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Okay, fine, three recommendations:

3) Please read with an open heart, mind, and spirit. See what truths you can find in these works--ones which speak to you. Namaste : )


O, Father, I offer this prayer unto thee.
You are the most high being of all.
The father of my spirit, and my King.

I pray that those who shall read these words shall know,
They shall know of your goodness and your love.
Only through your law can we be made alive.

Your perfect law and perfect plan.
From your bosom I descended to the world small.
Here I live my life to prove that I am worthy of you.

I call upon you to send my ancestors to strengthen me.
They who have gone before shall give me aid.
And protect me from the spirits who wander the earth.

I do seek to destroy the power of the evil one.
He shall not control me.
He shall be sealed if I shall seal my heart and mind from him.

Unto the Lord, my God, I give my devotion.
His almighty hand shall guide me to the light.
He giveth no test I cannot bear.

Help me to obey your voice.
Bring me to he that we may be joined within.
The temple of your holiness, your place upon this world.

And after I shall return to the dust, raise me up again.
And see fit to grant me mercy to return to your bosom,
That I may become like you and inherit the reward you have in store for me.


  1. This would definitely qualify as a prophetic psalm! Great truths being taught in this short song. Just about every little paragraph teaches a truth. Very amazing.

    1. Very true.
      God as father of our spirits; plan of salvation; premortal existence; mortal testing; ministering and evil spirits/angels; connectedness of family after death; temple marriage; resurrection; becoming like God; etc.