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These words are copied from three letters that were preached unto all the people of these islands. And they were written by those chosen by Jesus Christ. I have included these three letters. And I have included them in this record because it was through these words that all the land was converted unto a belief in Christ and all were united.
Note: I have been instructed that until a later time I am only to include two of the three Gospels in this book. There are three in the full record. They are the Gospel Written by Angulu, the Gospel Written by Taletan, and the Lesser Gospel Written by Buka. It is the first and last of the three I have included. The other will be given to the world at a future time.

I, Angulu, was chosen of God when I was but ten years of age. For though my father was not counted among the believers of Christ I did hear the voice of the Lord speak unto me saying, Angulu take yourself up unto the land of Jerona and there I will give unto you the Words of Life. And it came to pass that when I was twelve years of age I did depart from my land and travel south into the land of Jerson. For among my people had attained the right of manhood. Now after three days travel I did take my rest by the side of the stream Taborong. And in my rest I did receive a vision. And in this vision I beheld the rod of a young tree, and it sprouted forth. Now I beheld that the handmaiden of the Lord came forward and she took hold of the rod of the tree. And I beheld that the rod of the young tree, being filled with the Holy Spirit, was cast into the fertile land, and it divided the land hither and thither. Now the strength of the rod stayed within the land for many days. And out of the land rose a great tree. And it rose forth insomuch as it did bring forth much good fruit. Now because of this fruit the earth was sanctified. And it came to pass that I beheld an angel of the Lord; and the angel expounded unto me the things which I had seen in the vision. For the great tree which rose out of the land should be a great prophet that would be raised up in a distant land. And he shall bring much righteousness unto the people of these lands. And it came to pass that I arose form the vision and took sustenance from the trees which were near the river.

It came to pass that I heard a woman singing a ways off. And I followed the sound of her voice. Now after I did walk a short way I saw the woman who was singing and I did approach her. When the woman saw me she was not afraid, rather she did beckon me to come unto her. Now see, this woman, Kapu, was the high priestess of those who worship the god Batala Me Kapal which is understood to mean the Great God who hath created all things. And it came to pass that Kapu took me into her house. For therein was the altar wherein she worshipped Batala Me Kapal. She spake unto me saying, the Lord God hath spoken unto me in a dream and He hath prophesied that a young man, a prophet in his own right, shall come unto my house. And he also spake unto me that I should take him as my husband that he shall be made a greater follower of righteousness. And together we should become one and more perfect followers of the Lord. Now when I had heard these things the Spirit of the Lord testified that they were true. And it came to pass that I went in unto her and we were married I being in my thirteenth year, and she being in her thirty-eighth year. Now Kapu being a woman who desired to do righteousness did follow me into the wilderness in search of the land of Jerona.

And it came to pass that we did arrive in the land of Jerona. And there we found many followers of God. And my wife and I did learn much concerning the ways of God. Now, one of the elders of the people did speak unto me saying, Go and speak unto the man Bodan, for he hath seen the Lord God in the flesh. And it came to pass that I went unto the dwelling of Bodan. And I, Angulu did speak unto Bodan saying, My lord, I have heard that you have seen the Lord which shall come unto us; even the Son of God. And Bodan did look upon me and spake saying, Young man, I can see the purity of your heart. For you have sought well the things of God. I say unto you now that you shall see the Lord when he shall come among our people. And He shall speak unto you. Now as you have inquired concerning what I have seen I shall tell it unto you. For, yea, I have beheld the young Lord with mine own eyes in the days of my youth. Now, you have heard the prophecies concerning the coming of the Lord? And I said unto him: Nay, I have not heard them. Only that He should redeem us and come among us for a time. Wherefore Bodan did speak unto me saying, There are many prophecies concerning the Great One, Our Lord. And these are among those which were given as a sign of the birth of the Son of God in the flesh.

It shall so happen that when he shall come a sign shall appear in the sky. And it shall be the sign of the King. For there in the western sky amid the stars of the children of Judah will appear this sign. Wherefore seek it and it shall be a guide insomuch as you shall find that savior. For through Him shall all mankind be reconciled unto God. Verily all who believe on his name shall come unto God. For He is God that Father of mankind. Now behold, take faith and it shall be given unto you that which you shall need.

And it was also spoken by Pekil, the prophet: the Lord, the Almighty God shall be born of a young woman and there shall be a sign in the sky.

Now my children the King of the Jews and the King of the Gentiles, even the King above all Kings shall come into the world, his kingdom shall be established for all eternity and none shall lay it to waste. He shall throw down the oppressors and raise up the oppressed. And you shall know that his time has come when a light in the sky shall appear. And it shall appear as the crown of the lion and guide you to the place of his birth.

O, you nations of the east, bring forth your kings and your wise men and your astronomers, and your servants, and go unto Him which hath been born the King of the Jews, even the King of all Kings. Bring forth the Gold of your lands that you might give it unto Him for do not all the riches of the earth belong unto He who hath created it. Rejoice, in the Lord!

Now it came to pass that we did behold in the heavens a sign. For behold I saw in the night sky the sign of the King of the Jews, as it were a star shining forth in the darkness and it did bring light unto the earth. And we knew of a surety that those things which had been spoken of by the holy prophets had come to pass. For the time was come that we should depart into the west and seek out the King, even our Lord. And it came to pass that we did gather our gold and precious things that we might deliver them unto Him, for thus it had been prophesied. And these are they which did journey with us that we might find the King of the Jews. Even Datu Gayaw, and their servants did make the journey. And Suran the old wise man who was a descendant of Father Suran did join with us. Now behold even myself, Bohan, and also Karingal, did travel with them for we were astronomers in the land of Datu Gayaw and we did watch for and know the signs of the heavens, and all the seasons of the earth in their times. For we did observe the sign of the King and knew that those prophecies which were given must be fulfilled. Now behold we did take our journey into the west. And King Gayaw had prepared that the fisherman who did live by the seashore should carry us across the great sea. And we did board their boats and did place our provisions upon the boats. Now after many days we did arrive upon the shores of the Great Land. And it was because of these fishermen that we were enabled in our journey. Now the wise prophet Suran spoke unto the fishermen saying, Behold this thing you have done unto us is great, and you are favored in the eyes of God. For inasmuch as you being fishermen have served us who seek the King; so too shall fishermen serve the King of the Jews. And Dulak the chief of the fishermen did give honor unto the Kings. Now it is said that when the fishermen did return unto their land they did stop to fish and their catch was greater than all that had come before. And their village did not hunger for food, even so much that they stored up fish for the future days.

And it came to pass that we did journey in the Great Land towards the west. Now after many months we did arrive in the land of which was called Han. And as we did camp in this land we heard afar off a noise. And behold we beheld a king from this land and his wise men and astronomers. And they came unto our camp. Now behold this king was named Shing-lun. Now they did also know of the coming of the King of the Jews because many prophets in their land had prophesied of his coming. And they bore with them incense, for it had been prophesied in their land that they should offer incense before the King. Now behold, after five days we did resume our journey to the west. And it came to pass that after three years Karingal died in the wilderness. And after much mourning we did continue in our journey. For behold we did follow that sign which went before us. Now after two years we did come upon the camp of men from the nation of Babel. And they were led by King Balatu. Now these men had also heard of the prophecies of the Jews concerning the Messiah which should be born. And they bore with them Myr for which to give unto the King. And it came to pass that we did combine our camps and did journey another year into the west for we did follow the Star of the King of the Jews as it was prophesied by the ancient prophets.

And it came to pass that we entered into the City of Jerusalem, and Balatu went before us unto the people and inquired in their own tongue, Where is this child who hath been born King of the Jews? For we beheld his sign in the east and have come to worship him. And now Herod, the King of Judea, heard of the inquiries of our band. And he did bring forth all his priests and scribes and did ask of them where the Christ should be born. And they answered him saying, The Christ shall be born in the Bethlehem of the land of Judea. For this is what hath been spoken by the prophets. And he sent forth his servants to bring us unto him. And we went before Herod and he asked of us, What is this sign you have seen and when did it appear? And Balatu spoke unto Herod, We beheld the sign in the east and it hath guided us westward, and it went before us as it were a fire by night and a cloud by day. And it was because of this star in the heavens that we knew the King of Kings had been born and we came hither to worship him. And Herod did send us forth unto the city of Bethlehem in the land of Jerusalem with a charge that we should search for the child and when we hath found him we should send word unto him that he may likewise come to worship the King. Now behold that sign which we saw in the east did guide our journey toward Bethlehem. And we found there a house wherein Mary the Mother of Christ and Joseph his Father did dwell. For the star halted above the house where the child was. And we rejoiced because we saw the sign that it halted and we knew we were to behold the King. Now there were some of us who did enter within the house and we beheld the child and also his mother, Mary. Now these were those of us who entered within in turn: Datu Gayaw, and King Balatu, and King Hilalim, and King Shing-lun; and even the wise man Suran, and the other wise men Lakip, and Isareto, and also Ban-go; and we astronomers did go even myself, Bohan, and also the astronomer of King Balatu, and the astronomers of King Shing-lun. And we did fall before the young King and worship him. And the kings ordered the gifts be brought forward. From the Isles of the sea was brought gold, from the wise men of Babel came Myr, and from the Han came incense of the most rare kind.

Now after we finished delivering up the gifts, Suran inquired of Mary saying, Please, O, Holy Woman, recount unto us the birth of this young child. That we may witness the power of God even unto the fulfillment of the words of his prophets. And Mary came before us with the child at her breast and recounted unto us the birth of the young child. For when Mary was yet a maiden of thirteen years in the house of her father, she separated herself from her family. And she heard a voice saying, Woman, the Lord your God is with you. And Mary looked round about her and she beheld an angel of the Lord. And the angel spake again, Fear not Mary, for I am Gabriel, and I say unto you, be joyful for you are chosen among all women. For you shall be anointed as a Holy Woman and the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall conceive a son. And this holy child shall be called Jesus, even the son of the Most High God, for he shall be the Messiah. He shall speak wise things in his youth and in adulthood. Now, see to it that you be obedient unto the Word of God. And Mary answered saying, If I conceive, how can such a thing be when no man hath known me? Will it be as other women? Now the angel spake, This is the will of God. I being a messenger before Him, declare it unto you. For this shall be a sign unto the world. And the Lord shall teach him the Word. He shall be a messenger unto the Children of Israel. And before the angel departed she said unto him, I am the servant of the Lord, if such is the Will of the Lord, so let it come to pass. And Mary was taken in marriage by Joseph the son of Jacob. Now the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and the seed within her was holy and she conceived. And after this was done an angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph while he slept and said, Be not afraid Joseph. The child that hath been conceived in Mary is after the manner of the Holy Spirit. She shall bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. For he shall save his people from their sins. After this, Joseph was raised from his sleep and he praised the God of Israel.

Now after some months a decree went forth to prepare to be registered in the place of their birth so that they may be taxed. Joseph took Mary out of Nazareth into Judea and into Bethlehem, this city of his nativity. And Mary was near the time that she would bring forth her child. For Joseph had prepared a donkey and put his wife upon its back. Now they did come neigh unto Bethlehem and Joseph saw that his wife was in pain. Now they looked round about and found a cave. And there was a palm tree near the entrance to the cave. And he took her from the donkey to place her in the mouth of the cave. But because of her pain she stumbled and grasped the trunk of the tree. And he laid her down at the mouth. And the time came that her child should be born and because of this Joseph went to find a woman to bring forth the child. And after a time he found a midwife and brought her to the cave. And when they were in the cave it was filled with glorious lights, even brighter than they could bear. It was far brighter than the midday sun. Now during this time the child came forth from Mary. And when the baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes Mary took him and he sucked at her breast.

Now Joseph went out again from the cave to find a place where he could shelter his wife and the baby. And he found an inn wherein they might stay but there was no place for them within. And Joseph desired a place for them. Now the keeper of the inn, being a kind man, offered a place in the stable of the inn. And Joseph took his wife there and the baby. And once they were within a stall she laid the baby in a manger. And after several hours shepherds came unto them and found the child resting in the manger. And they knew that those ancient prophecies were true. For they spoke unto Mary saying, Behold while we were gathered around our fire tending our flocks an angel of the Lord appeared unto us and proclaimed the birth of the child. And he came to behold him. For he shall be like unto a shepherd feeding his flock, he shall bring together the lambs in his arms, and he shall carry them in his bosom, and he shall also carefully lead those that are with child. For behold we are all like sheep who have been lost, we have all gone our own direction, and our vileness hath been placed upon him. And he shall also be like a lamb for he was oppressed but he did not speak. He was taken like a sheep to be sheared but his mouth did not open. Now after they spoke these things they departed shouting forth the things they had seen unto the inhabitants of all the land. And Mary, having heard the things spoken by the shepherds, did think upon them and did treasure up their words. Then after the shepherds returned they praised God and they bowed down to the baby.

Then the day came that the child should be circumcised, and it was done so, and his name was called Jesus. And they preserved that skin in a jar of ointment. And after many days Mary was again pure and they took Jesus to the temple. And at the temple they offered him to the Lord and gave sacrifice as was commanded. And He was called Holy unto the Lord God. And while they were at Jerusalem there was a man named Simeon and he was a man unto whom it was revealed that he would not die until he has beheld the Lord. And it was because of the Spirit that he went unto the temple that day. And when he beheld Mary carrying the child in her arms he saw as it were a pillar of light shining down upon him. And Simeon took the child in his arms and proclaimed: O Lord, let your servant die in peace, as was your word. For I have seen the salvation of man which was prepared before all people. He is a light unto the Gentiles and glory unto the people of Israel. And Joseph and Mary were amazed at these things. And after Simeon said these things he blessed the parents of the child. And he spoke unto them saying, This child was prepared for both the falling down and rising again of many people in Israel. And he shall also be a sign, that the hearts of men shall be made known. And many others came unto them and the greatness of the Lord was made manifest.

And Mary and Joseph took the child again unto Bethlehem and they resided in a house. And it was during this time that we came unto Mary and the child. Now behold when we were prepared to depart Mary came and gave unto Suran a cloth which had clothed the young child. And we departed again into the east. Now as we were about to return to Jerusalem an Angel appeared unto Suran in a dream saying, Do not return unto Jerusalem to tell the King. For he desireth to kill the child. Instead go another way unto your lands. And it came to pass that Suran awoke and spoke unto the others. And they did hearken unto him. And I did speak unto Suran saying, what of the child? Should we not return unto Joseph and Mary that we might warn them of the danger lest evil should befall them? Now Suran prophesied saying: An angel shall appear unto Joseph in the city of Nazareth. And he shall warn Joseph to take the child and his mother into Egypt. For there the child shall be safe. And Suran spoke saying, Herod shall be angered because we did not return unto him. For he seeketh to put the child to death. Now when the child shall be taken to Egypt he shall be safe from the designs of Herod. And while in Egypt there shall be many who are healed because of the young child. For they shall lay their hands upon him and be healed of diverse afflictions. Now after a time Herod shall die and an angel shall appear unto Joseph and tell him to take the child and his mother out of Egypt and back into Israel. And he shall do so for thus it was prophesied that I have called my son out of Egypt. And he shall reside in the land of his father. Now behold the child shall teach the learned. And he shall travel abroad in the land for thus he shall gather unto himself great wisdom. Now when he hath attained to his age he shall preach unto the people and many shall marvel at his words. But because of the hardness of hearts of many he shall be put to death and the whole earth shall quake and tremble. And it shall be covered in darkness. But do not fear for he shall take unto himself the sins of all the earth and he shall redeem all mankind. And this shall be a sign thereof, he shall be lifted up upon a tree amidst the sinners. Now look, he shall rise again and great shall be his glory for he hath done all those things that his Father hath commanded him. And he shall come unto the people of these islands and we shall receive many great things from him.

And thus Suran prophesied unto us concerning the child. Now when we had heard these things our hearts were enlightened and great joy was wrought upon our hearts. And many others arose and prophesied and others had visions of the glories of God. And in that time a sign did appear before us as it were a star. And it was this same sign which had guided us before. Now after many years of travel in the wilderness we did arrive in our own lands.

Now these were the words which Bodan spoke unto me. And it came to pass that I left the dwelling of Bodan. And I returned unto my own house and I was met there by my wife. I spoke unto her concerning the things which Bodan spoke unto me. And it came to pass that after four years there was a great darkness and earthquakes. For such as it was prophesied to come at the death of Christ. And many believers were killed because of the wickedness of the people. But after this darkness the believers of Christ were gathered into one place, an holy mountain. And there Christ spoke unto the people. And he taught us his Gospel. And he did also travel in the land round about that he might bring others unto him. And he spoke many things.

Now behold when Christ came among us these are the things which He spoke unto us:

- The Kingdom of the Father is like a man who desired to kill the datu. While he was yet at home he prepared his sword. Then after it was prepared he killed the datu.

- When you understand that the two are one and you shall make it so, you shall become the Children of Adam. Then the power of God shall be dispensed upon you and when you command a mountain to move it shall move.

- There shall be a time when many shall search for water but they shall know not where to find it.

- For behold I say unto you that he who promotes conflicts is not of me, but he is of the devil.

- The Father hath commanded that all men should repent of their sins, and believe in me. For whoever shall believe in me and is baptized, will be saved. Now these are they who shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

- The kingdom of heaven is like unto a lost gold piece. For many shall seek for it in all the world but they do ignore that gold which they do possess.

- Why have you come out to hear me? Have you come to see a rich man or a king dressed in finery? What do rich men and kings know? What truth do they understand?

- Behold the Kingdom of the Father is like unto a woman who was carrying a basket of rice. And while she was yet on her way a hole broke in the basket and the rice spilled out along the way; and she took no notice. Then when she came upon her house she discovered the basket was empty.

- When you plant your fields and the enemy shall come in and plant weeds in your field. Do not pull out the weeds for you may destroy the rice. Instead let them ripen together so that they may be separated at harvest time.

- The disciples of the Lord asked: What time shall the Kingdom of the Father come? Shall it come soon or shall it come in the distant future?
The Kingdom shall not come through waiting. Nor shall the kingdom come to one place. Instead the Kingdom of the Father is upon the whole earth, but only those who have the eyes to see shall see it. And it shall only come to those who build it.

- The rice harvest is great, but they who shall harvest are few. Pray unto the king to bring more harvesters into the field.

- I have given it unto this people to be a light unto the world. For a city that is built on a hill cannot be hidden. But do men light a flame and put it under a basket? No, it is set on a high place that its light may shine forth unto the whole house. Therefore let your light shine forth unto the world, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

- Be not afraid of those who do persecute you for my sake. For they shall be brought unto repentance. And the Lord shall look upon you with compassion.

- That man who shall blaspheme against the Father shall find forgiveness; he that shall blaspheme against the Son shall find forgiveness; but that man who shall blaspheme against the Holy Spirit shall not find forgiveness in this life nor in the next.

- You shall not make false promises, instead perform unto the Lord all your oaths. And behold I say unto you do not make great promises for you cannot make one hair black or white. But let your promises be, Yes or No.

- If any man becometh wealthy from the world, let him renounce the world and come unto the Father.

- For I say unto you that you should give unto the poor. But be sure not to give unto the poor to be seen of men, otherwise you shall have no reward of your Father in heaven.

- All of those who do hear my words and seeth to do them, he shall be like unto a wise man who buildeth his house upon stone. And when the storms came and the grounds were flooded the house stayed strong. And all those who hear my words and do not do them, shall be like a foolish man who buildeth his house upon the sand. And when the storms came and the grounds were flooded it fell and was demolished.

- Love your God and also love your brother. That is the greatest which you can do.

- If a man and a woman come together in a single house and they become one flesh, they shall cause the mountains to shake.

- Behold you, that I am the head of the body. For how can the body be without a head. For all do work together for the perfection of the body.

- Many people look upon their women as if they were nothing, and they do despise them. But this is not the way of my Father.

- My children, come unto me, my yoke is easy and my burden is gentle, do this and you shall find rest in me.

- Whoever shall put away his wife, save for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery should she marry again. For unless she be an Holy Woman she shall not marry again. And he who shall marry her who is divorced through unjust means, committeth adultery.

- The disciples of the Lord asked: We shall be children in the Kingdom of the Father?
Only when you are joined together to become one, and clean your inside and outside; then shall you enter the Kingdom of my Father. For a child is new and pure. And you must become pure like them.

- Whatever person shall drink from my lips shall be imbued with my powers. He shall be like unto me and I shall be like unto them. Now it is through this way that the mysteries shall be revealed unto him.

- Do not give gold and then demand a greater sum of gold in return.

- When you have started seeking do not stop until you find that which you are seeking. When you find what you are seeking it shall be strange to you, you shall be amazed and you shall rule over all things.


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