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Now I, Ruman, do make a start of the record that I have elected to write. And this record I do make so that the future generations and inhabitants of these islands will know the truth concerning our fathers and God’s word concerning the people of these islands.
For this record, I do write with mine own hand upon these sheets of copper. For behold I do write upon these sheets that the record may last until they shall be revealed unto future generations. But I do write it in a language unknown to my brethren. And it is a language that I have created. And I have done this so that if my brethren may find these records they will not understand them nor know the value thereof. For they have sworn to destroy all things pertaining to the Gospel of Christ who did come unto our islands. Wherefore I know that God shall provide a means for these things to be made known unto the future inhabitants of these islands.
Now Behold God hath made it known unto me that the future inhabitants of these islands shall be a chosen people and they shall lay the foundations for peace and prosperity.
Contained in this record is the histories and stories of the inhabitants of these islands even from the time of our ancient ancestors who were brought to these islands by the word of God, out of those tribes which were carried into the northern lands; even down until this time that great wars and conflicts have been poured out upon this people because of the wickedness they practice. And it doth contain many great prophecies concerning the future of this people and even the whole earth. But behold, above all else this record doth bear witness that Jesus is the Son of God. Even so that He gave up his life and rose again after three days. And He Words have come among our people and have taught us those things where in we might be saved.
And now behold the record of this people doth begin with the writings of the great prophet Suran. For the writings of Suran have come unto me upon a great scroll. This great scroll which does contain the writings of Suran. And I have many other scrolls in my possession and also many bamboo records and other sacred writings. And these contain the words of other prophets and those things which where preached unto the people of this land. And I have written those things from this scroll which are important. Even the Holy Ghost hath testified of their importance.
Now it came to pass that Suran, being a righteous man and living by the convictions of his heart, did explore a mountainside in search of food for his family. For they did eat freely of that food which was available unto them. Now while Suran did search for food, Ngameke, his uncle, did approach him. And it came to pass that Ngameke did speak unto him and say, Suran, the son of my brother, hearken unto my words. For I have followed you that I might teach unto you a great secret which has been preserved by my ancestors, and your ancestors. Now Ngameke, even though he was stricken with great age was still a wise and intelligent man. And he spoke more saying, This secret which I have spoken of doth concern the history of our people and the commandments of God concerning our people. Now behold Suran knew not of what his uncle spake for he understood there to be many gods and he did worship them with much fervor. And Ngameke spake unto him again saying, Come, that I may teach you God’s laws. And you shall obey the things which I shall speak unto you. Now Suran being a curious man desired to know concerning these things which his uncle spake. And they took their journey into the jungle and they did travel for many days and did tread upon many diverse paths. Now behold it came to pass that they did come unto the base of a cliff. And it was surrounded by trees, even so that it was hidden from the sight of any man. And water did issue forth from the top of the cliff. Now Ngameke did bring forth a container made of bamboo. And he did remove the stopper in the end thereof. And from within the bamboo, he did bring forth several writings. After which he spake unto Suran saying, Behold, Suran, these are the records of our ancestors. And Suran marveled at these things and did read the writing which was upon them. Now behold these writings did contain a history of a group of people who traveled to these islands. Wherefore their fathers were descendants of Shem who were preserved from the flood. Now the son of Shem was Arpaksad; and the son of Arpaksad was Salah; and the son of Salah was Eber; and the son of Eber was Peleg and Joktan. Now Joktan had thirteen sons who were Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah, and Uzal, and Diklah, and Obal, and Abimael, and Sheba, and Ophir, and Havilah, and Jobab. Now Ophir did have sons. And they did travel for many years even until they did reach the northern shores of these lands. And they did establish an order among the people. They being a band of ten. And they did bring many of the inhabitants of these lands into that order. And now behold they did establish a righteous branch of the children of God in these lands. And as many as would unite with them where counted as the children of God. Now behold after many years had passed, the people did return again to the worship of their false gods. And the number of the righteous band did dwindle until they were few in number. And it came to pass that after many years some of another tribe, the tribe of Levi. And it came to pass that Suran did learn that his uncle Ngameke was the last of this righteous branch. And there were many more things written on the records which Suran did read and I have recorded them in this book.
Now Suran did believe the words of His uncle and he did believe in the God of their fathers; Adam and Enoch, and Noah. And he did believe in that Messiah which should come to redeem mankind from their fallen state. For he should come forth in a future time and open the way that all who believe on Him should be saved. And as he did confess his belief in these things Suran believed he heard a voice speak unto him saying, Behold the things which thou hast read are true. And behold you have been chosen even before you were born to raise up a righteous people unto the Lord. But behold Suran did not understand many of the things which the voice had spoken. And he did inquire aloud, What is the meaning of these things? For what life was there before this one? And now it was as if the voice did speak unto Suran concerning the order of things before this one. And it did teach that all mankind did reside in the realm of God prior to living here upon this world. And that there was a time appointed when each should come unto this world to be born and live. And it did teach unto him many more things which cannot be written. Now behold after he had thought he heard the voice testify of these things, he himself did testify of them. And Ngameke did take Suran into the waters of the pool which was below the cliff. And he did take him down into the water and bring him forth again out of the water. And this he did that the might be cleansed and witness that he had accepted the teachings of God. And thus he did initiate Suran into the order, which is the Order of God and he did appoint him to be a king, and a prophet, and also as priest. And it came to pass that after these things has occurred Ngameke was stricken and did collapse upon the dirt. And he spoke to Suran in great weakness saying, Suran, son of my brother. Read these records and preserve them, and teach them unto your people. For there are many records in this place and they do contain the word of God. And also a history of His people. Wherefore God hath charged you to restore that ancient order which did exist among our fathers Cause that they should go forth among all the inhabitants of this land. Now, after he had spoken these things he was taken in death. And Suran mourned greatly. And he buried the body of Ngameke near the place of the records. Now behold after these things had occurred he did return to his household with those records Ngameke has caused him to read.
And it came to pass that Suran was a wise man and he did have a strong desire to believe that which he had been taught. Wherefore he did doubt concerning those manifestations of God. For he did not know whether it came from God or from his own mind. Nevertheless he did press forward in faith, having a hope that those things which brought forth goodness did come from God. Wherefore he did teach his family concerning those things which he had read. And he spoke unto them of the first father and mother of humanity. And he taught that because of their transgression they were cast out from before the presence of God. And it was for this reason that mankind doth reside in a fallen and carnal state. That there might be weakness and imperfection in the world. And Suran also taught them concerning the he who would be sent to redeem mankind. That he would make an eternal sacrifice so that mankind could be freed from their wickedness and return once more into the presence of God. Wherefore he did also teach them concerning Enoch and his teachings and also the great city which he did build up. And he also taught his family of Noah and their preservation from the flood because of their righteousness in hearkening to the words of God. And he taught them of Shem, the great king, and also of his descendants through his son Arpaksad. Those who did journey through the land of large men even until they did escape into the west and came unto these islands. And He did also teach unto them concerning those who has escaped captivity who were descended of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, who is Israel and, and Levi.. Wherefore he taught them a history of those people who were led out of Jerusalem to preserve the lineage of Levi and that their ancestors were brought by that hand of the Lord to these islands. Now, he also taught them concerning those who had come before and had mixed their seed with the inhabitants of these islands. And these were the ancestors of Suran and his family. Suran did also speak unto them concerning the prophecies of he who should come to redeem mankind, even the great Messiah. For the great prophet Isaiah spoke saying, For he grew up before him as a tender plant, and like a root out of a dry ground: he had no form and he had no majesty when we shall see him, there is no attractiveness that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected of others, a man of sorrows, and familiar with grief: and as it were one whom we hide our faces from, he was despised by us, and we did not value him. Surely he has borne our pain, and carried our sorrows: yet we did look upon him as stricken, punished of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was injured for our iniquities, the punishment done to complete us was upon him; and with his bruises we are healed. Like sheep we have all gone astray; we have turned each one to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is like unto a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers does not speak, so he opened not his mouth. He was taken away from prison and from judgment, and who shall think upon his descendants? For he was cut off from the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken. And they made his death with the wicked, and with the rich people his tomb, because he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth. Yet the Lord was willing to bruise him and he has caused him to suffer. When his soul shall be made an offering for sin, he shall see his offspring, he shall prolong his days, and the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand. He shall see light because of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied. Through his knowledge shall his righteous servant make many righteous, and he shall bear their iniquities. And the world, because of their wickedness, shall judge him to be nothing; wherefore they scourge him, and he endureth it; and they smite him, and he endureth it. Even they spit upon him, and he endureth it, and all this because of his loving kindness and his long suffering towards the children of men. And even the God of our fathers, who were led out of captivity from Egypt, and also were preserved in the wilderness through Him, even, the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. For he giveth himself, as a man, into the hands of evil men, to be lifted up, according to the words of an angel. Wherefore he shall be lifted up even upon a cross to be crucified and he shall be entombed in a sepulchre. And there shall be three days of darkness which shall overcome the land and these things shall be a sign of his death even unto us who are among the children of Israel. The Lord our God shall come unto all those who are of the house of Israel at that day. Even those people who do reside in a distant land, even Jerusalem, they shall be punished because they have crucified their God. And they have rejected the signs and wonders and power and glory which doth accompany the God of Israel. And because of their pride they shall be hated among many nations. But when they shall turn again unto Him and remember the Holy One of Israel, He shall fulfill those promises which were made unto them through their fathers. And all the earth shall see Him and they shall all be blessed. And this shall be a sign of Him; A virgin shall conceive and she shall bear a son and His name shall be Immanuel.
Now after Suran had expounded these things unto his family; Suran’s second son, Shurak, did speak unto his father saying, surely this thing means nothing. Could it not be that Ngameke was a delusional man. And could it not be that he manufactured these things. For no man can know the future. And no man can know who will come to a place and who will leave from a place. Wherefore he hath done these things so as to lead your heart away form the gods of our tribes. For if your heart will be lead away from the gods of our tribe then surely their wrath will be poured out upon us. And we will suffer famine and hunger. I say unto thee father, forget the ramblings this strange man hath spoken unto you. And trouble yourself not. But now Suran’s eldest son, Ahkman, did ponder upon the meaning of the things which his father had spoken. And he did take himself out of the home of his father and did ponder up the meaning of the things which his father had spoken. And after paying mightily he did return to the home of his father. And Ahkman spake unto his younger brother saying, Behold my brother. I have prayed to know the truth of these things and an angel of the Lord appeared unto me and he did witness unto me the truth of the things which our father hath spoken. Wherefore if you will not believe the words of our father, believe my words. And it came to pass that Shurak did speak to his brother saying, Surely these things must be true. For if this God has power to do these things then he is the most powerful of all the gods. And I will hearken unto his voice and command. Now behold all the rest of the household of Suran, even his wife Tinal, and his youngest son Kodal and his daughter Gura, did believe on his words. Wherefore Suran in his heart was amazed for his family, yet in his heart he still remained unsure of this thing which he had been called to do or of the manifestations which had been witnessed. Nevertheless they did gather together to worship God and obey His commandments.
Now Suran did take his family up to the place where Ngameke had taught him. Wherefore they did travel northward for many days. And the Spirit of God did cause that his family should enter into the pool as a sign of their faith in God. And this they did. And Suran did appoint his sons to the Order of Levi. For he did appoint Ahkman after the Order of Gerson; and Shurak he did appoint after the Order of Kohath; and Kodal he did appoint after the Order of Merari. For it was a remnant of these which had been preserved upon these islands. Wherefore Suran did appoint them after the manner in which he was appointed by Ngameke. Now Suran had been appointed to the Holy Order of Shem which was that selfsame Order given unto Adam; which is the Holy Order of God. And they did call this place Katagan, because it was a hidden sacred place. Now it came to pass that Suran did search for the other records of which Ngameke had spoken. And he and his sons did find many more records. And behold these records did contain a genealogy of Suran’s fathers. For they were led out of the hands of captivity and into this land. And they did also find a mysterious inscription upon a cut of bamboo. Wherefore the inscription did describe the location of a repository containing many sacred things and even great riches. And they knew that the location was far from the place where they did reside. Wherefore Suran spake unto his family that they might journey to the location of this repository to investigate it. And he did speak unto his wife, Tinal, saying, My beloved wife, I will take our Sons unto the place inscribed upon this record. And we will discover the sacred treasures which were hid up for a divine purpose; which thing may prove to my mind the things which I have beheld. And Tinal spoke unto him, My husband, I know that the things which you have taught are correct. And I know that the Lord God will guide your hand in the recovery of these things. Wherefore go, and take care in your journey, and do the will of the Lord. And it came to pass that Suran and his sons did take their journey into the mountains towards the southeast. And after many days of travel they did approach the foot of a mountain. And this was the place indicated by the inscriptions. And it was called Genas. Now Ahkman did see a large stone with an engraving upon it. And the engraving did match that which was upon the bamboo. And it came to pass that Ahkman did touch the engraving that he might examine it. After which he did begin to remove stones from the mountain; and a cave in the mountain opened up before him. Now Suran had seen this and he did command his sons saying, Go and find wherewith we might light fires. This so that we might be able to see into the cave. Wherefore they did so and they brought some dried sticks and they lit a fire at the entrance to the cave. And it came to pass that Suran did take a stick from the fire and he did use it to light his way as he journeyed into the cave, Likewise Ahkman, and Shurak, and Kodal. And they did make their journey into the cave. And after a space of time the fire upon the stick which Kodal did carry was extinguished. And they did press forward into the depth of the cave. And likewise after a time all of their fires were extinguished and they knew not wither they should go. But behold as they did ponder upon these things Kodal did see that a light did shine forth ahead of them. Yet it was a faint light. And they made their way towards the light. Now after they did reach the light they saw that it’s brightness was great. And they saw that the walls of the cave were lined with stones which did give off light. And it was brighter than fire. Wherefore they did see the interior of the cave as if it were day. And within the room they beheld a great treasure. Yea, even much gold and silver. And many ancient records. And they saw many articles of fine bronze. Now they did also behold many fine swords, and other weapons. For they hath resided in this cave for a great many years. And Suran spoke unto his sons saying, Now behold let us take care. For we shall take of these treasures and return to our home. And let us construct a temple after the manner which is described in the records. And after we have done so we will place within it these relics and all other treasures. And we will offer sacrifice after the manner which the Lord hath instructed. And Suran’s sons did go forth and took of those treasures which were needful. And they did seal up again the mouth of the cave and did return unto their homes.
Now Suran was the son of Galak who was the brother of Ngameke. And they were the sons of Ngadakasura. And Ngadakasura was the son of Do. And Do was the son of Kona-kurem. And Kona-kurem was the son of Lisayja. And Lisayja was the son of Netanal. And Netanal was the son of Nabot. And Nabot was the son of Josu-a. And Josu-a was the son of Yosef. And Yosef was the son of David, the Levite; who was a descendant of Levi through Gerson through Libni; and who did escape into the wilderness. Now behold Yosef was the first born of David upon these islands. For behold these islands were called Lekas, and Ofir, and Tarsis, and Mindan, and also many more names for there are a great many islands in this place. And the inhabitants of these islands have become mixed with the seed of Shem. For behold there were some of the seed of Shem who did travel east. Whefeore I have already given an account of the genealogy of the descendants of Shem who did come unto these islands. For Ophir and Havilah did depart for the land of their residence. For they did desire to know the dispersion of the seed of their ancestors. And they did travel many years even until they came unto the land Kemet. And after many years in this land they did make their way west even until they did discover a great water. Now behold they did traverse this water even until they came to a land. And the inhabitants of this land did capture them and did enslave them. Now the children of Ophir and the children of Havilah did labor much under the yoke of these large men. And after many years did the Lord God lead them out of the land and they did transverse the great deep even to the west. Now of this journey I have written a more full account, wherefore I do not write of its fullness here. I speak only of these things that I might establish the genealogy of Suran the father of our people. And after many years and much travel Ophir and Havilah and their children did arrive upon these islands. And they did call these islands after their own names. Now behold the son of Ophir was Seldam who was born in the land west of Kemet. And the Son of Seldam was Yursal, who was born in the captivity among the land of the large men. Now behold the son of Yursal was Enos, who was born on the voyage to these islands. And they did establish themselves in these islands. Wherefore Josu-a, the son of Yosef was born of a woman who was of the seed of Enos. Now it was in Josu-a that both the Order of Shem and the Order of Levi were preserved. Wherefore Suran, because of his ancestors, was authorized to administer the requirements of the law which was contained within the records.
Now behold Suran had been taught the proper form of measurement by Ngameke. And one Taka was the length of the arm of an adult man, from his elbow to the ends of his fingers. And one Butar was the width of the hand of a man or the size of a stone.
And it came to pass that Suran and all his family and all those among their tribe who would join them did work to gather those things necessary for the construction of the sacred articles, which God commanded that they should build. Now behold they did weave cloth and they did dye the cloth that it might be according to that which was written in the records. And they did cut trees for timber. And they did trade for much gold. Now it came to pass that they did build a temple after the pattern which was commanded in the ancient records. Wherefore there did build a temple after the Order of Shem which was after the Order of Enoch. For behold they need not heed every part of that Law which given unto the Children of Israel and preserved through the descendants of Gershon, and Kohat, and Merari. For behold that Law, had been given unto the children of Israel, which had come forth out of captivity from the people of Kemet. But behold the seed of Ophir were not bound by that Law. For they were bound only by that law which was given unto their fathers through Shem. For they had not sinned like unto the children of Israel. Now behold because of this thing they were counted as Gentiles unto the descendants of Levi, which thing caused much contention in those days.
And it came to pass that after the space of two years they did complete the temple. And Suran did take his sons and the husband of his daughter and he did purify them that they might be priests within the temple unto the Most High God. Now they did enter within the gate of the court of the temple. And he did cleanse them in water and did put the priestly garments upon his sons. And they took a young water buffalo and slaughtered it and painted the blood upon the horns of the altar and the rest they poured out by the altar. And they did burn parts of it upon the altar. And thereafter they did offer up burnt offerings before the Lord as was written in the ancient records. Now after they did so Suran took his sons and they did go unto the mountain Genas and they did retrieve the sacred articles and records, and treasures. And they did place them within the temple.
And it shall come to pass that there will come one from a far away land. He will travel upon the waters. His skin will be white like unto those he will travel with. And he will cause many of the kings to come unto subjection to him. But behold there will be one king who will rise up and he will lead many into battle. And they shall kill the white man and many of his people. And this he shall do for the freedom and peace of his people. And behold he shall be a descendant of the loins of Ahkman.
But behold this victory shall not be enough to stay the power of these men from the distant land. And many more shall come. And they shall bring the people of these islands into subjection to them and their king. And they shall destroy much of the history of my people.
Now behold there shall rise a conflict among the men of the land of the king and the men of the land of freedom. And they shall do battle upon these islands. And the people of the land of freedom will triumph. And they shall take control of the islands of my descendants. But many of my descendants shall rise up against these new conquerors. Now behold a man of these islands shall rise up and gather the treasures of my people. And he shall deliver them to a woman. And she shall deliver them up unto her children. And it is these who shall become powerful and subjugate the people of these lands. And there will be one who shall rise up and take power from those who subjugate the people. Now he shall gain much power through his armies. But many lies shall be spread by his enemies. And they shall cause that he shall be cast down, even those people who are yellow. And the people shall be subjugated once again. And so they shall remain until they shall united and cast out the evil among them.
Now behold I saw a great nation in a distant land. And the children rebelled against the mother. And they did gain much liberty from their fight. And they became the nation of the eagle. There shall be three great wars. In the first brother shall fight against brother, even the nation of the eagle divided. And there shall be a great abomination rise up and they shall take the power from the people of the nation of the eagle. Now the second great war the nation of the eagle shall fight in a distant land and aid them. And the son of the second great war shall rise up and do great evils. And this shall be the cause of the third great war, for the abomination desires not to lose power in that nation. And they shall cause that the nation of the eagle shall fight in that land. Now behold the abomination shall cause much evil to come against the people of the nation of the eagle. And one great bird did attack one of the mountains. And another great bird did attack another of the mountains. There was much fire and smoke and after a time three mountains fell. And there were two lesser birds. And one did attack a large house and another did attack the earth. Now the great abomination did take power in this. And they did subjugate the people of the nation of the eagle. And this was done that they might gain more power over them. Now those who did perform this abomination did cause the liberties of the people should be done away with. And new laws were put into place that gave freedom unto the abomination. Wherefore the leader of the nation of the eagle had gone to war with another nation. And it was caused that the people of the nation of the eagle should believe that the people of the other nation were their enemy. And that they should slay them. Wherefore the abomination did cause such things to be believed that they might gain power over the nation. And it came to pass that I saw the fall of the nation of the eagle. And it was because of the abomination. For they sought to destroy the nation of the eagle.
Now Suran had grown old and knew that he must soon die. And he called all his posterity together and he blessed them. Now had called forward his son Ahkman, and he ordained him to be High Priest over the temple. And he called forth his son Shurak, and he ordained him to be king unto the people. And he did also call forth his son Kodal, and did appoint him to be prophet unto the people. And thus the offices of Suran were divided equally among his sons. And it came to pass that after many days Suran died. And he was buried in a place near the temple.


  1. I thought it was very interesting towards the end of this book, when Suran saw the things that he saw. It definitely made me think of Mormon and Moroni warning us about secret combinations.

  2. I think it's interesting he uses the word "abomination". We'll discuss that when we get there, but it's his version of Nephi's "great and abominable church". And it does definitely give the impression that secret combinations are more powerful in our day than ever, and yet we're completely oblivious... well, except for the conspiracy theorists ; )