the stalks of the fields which are burned in fires. And if He shall clothe these low things, then should He not clothe you? For your Heavenly Father knows those things of which you have need. And if you shall first seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all those other things shall be given unto you. And do not think of tomorrow, for the things of tomorrow will take care of themselves. And are not the evils of today enough? And after Jesus had spoken these things unto the twelve, he spoke again to the people. And he did speak saying, Do not judge others, that they shall not judge you. For the judgment you render unto others shall likewise be rendered unto you. And why do you concern yourself with the sand that is in your brother’s eye, but you do not consider the sliver that is in your own eye? Or will you say unto your brother, Let me remove the sand out of your eye. But yet you shall have a sliver in your own eye.
And do not give those things of holiness unto those who will not keep them holy. For they shall trample them under their feet, and mock them, and then they shall turn unto you and do the same. Ask and it shall be given unto you, search and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every person that asks, they shall receive. And he who shall search shall find. And he who shall knock, shall have it opened unto him. For who among you shall give a stone unto his child, when he desireth food. And if you who are sinners, can give good things unto your children, how much more shall your Father, who is perfect, give good things unto you if you shall ask Him. And whatever you desire than men should do unto you, do you likewise unto them. For of those things that are given so shall those things be returned. And such is the law. And see that you enter into the constricted gate, for the wide gate leads to death. Because the gate is constricted and the path is narrow there are few that find it. And be warned of false prophets. For they shall come unto you in disguises. And you shall know a prophet by their fruit. For can good fruit come from a bad tree? Or can bad fruit come from a good tree? For every tree that does not bring good fruit is cut down and burned. And thus you shall know a true prophet, for by their fruit you shall know them.
Not every person who shall say unto me, Lord, Lord, We believe, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. But he who doest the will of my Father, who is in Heaven, shall enter. And many shall say unto me, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name cast out devils, and in your name done many wonderful works? And I shall say unto them, I have never known you, leave me. All those who hear my words and doeth them, he shall be like unto a wise man who built is house upon a solid stone. And when the storms came and flooded the land it stayed strong, for it had a strong foundation. And all those who hear my words and do not do them, he shall be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. And when the storms came and flooded the land it fell and was demolished. And after Jesus had spoken these things he spoke again to the twelve, You are my disciples in this land, and you are an example unto them. And this is your land of inheritance for your Father has given it unto you. And behold the night had begun to fall. And the people did grow weary. And the twelve which Jesus had chosen did speak unto him, Lord, we would that you should stay among us and teach us. And Christ did speak saying, I will stay among this people for a time. For my Father hath commanded me that I should establish the boundaries of my kingdom in this land. And I will teach, and walk among you, that all the people of this land may know me. And after I shall depart you shall take my words and doings unto the remainder of the people in the lands of the kingdom. And they shall her my voice and shall know me. For these shall be the boundaries of the Kingdom upon these islands. Starting from this land the boundaries do include this large island. And there is a large island in the north it is also part of my Kingdom. And there are small islands between these two large islands and they too are part of the Kingdom. And there is one large island in the south and many islands between this land and that one all of those are in the Kingdom. And there is also a long narrow island in the west, it too, and also the many small islands in the west are part of the Kingdom. Now every small island between the long island and the large island in the north, even every one which is near unto the large foreign land is for the Kingdom. And also there is a very large island in the southeast. And it and all the islands between this land and the south island are in the Kingdom. And there are many small islands south of the southern island. And these shall be in the Kingdom until you come unto the larger islands in the south. These larger islands shall not be counted as the Kingdom, but if they desire to be counted they may. And the southernmost of these small islands shall be the southern most border eastward. And the northern most point of the large northern island shall be the northern most border eastward. And with these two as the border and island westward until you shall come unto an island in the east. And the Spirit shall be appointed unto you to know this island of which I speak. And all those islands within this boundary northward, eastward, and southward shall be in the Kingdom. And behold any man or nation who shall use their power to keep these lands from me and the kingdom shall be cast down and trodden upon. And they shall lose their power. For these lands were given by my Father to establish a Kingdom herein. And if any lands that I have not spoken shall desire to unite with this kingdom in this land they may do so. But it is not needful that every land join for I have established many kingdoms in many lands each according to the people therein. And the time shall come that they all shall come unto me and be united as one. But until that time that I shall return in great glory there shall be many kingdoms.
And after many days we did descend from the mountain Garakayo which we had called Banar because it was a holy place. And we did travel abroad in the land. And he did also speak many more things unto us as we traveled abroad. And I teach you this, that there is but one Lord, and one Faith, and one Baptism. And there is but One God who is the Father of all things, who is master of all things. But I teach you this thing as my servants have taught, Every man differeth in his degree of grace. For every man differeth from his neighbor and not one man is alike. And grace has been given unto each according to his degree. And I have given responsibilities unto men. For unto some I have given apostles, and unto others I have given prophets, and unto others I have given evangelists, and unto others pastors, and teachers. For not all men shall come unto my Word equally, for every man differeth in his understanding. And I have given such that many understandings may increase in knowledge and wisdom and become perfect. And I have also give such that many understandings may work abroad in the lands to spread forth my word. And I have given such that many understandings may be uplifted according to his degree. For is it not better that a teacher should teach so that many may be uplifted rather than a few? And I have given such as the pattern until such a time shall come that all those who believe in me shall be unified, and come unto a more perfect knowledge of me. And then shall men be safe from the deceivings of wicked men. And from false doctrines. And they shall speak truth and love and grow closer unto me. For behold I am the head of the body. And how can the body be without the head. Nor without any part, for all worketh together for the perfection of all. For the kingdom of heaven is like a man who travels in a distant land, and he gathered his servants and charged them with the keeping of his property. And unto the first he gave five pieces of gold, and unto the second he gave two pieces of gold, and unto the third he gave on piece of gold. And he gave unto every man according to his degree. And he departed on his travels. And the first who had five pieces did go into the market and traded and had an increase of five pieces of gold. And in a similar manner the second who had two pieces did go into the market and traded and had an increase of two pieces of gold. But behold the third who had one piece of gold did dig a hole, and he placed the gold therein and covered it with earth. And the property was hid up. And after a time the man did return from his travel and met with his servants. And the first who had been given five pieces came forward and brought the increase of five pieces. And he spoke saying, Master, you did give unto me five pieces of gold and I did go and gain an increase of another five. And the man said unto him, You have done well, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things. Come, and enter into the joy of your lord. And the second who had been given two pieces came forward and brought the increase of two pieces. And he spoke saying, Master, you did give unto me two pieces of gold and I did go and gain an increase of another two. And the man said unto him, You have done well, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things. Come, and enter into the joy of your lord. And the third who had been given one piece came forward and he spoke saying, Master, I know you are a strict man. And you do work for an increase in all things. And I was afraid I would lose your one piece in the markets. Wherefore I did hid the piece that it would be safe. And I give unto you your property. And the man spoke unto him saying, You wicked and lazy servant. You did know that I do work for an increase. And you should have given the one piece to those traders and then when I returned I would have an increase. And take the piece from him and give it unto he who has ten pieces. For all of those who have been given according to their degree and they bring an increase they shall have a great amount. But those who are given according to their degree and they increase not, they shall lose that which they were given. And send the third servant to the place of darkness.
And as Christ traveled with the twelve in all the land he did do many miracles. And in all places they did travel Christ did command that the young children should be brought unto him. And he blessed them. Now he did also command that all of the sick or injured or weak should be brought unto him and he blessed them and healed them. And they did all witness unto the power of God. And the twelve were astonished for they did travel for many days to get from place to place. But when Christ did travel he would linger in a place and arrive in the next place before the twelve arrived. And they knew not through what means he did travel. And sometimes he did walk with them. And when they did cross the seas he did ride in the boat. But other times they would see him walking upon the water. And they did witness many miracles and blessings through the works of Christ.
Now after were returned unto Banar Christ spake and saying, Behold, my Father is well pleased in this people. For many people look upon their women as a thing of naught, and they despise them. But this thing is not the will of my Father. For my Father loves women and does not despise them. And you have done well for your women do have a voice and they do have strength, nevertheless they do follow that order which has been established, in that they do follow the rule of their husbands. And their husbands do rule in righteousness for they obey the voice of God. And many other husbands have misused their authority for they do claim to rule righteously but they do mistreat their wives and their children. And these have no place in my Father’s Kingdom. But you, my people, do great righteousness in your lives. And even those who did follow me did not understand. For my servant spake unto me saying, Cause Mary to depart from our presence. She is a woman, and women have not the right to live a life. And I spoke unto him saying, Behold, I shall bring women as well as men. And those who hearken unto me will become enlightened beings just as you became enlightened beings. For any woman will become righteous like a man who has become righteous will enter the kingdom of heaven. And I spoke this so that they should see that women may have all the rewards that men have. And that men are not greater than women. And one day as we walked I beheld mothers suckling their young children. And I spoke unto my disciples, Behold these young children for those who shall enter my Father’s kingdom must be like unto them. And my disciples did not understand and they asked me, We shall be young children in your Father’s kingdom? And I spoke unto them saying, Only when you are joined with another and become one. And when you make your outside clean like unto your inside and you make your inside clean like unto your outside. And when no men and women are no longer single but are one. And when you have replaced your eye with a new eye, and replaced your hand with a new hand, and replaced you foot with a new foot. Only then shall you enter my Father’s kingdom. For a young child is new and pure. And you must be pure like unto them.
Now behold Christ did gather all the women of the people together. And there were many among them who had begun to follow Christ during his travels. And he called forth twelve of the women. And he did ordain them unto the Holy Order of God. This that they might be established as an order of women. And he caused that the twelve women should walk among the crowd and bring forth those women who were righteous, and upstanding, and trustworthy. And they did so and those which were brought forward He did cause them to be appointed as Teachers and Priestesses unto the people, and also servants. And there were many prophetesses who did prophesy. Now these are the names of the twelve women: Seliam, and Liwan, and Torun, and Sugo, and Noriyu, and Nolo, and Mejaya, and Kejave, and Venaji, and Nagariwa, and Doyu, and also Moturo.
And Christ did gather the twelve again around him and also the twelve women and he did prepare them for his departure. He spoke unto them saying, You know that here is another land from whence I came, and that I have preached my word unto them. And the Father did command me that I should speak unto them concerning you. And I spake unto them saying: Other sheep I have which are not of this flock, I must also bring them, and they will hearken unto my voice and there will be one flock and one sheep herder. But many of those people did not understand my words for many believed I spoke concerning the gentiles in their land. But they understood not my words. For I spoke unto them concerning the other Tribes that my Father hath lead away out of the land. And you are among the other sheep. And there are also other sheep which are not in this land, and they are not in the land of Jerusalem, and they are not of those other people whom I have already visited. For there are many more lands and there are even many more worlds. And I have been commanded that I should go unto them. And they shall hearken unto my voice and there will be one flock and one sheep herder. And I give unto you a commandment to write all these things which I have spoken unto you. And this you shall do so that if those people in Jerusalem, who have been with me during my ministry, do not ask the Father in my name to know concerning the other sheep, they may come to know concerning you. And this knowledge they may receive by a witness of the Holy Spirit. And if you shall do so you may also receive a witness of those other tribes which you do not know. And you shall write these things so that the future generations of these people may come to a knowledge of me, their Redeemer. And they shall become part of the Tribes of Israel. And I speak unto you that my Father hath commanded me that I should give this land unto you and your seed. And this land shall be your inheritance. For behold I am the Lord of all nations and I have established myself as King in all lands and of all people. For you are one of my people. Now spread these words among the people that whosoever shall obey my commandments shall be saved in the last day. And you have receive many of my commandments and you have received that law which was given in ancient times. And you have received this because of your righteousness and because your ancestors, which were of the loins of the gentiles, were joined with those who were of the loins of Levi. And now I have also given unto you that law which you shall now obey. And you shall preach this law unto the people. For there are many parts of the old law which you have received that I have fulfilled. And the twelve did hearken unto Him. And they did as he commanded. Now the time came for Christ to depart and he stood in the midst of the twelve and a bright light came upon them and he was lifted up to heaven. And the twelve and twelve women were amazed.
And the twelve did divide themselves in pairs. And they divided the land into six areas and they might preach there and oversee the kingdom. And they would meet twice every year to meet and discuss the kingdom. And thus they divided Taletan and Buka, did go into the northern most island. And Angulu and Kiro, did go into the land northward which was south of the northern most island. And Saran and Dulak, did go into the many islands south of the land northward and also to the many small islands in the west. And Garek and Butulam, did go into the southernmost islands. And Surakan and Bulakan, did go into the islands in the east. And Rida and Gil, did go into the large land in the southwest. And also the twelve women did travel abroad in the land. And they taught of Christ and of repentance. Three into the north, and three into the south, and three into the east and likewise three into the west. And each did preach the gospel and bring souls unto Christ. And the entire land became united in Christ. Yea, they did become one kingdom. And there were no longer any tribal wars. But think not that there were no more tribes for they did still remain. But behold they were peaceful every tribe with another. And they did not war one with another. And they were all united. And there were many miracles in the land and there was great knowledge that did come forth among the people. For because of their righteousness the spirit did pour out knowledge and wisdom upon them. And the people did become rich and there was not a poor man among them. And the kingdom was mighty and beautiful.

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  1. Christ truly is the Great Shepherd of the world. I remember the first time I read through this, and I was concerned with the twelve women thing. After reading it over, I don't see why this couldn't just be referring to an ancient relief society.