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Ahkman’s son Arakim had traveled with Ahkman in the journey to make peace with people in the south. And behold they did arrive at the town on the southern large island. And it was a town called Yanyari where a chief had established himself over the people. Now Ahkman and Arakim did approach the town where the chief reigned. And they did enter into the town without any weapons, as a sign of peace. And the men of Yanyari saw Ahkman and Arakim. And they brought them before the Chief. And the Chief spoke unto them saying, Surely these must be a brave men for them to come into the heart of our country. And Ahkman spoke unto him by way of the Spirit saying, I have come unto you and your people to make peace. For I do not come unto you to preach or to conquer. For is it not better that two people live in peace despite their differences. But the Chief believed that Ahkman would try to enslave his people. For the People of Yanyari were a bloodthirsty people and they did not trust outsiders. And the Chief did again speak unto Ahkman, But how can such peace be attained? For surely there are many disagreements between tribes. And there are no tribes which we have not gone to war with. And the Chief told his sons to capture Ahkman and to bind them with cords. And the Chiefs sons did so. Now Arakim did attempt to flee but they did also take him and bind him. And the Chief ordered that they be taken into the central building of the town. And the people of Yanyari spat upon them and mocked them. And they did rejoice that they had captured an enemy. And when Ahkman and Arakim were taken into the building, the Chief did stand before them. And he spoke unto them and mocked them. And he did thrust their faces into the dirt and he did command them to bow to him. And Ahkman spoke unto the Chief, and all the people therein, saying, You may mock me, but your mockings do mean nothing, for God is more mighty than the words of any man. Yea, He is more mighty than all men. And when the Chief heard these words he was angered and he did strike Ahkman. And Ahkman being a mighty man did rise up and stand face to face with the Chief. And he spake saying, My body has been struck but my spirit has been strengthened. For you may kill me now but I shall live eternally, for behold I have obeyed the command of God. And I have gained favor in God’s eyes and He will accept me into His kingdom. But wo unto those who do not obey the voice of the Lord for they shall stand guilty at the last day. And they shall not attain the greatest glory. Wherefore they shall attain pain and suffering. For they shall know that they received a messenger of God into their midst, but they did reject him. And Yea, they would have gained the highest. And the same shall be unto you. For unless you repent of your sins you shall not stand guiltless at the last day. And behold God has given you stewardship over these people, and you shall be held accountable for the wickedness into which you have led them. And the Chief grew even more angered, and he did speak saying, I have led these people as the gods have commanded. Yea, I am a mighty man. For the gods have made me so. And all those who followed him did cheer and shout. And the Chief did continue to speak saying, And Yea, the gods have given me such power that I can slay a man, and if your beliefs and false traditions are true then your God will save you. And the Chief took his weapon and slew Ahkman, and much blood did pour out upon the dirt. And yea, the people of Yanyari did cheer all the more. And it came to pass that as the people did cheer Arakim knew that he must also be slain like unto his father, for the anger of the Chief was great towards them. But behold Arakim did hear a voice speak unto him saying, Arise, Arakim and flee into the forest and return unto your own land. And Arakim did feel that the ropes which had bound him were loosed. And he looked round about him and did see the Chief and his people cheering, and rejoicing, and defiling the body of Ahkman. Wherefore he knew not from where the voice had come. But he did arise and flee. And the people of Yanyari did not see him flee. And how this was done he did not know, save the power of God had freed him. And Arakim fled beyond the bounds of the town and traveled many days and did return unto his own land in the north.
And Arakim did return unto the people of Suran, and many years did pass, and the people of Suran did prosper and grow in righteousness and Arakim was a righteous priest unto the people. And Shurak did lead the people in all diligence, and also Kodal did prophecy many great things. And it came to pass that the people of the southern land were the most wicked in all the islands and they did harden their hearts and rejoice in wickedness. And behold God did bring a curse upon the land of the south. Wherefore he did curse the land with clouds. Wherefore they might block the sun and it became exceedingly difficult for the people of the south to grow food. And the skin of the people of the south did become lightened and they were a repulsive people. For they did perform many abominations. And behold God did command the people of Suran that the whiteness should be a sign unto them that they should not join with the people of the south. And also the people of the many lands and waters were not so wicked as the people of the south but they did still refuse to follow the Lord. And God did curse the land of the people of the many lands and waters that there should also be many clouds to block the sun. And the skin of the people of the many lands and waters did become lighter than the people of Suran but not so light as the people of the south. And behold the people of Suran were commanded not to marry into the people of the many lands and waters and the fairness of their skin was a sign unto them. And, Yea the people of Suran did enjoy much sun and also rain in its due season. And because of this they did grow crops and food continually and they wanted not for food. And their skin did become dark because of the sun that was upon them. And they were a beautiful and wonderful people and they did obey the commandments of God. Wherefore it was not desirous that they should mix their seed with these other people; for in doing so they would dilute the teachings and practices which had been given and they would be led to worship false gods.
Now it came to pass that such did transpire that there arose six branches of the tribe of Suran. For the priesthood had been given unto his son Ahkman. And it did remain through his descendants in their three branches. For before his death Ahkman had appointed his son, Arakim, to the Order of Shem Arakim. And it was for this reason he did become the High Priest. And Ahkman did appoint his son Laran unto the Orders of Gerson and Kohath, wherein they became one order. And he did appoint his son Subal unto the Order of Merari. Thus the people of Suran through Ahkman were divided into three: the People of Arakim, the People or Laran, and the people, of Subal. Now the kingship had been bestowed upon Shurak. Wherefore the eldest son was to be ordained unto the kingship. And it was in this that the People of Shurak did remain unified. And the prophethood was retained through Kodal. Now the children of the husband of Gura were not granted that they might possess authority only that they might worship the Lord and perform their duties with much faith. Now it was after this manner that the beginnings of the six tribes of Suran were established. And they are the tribe of Ahkman-Arakim, and the tribe of Ahkman-Laran, and the tribe of Ahkman-Subal, and also the tribe of Shurak, and the tribe of Kodal, and also the Tribe of Bicolo.
And it came to pass that Arakim began to wax old and he did become increasingly sickly. And behold he knew that the time must come that he should pass from this earth. And he called his children before him and he did place his hands upon their heads and bless them. And unto his eldest son, Rakim, he did appoint the office of High Priest of the church. And his youngest son Jaresh he did appoint to be a priest unto the people. And not many days after this Arakim died. Now Rakim did go before the people of Suran who were gathered at the temple. And he did preach to them concerning the things of God. And as he did preach the Spirit of the Lord did witness unto those who listened that Rakim was the chosen to be the High Priest over the people. And all those who heard him beheld it and knew that he was truly appointed of God after the manner of his father.
And Delek, a keeper of the records of the people, was the son of the brother of Arakim. And Rakim went abroad in the land to preach the laws of God. Now behold even after many years Rakim did not return and many thought he had died in a foreign land, and others thought he was lost upon the seas. And behold Rakim never did return. And many were confused as to what might be done among the people. For some did desire to become a leader over the people that they might become High Priest. And some thought that God had closed his voice to the people. And it came to pass that many people arose and claimed for themselves to speak in the name of God. And they did bring all manner of proofs. And thus the people of Suran were divided. And behold Delek did go before the people and did speak unto them saying, I, Delek was ordained by Rakim to be the keeper of the records of these people. And behold I have fulfilled my duty as God has given it unto me. And Yea, I have lived in a manner that the Spirit of God may be a companion unto me. For have I not also walked and talked with Rakim? And have we not been seen in long conversations by the wayside? For if God will, I shall minister within the temple as High priest according to the records which have been kept, for I know them well. And many of the people lifted up there voices saying, Oh Delek, you should be appointed High Priest over us for surely you have been called of God. And Delek spoke unto the people saying, Be it known unto all people that I am no prophet, neither have I spoken as a prophet, for that office doth continue with the children of Kodal. But if God hath chosen me to be a High Priest over you then it shall be so. For God doth call many prophets in the earth, and Yea even some prophetesses, but not all who shall lead his people shall be prophets; but some shall be seers and others shall be wise men. For God will call whom he will call. But there were others would not follow for the prophet Telemek spoke. And he did proclaim that the Lord had chosen Rakim’s brother Jaresh to be High Priest. And many did follow after Jaresh. Yet still others did follow a man named Buru who was a prophet. And there were many more people who did follow other men. But those where the main divisions of the church. Yea, those who did follow Delek; and those who would follow Rakim’s brother, Jaresh; and those who would follow Buru. And it was after this manner that the people of Suran were divided. Now the King of the people, Shuran, did support the voice of the people in electing Delek. But Rakaal the youngest son of Shurak did claim the title of King among the people who did support the Buru. For Buru and Rakaal did come to an agreement that they would support one another. And it came to pass that the people who followed Delek did retain possession of the temple. But the people of Delek would that those who did follow the other leaders should still enter into the courts of temple and worship therein as God had promised. For there were days appointed when those who did follow the other leaders should worship within the temple.
And Madek the son of Delek did call all the people of Suran together. For behold he did see much wickedness arise because of the divisions of the people. And he would that all the people of Suran should hear his words, but many of the divisions of people would not hear his words. And, Yea they were those who had the most need of his words. Now, Madek did instruct the Elders to write his words and deliver them in all the land of the children of Suran even unto all those people who did believe. And Madek spoke unto the people saying, Oh mighty people of Suran, God hath selected you to be a chosen people upon these lands. And I have seen much righteousness in my days and my heart does rejoice in the righteousness of the people. And God doth also rejoice in those who shall follow his commandments. But behold, people of Suran, there hath also been much wickedness that has arisen amongst our people. For many people have taken the commandments of God and perverted them to indulge their own desires. I speak unto you concerning the commandment that a man may take more than one wife. For behold many of you have destroyed your families and brought ruin upon your children because of your perversion of this holy commandment. Yea, many of you are guilty of adultery for you have taken women who are not given unto you. And in doing so you have gone in unto women who have not been your wives and you have broken the covenants you made with God and your wives. And you are guilty of a great sin. And many of you have only taken thought of the outward appearance of women and you take unto yourselves only women who are delightful in appearance and you put off those faithful women who are not as delightful to the eyes as those women whom you have chosen. And you have destroyed the pureness of your wives for they do compete for you affections for you to deal unjustly with them, because you do give favor unto those who are most delightful unto the eyes and you do shrug away those who are not so delightful. And many of your first wives are women who are not so delightful to the eyes but are delightful to the heart, but because of your wickedness you do put them off and would not give any affection unto them. And behold are these women not your love? Did you not make a covenant unto them that you should love them eternally and that they should be your chief wife? You have been condemned for your wickedness. And if you are to have any hope of being guiltless at the last days you must repent. And I have many more words of harshness for you, but while my words may be harsh the righteous will receive them and repent but the wicked will close their ears unto them and they will continue to walk in the pride of their hearts. And I speak these things unto you with great love, for you still have time to repent of your wickedness. And I have much more to speak unto you concerning your sins. For many of you have begun to take women who are beyond your age. And your old men do marry the daughters of your daughters. And in this there is great wickedness. For the young men of our people have no young women to take unto them for they have been joined to those who are old and who must surely die soon. And the women of our people do seek out the elderly men of our people that they might be joined unto them. And I speak unto you women saying, wo, wo, wo. You have not sought young men who are appropriate for you. For you do say that they seek not things of eternity and they do only wish to make games of your hearts and pureness. But have you not destroyed your hearts and pureness in seeking out elderly men? Have you not given up your pureness and delightfulness by joining those who are nigh unto death? And they are as your fathers and as your grandfathers. And I say unto you women repent of your wickedness. For it is true many young men do delight in the games of the heart and mind. And they do deceive many and in doing so they are guilty of great sin. But are there not also many young men of your ages who so seek out the will of God and they do consult the scriptures and the Spirit. And they do respect the women of this people and they do delight in your pureness and loveliness. And is it not also given unto them that they may take more than one wife? Why do you then say that there are no men? For are you so hardened in your pride that you will not be joined unto a man who already hath a wife? I say unto you, Nay, for you do join to those old men who do already have many wives. And I give a warning unto you that you must repent for you do deny the blessings of marriage to those young men who desire to be righteous men. Now I do speak again unto you men. For you do give unto your wives potions and brews that do render their wombs barren. And they cannot bear any children. And you do this so that their bodies may not change in childbirth. For you do delight in the beauty of their bodies and not in their wholesomeness. And such a thing is a great sin for a man and a woman must leave their father and mother and join together as one. And they should, in proper time, work unto the bearing children that the earth may be filled with righteousness. And know you not why God hath given it unto you that you should take more than one wife? For surely it is that the earth may be filled with righteousness. But you have perverted the ways of God and you do marry women for the pleasures of the flesh. And you care not for the delightful spirits of children who may bless your lives. And in this you have been selfish. I speak unto you saying repent! For if you do not repent a great ruin shall come upon this people. Wherefore God doth love all of you and His arms are open to all who will repent. And for those who repent it shall be as if they had not sinned. For their sins shall be wiped clean in the sanctifying blood of Christ who must surely come. And now O mighty people of Suran you do ask what a man and woman must do to live righteously under this principle. And I say unto you a man must not take unto himself a woman who is not given unto him. And a man must treat all of his wives equally and not place one above another, nor shall he give more of his attention and affection to one over another. Nor shall you speak unto them in public or in secret that you doth love one more than another. And if one of your wives confide a secret in you, you shall not reveal it unto your other wives, unless that secret shall do harm. And you shall not speak evil of your other wives. And you must take each of your wives for a time in turn and give them affections, and gifts. For each must have a time to grow stronger in love with you. And serve and love your wives. And render unto them service and do not force your other wives fulfill your duties. And also love your children and be with them in time of work and in times of leisure. And give unto them time to know and love their father, For they must know you and have a time unto themselves with you. And unto you women, you shall not seek to steal the attentions of your husband from his other wives. And you shall seek to suppress jealousy, for do you not know the hardship of your husbands? And do not speak evilly of each other to taint the affections of your husband to his other wives. And render unto him all due patience. And give unto him time to love and go in unto his other wives. And take comfort during this time in reading the words of God. And praying and singing. For surely this must be a hardship for you that your beloved husband has gone in to another woman. But behold he doth love both of you equally. For is there a limit to the number of people a person may love? I say unto you Nay. But seek to overcome your hardships by relying upon God, and His word, and His love. And if you shall work to overcome then your burdens shall become easier. But if you do not and you are tossed about by the storms of your hardships then you shall not overcome and it shall be a great pain unto you. And I say also, love your children. And love the children of the other wives of your husband. And care for them. And also aid the other wives of your husband in caring for children. And if you shall do so, your children shall be raised righteously and it shall be made easier for you. And now, Oh mighty people of Suran, I do make a close of my speaking unto you. For I have delivered many strong words but they have been given in love. And if you shall hearken unto them you shall prosper. But if you reject them you shall perish in wickedness. Now I give these words unto you for they are not my own but they are God’s. And you shall hearken unto them. And Madek did send his words forth amongst all the people of Ahkman. But it came to pass that his words fell upon deaf ears for some did hearken unto his words but many more did not for their hearts rejoiced in evil and the evil one did posses their loyalties. And Madek did grow to an old age and did rebuke and teach the people all of his days.
And it came to pass that Kodan the son of Madek, who was a righteous young man, did read the words of God. And he did read the commandments of God. And as he did read he read a command that no man should go in unto a man as a man goeth in unto a woman. And Kodan was greatly confused for his desire was not unto women as with other men but his desire was unto men. And he could not understand the meaning of this for surely God would not make a man as a sinner. And he went unto the Lord to inquire the meaning of this thing. For his heart was full of praise unto the Lord, for he had loved the Lord all the years of his life, and he did pray unto God. And he did ask God why he was not as other men. For he knew not that there were others among the people who had these desires. And it came to pass that as Kodan cried unto the Lord he did hear the voice of the Lord speak unto him. And that Lord spake unto him saying, Kodan, thou son of Madek. You have done right in inquiring of me Lord concerning these things. For inasmuch as you shall inquire of me I shall grant knowledge unto you. And Kodan did speak saying, My heart is heavy for I desire to know your will concerning me for my desire is not after that which is natural unto men. For it seemeth unto me that these things are forbidden. And the Lord spake again unto Kodan saying, I, the Lord, hath created you after mine own will and you are a righteous son. For I say unto you, you hath not sinned in those desires which I have caused should be in your heart. For I have given them unto you so that you may prove yourself unto me and that my works may be manifest through you. For you hath been a faithful servant all your life. For your nature hath been given unto you as a trial of your faith. For if you shall be faithful and obedient unto me, I hath laid up a reward in Heaven that shall be yours. And Kodan did ask the Lord saying, Why has this burden been given unto me and not unto others? And the Lord spake saying, I the Lord, God doth give trials unto many that they may prove themselves. For behold it is the nature of this world the there be imperfection. Have I not also caused that because of the imperfection of the world unto some hath been given the loss of limb and unto others deformity. And unto others, because of the nature of the world, hath been given deformities that are not physical. But behold had there been not imperfection of the world these things would not exist. And there would be none would possess the desires which hath been caused to be your nature. For all men would have desire unto women. And all women would have desire unto men. And there would be no deformities of gender, and no uncertainties. But such perfection shall not come unto the time when the earth shall become whole again. Now behold I speak these things not that you shall think upon yourself with loathing, or that you are lesser than another. For what person among these people is perfect? I say unto you there is not one. For I have given all men weakness. Wherefore think not unto yourself that your weakness is greater than another’s. For this reason I shall come into the world. That your weakness may be made into a strength. For all men are deformed before me, every man. And it is through me that your deformity is made whole. And you are no longer weak, but strong. And Kodan spake saying, How shall it be that I can overcome that which is desirable unto me? And the Lord spake unto him saying, Where if you shall refrain from that act of which you have spoken you shall not commit a sin. But if you shall commit that act you shall be guilty of a great sin. And it is through me that your sins shall be washed clean. And your filthy made pure. For behold I have commanded this thing because it is given that the man cannot be whole without the woman, and the woman cannot be whole without the man. Wherefore can a house be built without a roof, or without walls? For if a house is but walls it cannot fulfill the purpose of its creation. Or if a house shall be but roof, it cannot fulfill the purpose of its creation. So to a man or men cannot fulfill the purpose of their creation without that counterpart which is woman. Now I say unto you, if you cannot abide this thing, you shall remain in a state of singularity. For it is better that you abstain from all impure relation than if you should fall into temptation.
And it came to pass that Madek did pass the authority of the church unto his son Kodan. And Kodan was a high priest and also a prophet of God. And he did prophecy in all his days. And he did work to bring the people unto righteousness. But the people would not hearken unto his words. For the divisions among the people did give many an excuse to do whatever they wished. And they would not hearken unto the chosen of God. And wickedness did increase upon the land of the children of Suran. And the many tribes did invade the lands of the children of Suran. For the wickedness of the children of Suran did increase and God did cease to uphold them and protect them. But behold there remained a righteous group of children of Suran in the north who did surround the temple and there they lived near the temple. And they did so that they might gain strength from God through the rites and the sacrifices they did perform therein.
And after many years Kodan did die and his brother’s son Sural did become the High priest of the Temple for was chosen to lead the group of righteous people that worshiped at the temple. For the rest of the children of Suran had divided into tribes each with their own king. For there were six kings according to the six tribes. And they worshiped God as they pleased and not as instructed by God. And they interpreted scripture according to their own desires. And Sural did preach unto the tribes who surrounded the lands of the righteous. For the lands of the righteous were in the mountains and they were not by the sea, therefore the land was completely surrounded by unrighteous children of Suran, and those tribes who had not joined with them. And he did teach them of the witness and power of the Holy Spirit. For he did teach them what people must do to know if something is of God. For if something is righteous it will be witnessed by the Holy Spirit. But if it is not of God it will not be witnessed. And to know of a witness you shall feel a feeling in your bosom. But it is not like unto an emotion for emotions are fickle and change with time. But a witness is strong yet peaceful. And he did teach them after this manner so that they would know that those things they did do were not righteous. And also that they would know how to return to the righteous path. And the authority of the church was given by God unto the son of Sural whose name was Kimesh. And Kimesh did go forth in the land, like unto his father, and preach repentance. But the people did not hearken unto him. And because of their increasing wickedness Kimesh did take many of the righteous people into the lands of the south to find a new home.


  1. It still baffles me that this record exists! The more I read the more I am amazed. This particular book in the Aklatan definitely sheds a lot of light on some hot topics.

  2. I agree with Sister Smith, this definitely shed some light.

  3. I was impressed with the courage of Ahkman in facing the chief. I could picture the scene. It reminded me of those powerful men of God that we read of in the scriptures.

    1. Definitely bold in the face of death. We don't have stories of martyrdom quite like that one.