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Okay, fine, three recommendations:

3) Please read with an open heart, mind, and spirit. See what truths you can find in these works--ones which speak to you. Namaste : )


After I finished the translation of the last of the copper sheets I saw a large stone. On this stone were the same symbols I saw on the copper sheets. The translation of these writings was shown to me. This is the translation:

And I, Ruman, have returned unto the place where I have stored up the sacred things for I am still yet alive. Now even eighty years have passed away since I hid up the record unto the Lord. And I have come to know that it is true what John spoke, that I should remain upon the face of the land until the time that this record shall come forth. And in my time upon the far away islands I have been studying, and learning, and guarding, And it has been revealed to me who shall open up this record. For he shall be one the descendants of Suran and he shall live in a distant land. And he shall speak a language of these islands and also a language that is not that of the people these islands. And he shall translate the record into his language And he shall write it. But Behold I know that God hath accepted my work. And he shall deliver these writings to the descendants of the people of these islands. And after they have gone forth, then the whole earth shall know of our people and the covenants God hath made with us. And they shall know of the goodness and truthfulness of God and His works. Now I do leave to build a righteous Kingdom in the east.

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