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And it was prophesied by Liwan, that in the last days there shall be raised up a group of twelve women. Now these were the words which she prophesied unto those other women who were among the twelve. They shall be like us in many ways. For in that time when the works of our people shall be restored by he who shall write, there will be twelve women. And they have been revealed unto me and they shall be revealed unto him. For he shall see their faces. And they shall be renowned, for many shall know them. And these shall be twelve women who shall work among the people to bring to pass the kingdom. And three of them shall be sisters. And they shall be found and taught the ways of our people. And they shall be taught the will of the Almighty God concerning them. For He has a special purpose laid up in store of them. And He has many great blessings for them. And many shall come from these islands, and some shall be found in many places of the world.
Ma (Mae), she shall be one who dwells in the water. She shall live in the city of many towers and pillars. For people shall live within the towers and pillars. And they shall reach to the sky. The sky shall be filled with much smoke. And this place shall be a place of great importance.
Ora (Aura), the woman of light. She shall live in two cities. One, the city of her youth shall be in the northern island. It shall be a city of rice and sugar. The other city shall be in the distant land beyond the great waters. It shall be the city of groves of trees. She shall be known by many people.
Enajala (Angela), she shall learn to care for others and aid them. She shall come for the city of the low place.
Enajalaka (Angelica/Angelique), the angel. She shall be the most renowned of all the women. She shall be known by a great many of the descendants of this people. She shall have a great desire to help those of her people. And when she is young there shall be a separation in her life. And she shall cleave unto her father.
Janava (Jonavi/Genevieve), she shall travel the world. She shall come from the place where the river doth flow under the earth.
Just as there were three sisters among us. So shall there be three sisters who will be raised in that day. And their names shall be Janama (Janme/Jennamae), and Jama (Jamie), and Larana (Lauren). They shall come from that city of much salt.
Maraya (Maria), she shall come from a distant land across many waters. It shall be called the city of the queen of angels. It shall be a great and vast city. And the people there shall be unlike our people. For they shall have many strange ways.
Gawanadalana (Gwendoline), she shall be from those who are beyond the great sea and the great land and the second great sea towards the east. She shall also live within the same city as Ma.
Raba (Ruby), she shall learn to give comfort to those in need. She shall be dressed in white. She shall be born in a distant land. But her home shall be among these islands.
Karasatana (Kristine/Kristina), she shall also learn to care for others. She shall find great joy in this thing. She shall be called beautiful by many. She shall live in the fortified city.
Now behold these twelve women shall divide, according to three, and they shall go forth into all the four directions in the east and west and north and south. And they shall proclaim the kingdom and bring many unto a knowledge of the promises of God. And they shall do the works of God among the people. And now they shall seek to hearken unto the voice of him who hath brought forth the history of those people. For he shall guide them in all their doings for he shall speak the will of the Lord concerning them. Nevertheless they shall not see him for he shall be called to work among the people. But he shall send words of command unto them and they shall obey. And after a time of their work they shall be called even as we have been called and they shall be queens unto the world. And they shall be known unto the world as beautiful, and lovely, and generous. And they shall be clothed with beautiful clothing. Now behold these women are called of God and he knows them and his blessings which he hath in store for them shall be poured out upon them. For if they shall hearken unto God and do these things they will have greater blessings than they have yet received. For they shall receive every blessing God hath prepared for them.

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  1. This whole twelve women thing is very intriguing. I'm still trying to understand what this means.