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Behold, my name is Ahkman, I am the eldest son of my father, Suran. Before the death of my father I was appointed to be the High Priest within the temple of God. And therein I did administer the rites. And I am a direct descendant of my father who was a direct descendant of those who were led out of captivity and also those who did journey to this land. And I do record a history of these the people of Suran that future generations might know concerning those things which have transpired among us.
Now these are the children of Suran. For Suran was thirty-one years of age and he went in unto his wife. And she bore a son. And they named him Ahkman. And Suran was thirty-three years of age and he went in unto his wife. And she bore a son. And they named him Shurak. And Suran was thirty-four years of age and he went in unto his wife. And she bore a son. And they named him Kodal. And Suran was thirty-seven years of age and he went in unto his wife. And she bore a daughter. And they named her Gura.
And these are the generations of the sons of Suran. And Ahkman the eldest son of Suran did have sons. And these are their names, Arakim, Laran, and Subal. And Ahkman did have daughters. And these are their names Seliam and Yaman. And Shurak the second son of Suran did have sons. And these are their names, Shuran, Shukar, and Rakaal. And Shurak did have a daughter whose name was Karila. And Kodal the last son of Suran did have sons by his two wives. And these are their names, Telemek, Telakem, Barame, and Kumalek. And his son by his second wife was named Doronam. And Kodal did have daughters through his first wife. And these are their names Terilan and Lorenu. And his daughters by his second wife were named Dorima, Doruma, and Rekel. Now Kodal did take his second wife after having received a revelation form the Lord. And Gura the daughter of Suran did have sons. And these are their names Kuman, Gavor, Rubak. And Gura did have daughters. And these are their names Saram and Rabala. And such were the children and generations of Suran.
Now behold my father did gather our family together. And his did so that he might expound great knowledge unto our understanding. And he did speak unto us many things and our understanding was greatly expanded. And my younger brother Shurak did doubt the words of my father. For he though that perhaps Ngakeme was delusional and did teach our father strange things. But behold I, Ahkman, did consider the meaning of the things which my father had spoken. And I did take myself up to the place where my father did worship the gods. For it was a small grove of trees. And I did place myself in the center of the grove and pray unto the gods concerning the things which my father had spoken. Now I, Ahkman, did not yet know of the true and living God, but I did still believe in the gods of my father. And it came to pass that as I prayed an angel descended from heaven and did appear before me. And the angel spoke with a loud voice. And I did fall back and was frightened at the sound of his voice. And the angel spake unto me saying, Be not afraid Ahkman, through your faith you have proven yourself. For behold what your father has spoken is true, for it was ordained before this life that he should be a great prophet among this people. And behold your father was born unto this end that he should raise up a righteous people unto the Lord. But behold I had never before heard of the Lord. And I did speak unto the angel saying, Who is the Lord that I might worship him? For I do worship the gods like my father and his father before him, and I do not know of a Lord. And the voice spoke unto me again saying, For behold Ahkman there is but one God, the Eternal Father, who is master and ruler of all that is. And your fathers had been mislead and did follow after false gods. But behold it is not counted against you, as you have worshiped with full purpose of heart and your heart is open to receive those things which are true. And even though you didst pray unto false gods, the True and Living God hath heard your prayers. For God doth know the intents of your heart, and He doth know that while you prayed unto false gods you did so only because you knew not of the True and Living God. And He knows that if you had a knowledge of the True and Living God you wouldst have prayed unto Him. For even though thou didst not know all, your righteousness hath been counted unto your benefit. And the angel did leave me and I sat myself upon the earth and did think upon the things which the angel had spoken. And after recovering myself and knowing with a surety that the things which my father had spoken were true, I did leave the place of the false Gods and did return unto my home.
And I did climb to the peak of a mountain and did go before the Lord and did call unto him. And pour out the desires of my heart. For I desired a blessing from the Lord. And I desired that God should remain with me and my seed for all generations. And I did pray continually for the space of two days. And it came to pass that God spake unto me saying, Behold Ahkman, I have heard your prayers for you have come before me with much sincerity and patience. And I make a covenant with you. For inasmuch as you have desired that I shall remain with you and your seed for all generations; I shall grant it unto you insomuch as you remain righteous and your seed remain righteous. But if a time come that they shall become wicked, and forget me, they shall have no promise with me. But if they again turn unto me, my blessings shall again be upon them. And behold I shall also give you a blessing that your seed shall become more numerous than the stars of the sky, Yea even than the sands of the seashore. And they shall come unto you, and you shall be as a father and head. And if your seed shall be righteous then no enemy shall prevail against them. And nations shall tremble before them and they shall have power over all who dare oppress them. But if they will forget me they shall be cast asunder and they will be trampled upon by all nations.
And behold you have also inquired as to the land that shall be thine inheritance. Now, Ahkman, It has been given unto you that the land of your inheritance shall be all of these islands. And they are given unto you and your seed. And the boundaries of your land shall be this northern land, and Yea also a land to the north of this one. And there are many islands to the south, and below these islands is a large southern land, and also to the west there is a long beautiful island, and there is also many small islands to the west and all these shall be for the inheritance of your seed. And behold there as also a large land in the southwest, and many islands in the west. And these are also given unto your seed as a land for an inheritance. And also any other land to which I shall guide your seed shall be given unto them for an inheritance. For your seed shall be numerous and they shall spread abroad in the earth and fill it, and they shall mix with the seed of all nations. And they shall gather riches from the world and bring them unto the land of their inheritance and they shall become a rich people. And they shall become a powerful people. And the riches they shall use to bless the people of the world.
And behold Ahkman, your seed shall prepare the way for my second advent. For I shall come first into the earth, to redeem mankind, and then I shall come unto your seed. And I shall depart. And behold I shall come again unto the world and your seed shall prepare the way for my second advent. For they shall build a temple that shall be built before my temple in Jerusalem. For this shall be a sign that my temple in Jerusalem shall be speedily completed. And behold Ahkman your desires are good and so long as your seed shall be righteous they shall have the blessings I offer them. But if they break my covenants then I shall withdraw my blessings from them. But behold there shall be a time when your seed shall fall away from my covenants. But after many years I will cause that the covenant I shall make with those in Jerusalem to come unto them. And they shall live by this covenant for a time. And it shall prepare them for the restoration of my covenant with them. And God did give these blessings unto me and also unto my seed. And I did go down from the mountain and was comforted for I knew that God did have a special place for me and my children.
And it came to pass that I and also my brethren sent our children out unto all the northern land to teach the tribes. And they taught the words in the great scroll. And they did convert many people unto the Laws of God. And they did believe. And behold after many years Shurak did send out a message unto all the people that they should gather to a place in the north. And this place in the north was in the mountains. The same place where our father had been taught by Ngameke. And there was a small river which did lead up to the place. And there was a tall waterfall which did fill a pool that fed the small river. And the place was filled with trees. And all the people did come unto this place. And they did assemble themselves according to their families round about the place of the pool. And I did stand before the people and I did speak unto them, saying, O, people who have accepted the laws of God. I have gathered you to this place in a similitude of that which was done by Adam, and Moses, and of Machir. For this place does represent the mountain where Moses gathered his people. For he did gather them unto a place that was like unto the Garden of Eden. For even as Adam was cast out of God’s presence and walked past the tree of life and did leave the garden after passing by an angel who guarded the entrance of the garden. He did even walk past the river which split into four directions. So did Moses climb the mountain past the spring filled with water passed the bush which burned with fire but was not consumed, and conversed with God. Which thing is a similitude of the journey of man. And so God did command that they construct a tabernacle after this pattern. For there was built an altar and basin of water. And after entering into the Holy Place the High Priest must pass the candlestick and enter into the Most Holy Place. And also this place which has a pool of water and one must pass the trees which way does lead to the top of the mountain. And this place does have the same pattern as the other sacred places by which God has spoken unto his prophets.
I did also speak unto the people and did instruct them of the laws and covenants that God had made with our ancestors. For these things were written in the great scroll. And I did explain unto them the meaning of these things. For behold I taught them of the history of our people. For unto those who were descended of the priests of Levi there were many laws that they did obey. And they were complex and hard to obey. But unto our ancestors who were descended from Ophir there were not so many laws. Nevertheless both laws were give of God. And now I had read these things and I did wonder concerning them. And I did take leave that I might pray unto God to know more concerning these things. And God did speak unto me saying, My servant Ahkman, You have read those covenants and laws I made with your ancestors. And they were to be my chosen people. For they were an elect people and special unto me. Wherefore I caused that the two laws of you ancestors should come together. For unto the children of Israel I did offer unto them a greater law, but behold when my servant Moses did come down from that sacred mountain he beheld that the Children of Israel had constructed and worshiped a false god. And he was an angered and he dashed the stones of my law into pieces. And he returned again to the mountain. And I beheld the wickedness of the Israelites Wherefore I did send another law unto them. And this law was to prepare them for the law of which they were not yet ready. Yet unto the earlier inhabitants that I led unto this land was not given the law of Moses. For they did remain in that law I gave unto the Fathers. For they had no need of the preparatory things. Now when these two people came together upon these islands there was much contention. For the two refused to accept the laws of the other. Nevertheless I caused that the laws should be unified. And in this thing did your ancestors become unified. And so it shall be with you Ahkman. For I have prepared this law for your people and it is the selfsame law which was given unto your ancestors. Wherefore I shall reward their faithfulness of your people. For your people have become a special and chosen people unto me. And they have found favor with me. Wherefore I will remember them and bless them forever. These things did God speak unto me, and I did speak them unto the people.
Now I did teach unto the people those commandments which went forth from the hand of God unto Moses. O, Children of Suran, I have been a servant of the Lord for twenty-one years and I have been High Priest for eight years. And all this time I have lived the commandments of our God. Even those ten commandments which were given unto Moses. Now the first commandment which was given was this that the Lord is God and the we should not worship any other gods than He. The second commandment was that we should not make any graven image, nor should we create an image of things in the heavens, nor in the earth, nor in the water. Also that we should not bow down to worship these images. The third commandment being that we should not take upon us the name of the Lord in vain. For by doing that which is not of the Lord in the name of the Lord is a lie and dishonoreth the Lord in the eyes of men. And he who doeth such a thing shall not be held guiltless. The fourth commandment was that we should remember the Sabbath day. For verily it is given that we should labor for six days. But upon the seventh day we should take our rest and not perform any work. For this day was given of the Lord unto man that we might be relieved of those hardships we must endure. The fifth commandment being that we should honor our fathers and our mothers. For when we bring honor unto them we bring honor upon all the generations of our people. The sixth commandment was that we should not kill. For it is not given that we should destroy those things which God hath created. The seventh commandment was that we should not commit adultery. For behold when a man lieth with a woman who is given unto another man he committeth adultery. For except she be anointed a Holy Woman she may be given only unto one man. But if a woman who is not married should lie with a man they cannot commit adultery. The eighth commandment being that we should not steal. For if the property of one is taken by another it is not good. The ninth commandment was that we should not bear false witness against our neighbor. The tenth commandment was that we should not covet the property of our neighbor. For we should be content with that which the Lord hath given.

And I, Ahkman did teach the people concerning the sacrifices which were offered unto God after the manner spoken of in the great scroll. And there were many sacrifices which the people were to offer. And I spake unto them that the time had come that we should travel unto the temple wherein we should offer our sacrifices. And I also spoke concerning the Priesthood with which those who held it should administer the temple and the church. And God commanded me to ordain those who were my children unto that Order of God. But those who were the children of Gura, or the children of Kodal, or the children of Shurak, could not posses the priesthood. I did also teach unto the people concerning baptism. For God commanded the people that they should go into the water and come out again and this should be a sign of that which would be fulfilled by the Son of God who should come into the world. And I also spoke unto the people concerning their homes saying, You shall each build an altar in your homes. And it shall be in a sacred place, apart from the world. And there around it shall you gather in the veritable prayer and pray unto God. And you shall build your altars after this manner. For it shall be two takas and half a butar in length. And it shall be one taka in width. And the height of it shall be two takas and half a butar. And it shall also be placed on a block which is two and one half butars in height. And this block shall also extend one taka in all directions from the base of the altar. Upon this block you shall kneel and pray facing the altar.
And behold I, Ahkman, did witness unto the people that the manner in which the temple had been built was in all wise correct. For it had been built after the pattern which had been revealed unto my father according to the records which he had received. For behold, after my father had received the word of God, and after we had discovered the cave of treasures we did gather our kinsfolk, and did begin to build a temple. And we did build with the best materials we could acquire. And we did build the temple and decorate the interior with bamboo, and with narra, and with gold, and with silver, and all beautiful stones. Now this is the pattern after which we did build the temple: We did build a most holy place. And to the east of it we did build a holy place. And on the doors between the most holy place and the holy place was engraved two trees, one on one panel and the other on the other panel, which trees do symbolize the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. And to the east of the most holy place we did build a room. Now within this room doth stand a guard with a sword, which guarded the entrance to the most holy place. And the entrance to this room is to the east and is entered in by a gate. Now this was the house. And to the east of the house we did build two pillars. And one pillar was made out of bronze and the other was made out of brick. And we did write the most important parts of the law upon them. And to the east of the house was a bronze basin made and it was placed within the walled court to the east. Also to the east in another walled court was built up an altar of unhewn stone. Now to the east and round about the house and the two walled courts was the upper court. And to the east and round about the upper court was the lower court. And within the walls of the upper court and also the lower court were two pedestals. One to the east and one to the west. And there were chambers along the northern wall, and also the southern wall. And thus the upper and lower courts were finished in an identical manner. Now behold to the east of the lower court was a vestibule which was also a gate. And it came to pass I taught them that this was the manner in which the temple was completed. And all knew it was beautiful. And we did take the sacred writings and artifacts within the most holy place. And we did store the treasures of the people within the walls of the courts of the temple.
And it came to pass that we did build up cities in all the region round about. For our numbers had grown to many. And our people did find places of residence. And these were the names of our cities: In the city of Suran was the place of our temple; and to the north was the city of Set; and also to the north was the city of Abrahama; and also to the north was the city of Zedek; and to the east was the city of Garal, and to the east was the city of Bori; and to the north-east was the city of Lisayja; and to the north was the city of Yapinyat; and to the east was the city of Srindam; and to the north was the city of Batas; and to the east was the city of the Tower, for there was a tower built there that the people could see to a great distance. And these last cities were near to the place where Ngameke taught my father, for it was a holy place unto us.
And we performed many rites at the temple. Wherefore we were commanded by God to perform them. And we were required so that they may be obedient to God. And there are seven in all and they were known unto us as Washing, and Adoption, and Sacrifices, and the Teaching, and Marriage, and Ordination, and Healing. For these things were commanded unto us by the Lord. For they were commanded in the writings we had received. I shall hereafter explain these rites.
Now we did adopt all those who desired into the church, meaning our tribe. And this we did that we might be one family, unified in all things. Now those who were adopted and had children it was not required that their children be adopted. For they were adopted through their parents. And we were also commanded that those whose parents were not faithful in the Law should be adopted into the church so that they could receive a portion of an inheritance. And Adoptions were also done by way of water. For after the man or woman had been washed, the Priest would take them into the inner walled court. Within the walled court would stand either myself, or my brothers Shurak or Kodal, or the husband of our sister Gura. For we were the patriarchs of our tribe. And he would fill the sado with water from the basin and sprinkle it upon the head of the person, and also upon the head of the patriarch. And he would grasp the head of both, the patriarch in his right and the person in his left hand. And he would place his thumb in the center of the forehead of both, one on the left and the other on the right. Thereafter the priest would pronounce the union of the two. This that they might be bound father to son, or father to daughter. Now this thing was done as it was commanded us.
And it was commanded of us that we should wash all those who desired to enter our group. And the washings were done by way of water. Now behold these washings were performed so that those who did unite with use were clean to begin anew. And we did also wash those priests who did to enter the sacred places of the Temple. And they were washed from head to foot and purified. And as part of their washing they were also anointed with sweet smelling perfumes. And they were anointed with oil. And they did wash in a lesser manner every time they did enter the temple.
Now I speak concerning teaching of our people. For those who had been ordained priests were brought within the lower court. And therein they were instructed in all manner of spiritual things. Now after they did these things that did take themselves and enter into the upper court. For within the upper court they were taught concerning the greater things they might do. Now it was after this manner that they did enter into each of the courts of the temple. And after this manner did they learn of the laws of God and His covenants with the righteous. And God shall uphold all those who look upon His Laws to obey them.
Now behold it came to pass that the Lord spoke unto my brother Kodal saying, Kodal, I the Lord speak unto you. For there are some parts of my Word that have been rejected by your father Suran. For he rejected them because of the traditions of his heart and also the traditions of the people. Now behold I speak unto you that you shall not condemn your father. For he was a great man and he did perform my will with exactness. And he did do whatsoever I should command him. Now he hath made many mistakes and he hath been reproved. But he is great in my sight and he doth reside in the bosom of Abraham. Now behold because of the weakness of men he hath spoken many things which were influenced by his traditions. For behold men do set up idols in their hearts and I do speak unto them according to their idols. Now behold you have inquired of me why it is that my servants in old times did have many wives and lesser wives. And you have not set up the traditions of your people in your heart like unto your father. For you are open to receive that which I shall command you. Now behold, I speak unto you concerning David and Solomon for they did take unto them many wives and lesser wives. And they did take those which were not given unto them. And in this they did sin greatly and it was an abomination in my sight. Now, behold I speak unto you concerning my servants Abraham and Jacob. For they did likewise have many wives and lesser wives. But behold they took only those which were given unto them. And this I say unto you that if a man taketh unto himself a wife and she is given unto him of me then it is good. But if a man taketh unto himself a wife and she is not given unto him, nor he unto her, and even though they may have love one to another it is not good and an abomination. For he hath taken that which hath not been given unto him. Therein he hath robbed his brother. And if a man taketh another wife unto himself and she is given unto him of me then it is good. But if a man taketh another wife and she is not given unto him it is an abomination and is not good. Now, my servant you shall cause a command to go forth that all who would take a wife must first go before the high priest or a priest. And he will determine if their marriage is according to my will. And if a man desireth to take unto himself another wife or even many wives he may do so, if they are given unto him of me, and it shall be good; even though your father Suran did condemn such things, for those things were spoken according to his traditions and culture. And these were the words of the Lord unto Kodal.
Now because of these things which were spoken unto Kodal a great many things were made clear. And a law went forth among our people. And this law was that if man and a woman shall desire to be united in marriage they should go forth into the lower court of the temple. And they should take themselves before a priest. And the priest should determine the will of the Lord concerning their marriage. And if the Lord shall agree to their marriage they should be united together by the priest. But if the Lord shall not agree they should depart their separate ways. And also it was written that if a man and a woman should desire to be united in marriage, and the man was already united in marriage then they should take unto themselves into the lower court of the temple and submit themselves to the will of the Lord through the priest. And if the Lord shall approve of their marriage they were united immediately; but if the Lord shall not approve their marriage they should depart their ways separately. And it came to pass that there also went forth a law that all those who were yet living and had been united in marriage previous to this law were to come forth with their husband or wife and stand before the priest. And the priest should seek the will of the Lord concerning their marriage. Now if the Lord shall approve their marriage they should depart knowing that the marriage they had previously entered into was according to the will of God. But if the Lord shall not approve they were to depart separately, and no more be united in marriage, for their marriage, which they had previously entered into, was not done according to the will of the Lord. Now also there was a law that if a man desired a woman to be united in marriage with her that he should go before the priest and declare unto him that which he desired. And the priest should consult the will of the Lord. And if the Lord shall not approve of his desire he should depart and hold his peace. But if the Lord shall approve his desire then the priest should go forth and proclaim it unto the woman whom the man desired. And once within the house of the woman, he should again consult the will to the Lord and if the Lord shall not approve that thing then the priest shall depart and declare it unto the man. But if the Lord shall approve, then priest should take the woman unto the temple and unite the two in marriage. Now behold this law was also given for women; that a woman should make her declaration within the lower court of the temple into a priest. And if it should be the will of the Lord the priest would go unto the house of the man and consult again the will of the Lord; and if the Lord shall approve then the man should be taken unto the lower court of the temple and be united with the woman. Now behold there was also a law that a man and a woman should be united by declaration; meaning that if the voice of the Lord should come upon the high priest while he does administer in the temple, and shall declare unto him a man and a woman that were to be united in marriage; then he shall take himself out of the temple and into the lower court of the temple. And then he shall stand upon the eastward pedestal and loudly proclaim the names of the two who are to be united in marriage. And some of the priests of the temple shall depart out into the land of the man and the woman who were declared. And they shall go forth into their homes and inform them of what has been declared. Then they shall bring the man and woman into the lower court of the temple. And there they shall be bound one to another.
Now in these matters the will of the Lord was determined by way of the Putim. For behold the priest did take a vessel; and within the vessel were placed two stones. And the stones were equal in size. Now one stone was white and the other stone was black. And the priest would place his hand into the vessel and draw forth a stone. And if the Lord did guide his hand to select a white stone then the Lord did approve the thing. And if the Lord did guide his hand to select a black stone then the Lord did not approve that thing. And this was the manner that the will of the Lord was determined by the priests.
Now I write concerning two events which did transpire among the people. For I do include these that there might be a witness of the power of the Lord. For behold as I did minister within the most holy place the voice of the Lord came upon me saying, My servant I have proclaimed that through my servant Lekim I should raise up a son. And this son shall do many mighty works and go forth proclaiming my Word. And I have proclaimed that Dinari should be given unto him to be his wife. And it is through her that the son of my servant Lekim should be raised. Now, go forth and declare that Dinari of the city of Lisayja, shall be married unto Likem of the city of Suran. And it came to pass that I took myself out of the most holy place and went forth and stood upon the eastern pedestal of the lower court. And I declared with a loud voice that Dinari of Lisayja should be brought to be married to Lekim of Suran. And the priests went out from the upper court and unto the house of Dinari and behold it was discovered by the priest that Dinari had already been married unto her husband Kal. And they had two small children. But behold they declared this thing unto her and brought her and her husband unto the temple. And the priest came before me and proclaimed, Ahkman, the woman Dinari hath been brought forward, but behold she hath already been given unto a man in marriage. And I went before her and she spoke unto me saying, Why have you declared this thing? For I do already have a husband, and he is my love, and our marriage was approved by the Lord. And it came to pass that I did enter into a chamber on the northern wall of the temple and I inquired of the Lord. For a spake saying, O Lord, how is it that you have proclaimed this thing. For the woman Dinari hath already been given in marriage. And the Lord spake unto me saying, I do know this thing. Now go and proclaim unto her the blessings I shall grant unto her for her faithfulness. For if she shall obey my word she shall be blessed and she shall be a mother of great promise. And her joy shall be greater than she can conceive. For even though this thing may be difficult, she shall find more happiness than if she shall disobey my word. And I did go forth and proclaim these things unto her. Now behold Dinari did cling unto her husband and she wept greatly. And also her husband Kal did weep. And she did proclaim her love for him and did refuse to obey the will of the Lord. And they departed the lower court of the temple together. Now it came to pass that after the space of many days as Dinari did labor in the field a group of men from the unbelieving tribes came upon her and they did demean her and do all manner of evil unto her. And after they had done these things they departed. And it came to pass that she conceived a child and was despised in the eyes of her husband. And he cast her out from his house. And it came to pass that as she did wander in the roads beyond the city she did strike her foot upon a stone and she fell. And she was impaled upon a stick. Now when it was discovered what had happened it was spoken widely among the people that Dinari had been punished by the Lord, for she has disobeyed. And she has placed her own will above that of the Lord.
Now at came to pass that after the space of a year Likem did marry a woman and she bore unto him a daughter. And again as I did labor within the temple the voice of the Lord came yet again upon me and proclaimed that Yalime should be given unto Lekim. For the Lord would yet cause that his promise unto Lekim should be fulfilled. And the priests did bring Yalime unto the lower court of the temple. And like Dinari she too was married to a husband. And I spoke unto the Lord, Why have you commanded this thing? For are there not many women in all the cities of the people of Suran? And are they not beautiful and lovely to behold. Why then hath you commanded that this woman who already hath been taken as a wife should be given? And the Lord spake unto me saying, It is my will that they shall be united. Now go forth and proclaim unto her my words that she may believe. And I went and told unto her those things which the Lord and spoken unto me. Now Yalime had come unto the temple with her husband, Talat. And she wept because of that thing which had been declared. And she took her husband into a chamber of the northern wall. And they cried mightily unto the Lord. And they came forth again into the lower court. And she spoke unto me saying, I do not know why the Lord has commanded this thing. For surely the Lord knoweth that I love my husband and that I love our children. For how can I depart from them? How can I leave those who are the objects of my love? And she did proclaim her love unto her husband. And it came to pass that she spoke again unto me saying, I do not know how I shall bear this thing for my heart doth break, but behold I shall do whatsoever the Lord shall command. And I shall be married unto this man Likem. For I know that the will of the Lord shall not lead me in the wrong. Now she did embrace her husband, Talat, and did kiss him. And after these things he departed out of the lower court. Now it was at this time that the priests brought forth Likem into the lower court and they also brought his wife Amila. Now Amila was greatly distressed for she desired that she alone should be the wife of her husband. And she did not desire that her husband should take another woman to wife. Now behold I spoke unto them concerning that which had transpired. And Amila did weep with many tears. Now behold Likem spoke saying, My beloved Amila, you do know of the love I have for you. For you have been my wife and I have proved my love unto you. But behold the Lord hath required this thing of us. And we must do his will. And I do assure you that not one particle of my love shall depart from you. And you shall not be lessened in my sight, nor shall I diminish anything from you. And he did also speak unto Yalime saying, I know that we have never before met. And I know that this thing is greatly distressing to you. For if it was my will I would not cause this great hardship to come upon you. But it is not my will that hath declared this thing, for it is the will of the Lord. And I know that your desire is unto you husband. And I shall not strive to replace him in your heart. But I shall give my love unto you. And I shall give even that same love, which I have given unto my wife, unto you. And I shall serve you all the days of my life as I shall do also with Amila. And I shall do these things not to gain favor in your eyes, but because it is my desire to do these things. And neither of you shall be greater than the other in my eyes, nor shall one be favored above the other. And it came to pass that I, Ahkman, did anoint Yalime; and I did unite Lekima and Yalime in marriage and Amila did depart out of the lower court and return unto her home. And Lekim did take Yalime into a chamber of the western wall of the lower court and they did consummate their marriage, as was our law. And Yalime did conceive and she bore a son and his name was Gubir. And thus the promise of the Lord was fulfilled unto Lekim. Now behold I write concerning the life of Amila and Yalime for even though they did have great struggle in this thing which was commanded they did come to love each other as wives of Lekim. And they did serve each other and care for their children unitedly. And now because Lekim was an honorable man and did fulfill all his vows the love of Yalime was increased towards him. And she did come to love him greatly. Now she did still retain love for her husband, Talat and her children of him. And they did visit her within the house of Lekim. And her children rejoiced to see her. But behold Talat did also marry another woman and he did love her. And I have heard Yalime come into the outer court of the temple and pray unto the Lord. And she hath thanked the Lord for causing that she should be the wife of her beloved Lekim. And she hath received a greater joy and happiness than she would have had she remained with her husband Talat. And likewise Talat did receive a greater joy. And Amila did receive a greater joy for the blessings which had been bestowed upon her. And Lekim was a strong man in the Lord and he was blessed greatly and his joy was increased. For these are the blessings which shall come forth unto all those who obey the voice of the Lord.
Now as pertaining to the ordination of men in the priesthood of God. When it was revealed to the prophet Kodal what office a man of my sons should take, I, the High Priest, being dressed in the garments of my office did take them into the temple. And they were washed with pure water and anointed with most holy oil. And afterwards they were clothed in the clothing of their office, and I did lay my hands upon them. And in the name of the most High God I did ordain them into that office which they had appointed. And when any of the children of Shurak were appointed to any office in the government they were likewise washed and ordained, they being clothed in the garments of their office.

And all those who were sick came unto the temple and were healed. For those unto whom it was given that they might heal by the Spirit would enter within and those who were sick would enter with them into a side chamber. And they would be healed by the Spirit. And also those people who desired to be healed were cleansed in water. And they were pronounced clean by the priest.

And behold it was after this manner that people did gather unto the Temple. And we did worship therein. And all those who had believed were adopted as the children of Suran. And we did call ourselves the People of Suran. And we were a righteous people.
Now behold, this I do write so that those who read it may know concerning those things which I have seen. For behold the Lord God liveth. And he shall come to redeem his people. I have seen the Lord within the Most Holy place in the temple and he spoke unto me. He is the mighty Lord of all the world and all power is His. Now it shall come to pass that he shall come into the world and he shall bring light into the world. I prophesy unto you, my people, that the King of the Jews and the King of the Gentiles, even the King of Kings shall come into the world. His kingdom shall be established forever and none shall lay it to waste. He shall throw down oppressors and raise up those who are oppressed. And you shall know his time has come when a light in the sky shall appear. And it shall appear as the crown of the lion and it shall guide you to the place of his birth.

Now behold I speak unto you the words of Enoch. For truly he was a holy man. Now these are the words which he spake: And I beheld a great gathering of people, even beyond number. And they stood before the Lord. Now round about the Lord I beheld four angels and their names were given unto me by that angel which did accompany me, for all those hidden things were made known unto me. And I heard the voices of the four angels, for behold they did praise the Lord and His glory. The first voice blessed the Lord of Hosts forevermore. The second voice blessed the elect one and remainder of the elect who are after the order of the Lord of Hosts. And the third voice did offer up prayers for those who dwell upon the earth in the name of the Lord of Hosts. And the fourth voice did battle against the evil spirits that they might not come before the Lord of Hosts for they were forbidden. And I did inquire of the angel who went with me saying, Who are these four angels that I have beheld and heard? And he spake unto me saying: Michael is the first for he is patient and merciful. Raphael is the second for he is charged with the diseases and afflictions of men. Gabriel is the third for he doth command the Powers. And Phanuel is the fourth for he is charged with the repentance and hope of those men who do gain life everlasting. Now these are the four angels of the Lord of Hosts whose voices shall be heard.

And it came to pass that I beheld great ropes were given unto angels, and they moved as it were flying into the north. And I asked of the angel, For what purpose have they been given ropes and lfown to the north? And he spoke unto me saying, They have flown forth to measure. And also spoke saying, And that which they shall measure is the righteous. For the ropes of the righteous are given to the righteous. This that they mgith hold themselves fast to the name of the Lord of Hosts for eternity. And the saints shall gather with the saints according to the measure of their faith that this will strengthen their righteousness. For these measures shall show the secrets of the hidden places of the earth, and also those who have died in the desert, and also those who were eaten by animals, and those who were eaten by fish in the sae; so that those people may retyrn and be restored on the great day of the Elect One. For behold not one shall be lost to the Lord of Hosts and not one shall be destroyed. All those who live in the heavens were given a commandment and also power. And they were given a single voice and also a light as it were fire. With ttheir words they blessed one, and they praised him with wisdom, for they were wise in their words and in the Spirit. And it came to pass that the Lord of Hosts did seat the Elect One on a throne of glory. And He shall judge the works of all the holy ones above in heaven. And the remainder of their doings shall be measured. His countenance shall rise and judge the secret doings according to the Word of the Lord of Hosts. And all of them shall speak of one accord that they might bless, and make holy, and glorify the name of the Lord of Hosts. He shall call forth all the hosts of heaven, even all those which are holy, even the Host of God. He shall call forth the Cherubim, and the Seraphim, and the Ophanim, and also the Powers, and the Principalities, and the Dominions, and the Thrones. Even the elect one and all other great ones of the earth and sea. And on that great day they shall have one voice and they shall bless, and glorify, and raise up, in the Spirit of Faith, and the Spirit of Wisdom, and the Spirit of Patience, and the Spirit of Mercy, and the Spirit of Judgment, and the Spirit of Peace, and the Spirit of Goodness. For they shall shout with one voice saying, Blessed is He, for the name of the Lord of Hosts shall eb blessed forevermore. All those who have not waited in the heavens shall praise Him. And all those holy ones shall praise Him. And all the elect who are in life shall praise Him. And all the spirits of light who shall honor and purify shall praise Him. And all flesh shall praise Him above that which they can give. For behold great is the mercy of the Lord of Hosts and he hath great patience. Wherefore all his works even all that hath been created by Him he hath revealed unto the righteous, in the name of the Lord of Hosts.

I beheld a dream and I will show it unto you, my child. Then Enoch spake unto his son, Methuselah saying, “My son hear the words of my voice. Hearken unto these things. For when I was yet a young man I saw a dream and a white bull came out from the earth and after it came a cow. And with the cow came two other bulls, and one of the bulls was black and the other was red. Now behold the black bull attacked the red bull and did chase it until I could not see the red bull. But now the black bull did grow and also the cow. And I saw many oxen come forth from he which was after the manner of the black bull. And now the cow did go forth from the first bull in search of the red bull but she found him not. And the first bull came and comforted her. Now after this the cow bore a white bull and she also bore black bulls and black cows. And also in my vision I beheld that the white bull did grow and did also bear many more white bulls. And there were many generations of white bulls after him.

Now I did receive a vision which I taught unto the people. And an Angel did come unto me and he did say, Follow me. And I followed him. Now behold I was caught up into a vision. And it came to pass that I inquired of the Angel whither we were to go. And he said unto me, We go to see the fruitfulness of your seed. Wherefore I did see clouds before me. And the Angel said, Behold! And I saw the clouds did part before me and I saw thousands of islands. Yea, some were great and others were small. And the Angel said unto me, behold this is the land of your fathers. Yea, it is even the same land wherein you do reside. And behold the land you see before you is that same land that your seed shall inherit. And it came to pass that we did draw closer into the islands insomuch that I could see the inhabitants thereof. And the Angel said unto me, Behold! And I beheld the land was filled with people. And they were exceedingly poor. And many did starve because of the lack of food. And Yea, the land will filled with filth and waste even so much that many beautiful places had become ugly and wasted. And many people had become drunk and did lose themselves in drink. Wherefore they did harm their wives and young ones. And they did waste their money in drink. And, Yea their families did starve because of this. And diseases did come upon many people and they were struck with many afflictions. And Yea even the very air that they did breath was tainted. And now the Angel did say unto me, Behold! And I beheld that the leaders, that the people did elect to rule over them, did take and steal from the people. And they did wax fat upon the work of the people. And behold many others from distant lands who were rich did come upon my seed. And they did take unto themselves wives of the young daughters of my seed. And it came to pass that the daughters of my seed did see the riches that were bestowed upon the wives of the foreign men. And they did desire these riches insomuch as they did desire to give themselves unto those aged men so that they would also have riches bestowed upon them. And the Angel said unto me, Behold! And I beheld that the lands and waters which had once been full of fruit and animals that were good for eating had become barren insomuch as the people did struggle to get food for themselves.
And it came to pass that the Angel did say unto me, Behold! And I beheld that from among my seed a book did come forth. And the book did give the people courage. Wherefore all those who did accept the book and take courage from it and gather behind it did become a great and mighty people. And the prosperity of these people was great. And it came to pass that the Lord did bless them exceedingly insomuch that there was no hunger among them and they did not wander naked, for the lack of clothes. And behold they were blessed with many luxuries. And I did ask of the Angel, what is this book that goeth forth among my seed? And the Angel spake unto me saying, this book is the record of the inhabitants of this land. Yea it is even the record of the promises God hath made with the people of this land. And this book doth tell your seed of the prosperity and blessings God hath laid up for them. And it is these blessings that doth give them courage to fight the poverty that hath engulfed them. And the Angel said, Behold! And I beheld that there arose a strong and brave people in the northern part of the land. And it came to pass that the Angel did speak unto me saying, Behold! And I beheld and I saw the great people who followed the book that they did build a temple unto the Lord. And the pattern for the temple was taken from the book that they did follow. And they did worship the Lord in the temple. And the Angel said unto me, Behold! And I beheld that the remainder of my seed did look upon those who did follow the book and there were those who did desire to unite with them because of the words within the book that did testify of the Son of God. And there were others still who desired to unite with them because of the great prosperity that those who followed the book did gain. And there were even those who did not desire to unite with the followers of the book because of their stiffneckedness. And they refused to join and fought against the book. Wherefore some of these did have much power to lose because of the people who followed the book. And it came to pass that those who had much power to lose were those who had waxed fat from the labors of the poor. And the Angel did say unto me, Behold! And I looked and I saw that the Spirit of God was with those who followed the book and they did overpower those who desired power and money. And God did give control over the land unto those who followed the book. And the Angel said unto me, Behold! And I beheld that anywhere that people did follow the book there was great prosperity and there was no poor among the people. And the people did form a great empire that did include the lands of my fathers and even some of the other isles of the sea. And God did give unto them even parts of the distant lands that had previously spoiled my seed. And it came to pass that I beheld that all the lands they did possess were exceedingly beautiful. And all those places that had been turned to filth and waste were restored to their prior beauty. And the lands were filled with gardens and forests. And the rivers and oceans were clear and pure and all manner of life did thrive therein. And they were bounteous and filled with creatures that were useful for food. And no one starved for the lack of food. And I beheld that the cities which had been filled with dirt and waste did become clean and pure. And the entire land was beautiful and my seed who had loathed their dark skin insomuch that they did call it a curse, did come to look upon their skin as a blessing and a sign of a prosperous people. And they did come to a knowledge that their darkened skin had been given to them by God as a sign of the blessings that he had promised them. And I saw many people did flow unto the land of my seed. And they did look for prosperity there, Wherefore in the distant lands there was much poverty. Yea even the whole earth was engulfed in poverty because of the secret orders that had seized control of every land. And the people who followed the book had shaken off the poverty that was inflicted upon them and became even as a beacon shining forth unto all the world. And those aged and wicked who had preyed upon the young daughters of my seed were shunned insomuch that they had to travel to other lands to continue their adulteries and wickedness. And it came to pass that the people did build many beautiful structures and edifices. And the Spirit of God was strong with the seed of my brethren and they had become a righteous people and God did bless them with many riches and prosperity. And it came to pass that I did follow the Angel back to the land which I had left and the vision closed before me. And the Angel did instruct me to write the things which I had seen. Now behold the Angel of the Lord did depart from before me and I was left with both sorrow and joy. Sorrow because I knew that there must come a time that my seed would be preyed upon and suffer many afflictions. But I did feel a great joy because shortly thereafter a time must come that the people who followed the book would bring a time of great prosperity, peace and victory among my seed. And those things which I had seen did make clear the promises God made unto me. And it came to pass that I did write the things which I had seen.
And I did prophecy many more things. And the people did rejoice in the glories of God and those things He had promised them. And now I did desire that we should teach these things unto the tribes in the south. And I did design to go unto them to teach. For behold I no longer desired that the tribes should remain separate, but that we should unite our strength. And I did gather many supplies and food. And I spoke unto my son Arakim and did call on him to join me in my venture unto these people. And Arakim did agree to go with me. And we will depart to the land southward at dawn. And thus ended the record of Ahkman.

Now behold that after Ahkman was made a High Priest in his thirty-fourth year he beheld a vision. And, lo, this vision was recorded upon shafts of bamboo and it went forth among the people, and it was know as the Book of the Lords. And these are the words which were written within: I Ahkman beheld a vision. And I saw it was of a distant time. And the things which I beheld were strange. For I saw in that time the people shall walk with strange garments. And they shall ride within beasts of metal. And it shall come to pass that five datu shall be raised up. And they shall establish a people. And these five datu shall be loyal, and honorable, and mighty, and brave, and wise. The people who follow these datu shall have peculiar ways and words. They shall stand contrary to the evil ways of the world. And I also beheld that the five datu shall be raised up from poverty and they shall come from a distant land. The first datu shall struggle for many years to build up this people. And he shall write a book that shall be a foundation for the works of the people. At the beginning of their reign the world shall not know them or praise them, save it be those who shall hearken unto this prophecy. And they shall cause the weak to be made strong. Wherefore they shall become known unto the world for their charity and greatness, and also for their power and their wrath. I also beheld that these five datu shall live after the ways of the fathers and the righteous kings. They shall command and armies will obey, rivers will be diverted, mountains shall be destroyed, and dry seas shall be refilled. Their clans shall start small, just a few, but they shall grow and their cities shall fill the earth. I beheld that each datu shall possess a throne, and a stone, and also a sword. And these shall be symbols of their power. But behold their power comes not from themselves but from God. For his Spirit shall be upon them insomuch as they maintain his paths. And they shall govern from a palace. And their rule shall be just. I also beheld that nay man or woman who should join their clans shall become rich and prosperous and bring about many good things in the world. And it came to pass that I beheld the book which the first datu shall write. And it shall form the foundation. And those who follow these datu will help the descendants of this land to establish a mighty kingdom, and restore the greatest that shall be lost from them.

And I did also see the armies of the kingdoms. For they shall become great even beyond number. And they shall be employed in all manner of employment. Some shall fight in war, and others shall aid the poor, yet others shall rebuild places that have been destroyed. They shall organize their armies according to six. And I saw the armor of the armies and it shall be as the armor of God. Wherefore they shall wear the helmet of salvation, and breastplate of righteousness, and they shall have the buckler of faith, and also the belt of truth, and even the boots of preparation, and their weapons of the Spirit. And it shall be after this manner that they shall arm themselves and go into battle.

Now behold I did see the residence of the datu. And it shall be a great palace. And there shall be a great tower in the midst and surrounding it shall be five towers. And also around these shall be five lesser towers. Also shall there be many minor towers, and bridges, and stairs. And there shall be gardens, and pools, and forests, and animals. For the people shall play, and rest therein. And I beheld that there shall be statues which guarded the palace. Now I beheld there shall be five main gates. And the clansmen from each clan shall enter by way of the gates. And I also beheld that there shall be many great rooms, and there shall be many pillars and walls. And also many plants and animals, even of every kind. And there shall be waters and streams. And I beheld there shall be women to greet those who did enter therein. And they shall be beautiful and shall come from all nations. For they shall be naked and not ashamed and they shall be bound by golden rings. And within this palace shall be many who shall work to support the people and the armies. And many shall come within to be healed and beautiful women shall attend them and comfort them. And there shall be rooms where the visitors shall gather and meet. And many shall come to make arrangements with the people of the clans. And all those who shall meet therein shall be attended to by beautiful women in all manner of clothes. And there shall also be many secret chambers and some shall be large and others small. And some secret chambers shall contain pools, and others shall contain altars, and still others shall contain vast treasures of gold, and silver, and all manner of riches to sustain the clans. And there shall be many residences some large and some small. And I beheld the pools of water within the palace. For they shall be very vast. And the people who shall live therein shall go to bathe, and there shall be waterfalls and all manner of pools. And within shall be comforts, and fires, and mats, and perfumes, and oils, and all manner of things for the care of the body. And there shall also be rooms for education and training and also many ceremonies. And these rooms shall be filled with beautiful things, even gold and silver, and plants, and water, and mats, and chairs and thrones. And five of the rooms shall be set apart, and one shall look as if it were the clear stones, the other shall be filled with fire, and another shall be filled with vapor, and the fourth shall contain stones, and the fifth shall contain water. There shall also be rooms for government. There shall be a large chamber for the council of the five datu. It shall be under a dome of stone. There shall be five statues which shall guard the entrances. In the center of the chamber shall be a large table with five sides, one side for each datu. And there shall be five thrones. And the thrones and the table shall be decorated with many symbols and carvings of intricate work. Another chamber shall be more vast than the first. And it shall be for the council of lesser datu. And they shall also have tables and thrones. I also say the chamber of the judges. And there shall be a large table and five thrones for the judges. And thus I did see the palace in all its beauty and splendor. For behold people from all the world shall come to behold the beauty of the palace. And all those who shall unite themselves with the kingdom shall be able to partake of the riches contained therein. And they shall find joy in the company of the beautiful women and slaves, who shall be dressed in diverse clothes. Now this palace shall be located in a beautiful place.

Now behold these datu shall be good and honest men. They shall live according to the codes and oaths which they shall have taken. They shall live with pure hearts and honest words. No one shall ever have reason to doubt the word of one of the datu. The five datu shall be great respecters of women. They shall hold women sacred in their hearts, for they shall know the value of women in God’s eyes. And they shall fight for the honor of women and defend the ones they love against all manner of dishonor. These good men shall live after the manner that the Lord commanded Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. For as with these ancient men they shall have many wives. And they shall love and honor each wife; for they shall make them Queens. And they shall also have many concubines and they shall care for each concubine; for they shall make them princesses. And I say the many of the wives of each datu. And many of them before they shall become a wife shall fear that they should commit whoredoms. But the Lord shall send His comforter upon them and He shall make known unto them that they shall not have transgressed His laws. These women should not fear, nor should they be jealous, nor should the wives of these datu be fearful or jealous. For behold the word of the Lord teaches that in a day seven women shall cleave to one man. And whatsoever woman shall marry one of the datu God ordained that she should become a Queen. And she shall be loved and cared for. The world shall adore her and envy her. And any woman who shall marry one of the datu shall become rich and she shall not have to work or toil except in those things she shall desire to do. And she shall have beautiful cloths and jewels, gold, and silver, and she shall not have a lack of money. And any woman who shall marry one of the datu shall have her marriage bound eternally, that they should be married even after death. And she shall have the most beautiful and solemn wedding. And the place of her wedding shall be filled with gold and flowers, and whiteness. Both she and her husband shall wear beautiful clothing. Then they shall be crowned with Gold.

The five kingdoms of the datu shall gather in secret. They shall go to the great nation and there they shall fight for the liberty of the people. They shall form a new nation out of the old. A nation of the desert. The five kingdoms shall be hired again to conquer the east. They shall unify the tribes and their fight shall rage for the freedom of the people. The weak ones shall be made strong and that great city shall be made bright. They shall go into the heavens and shall travel to the realm. They shall have many metal beasts which shall take them there. With their war beasts they shall descend from the sky. They shall fall like meteors upon their enemies.

Now I saw many people who shall join the kingdoms. They shall come from many countries and cities. They shall join in families and be made a brother or sister and they shall take a vow as a sign of their joining. For insomuch as they shall do so, they shall receive a new name by which they shall be known. Now when they shall join they shall be welcomed into one of the kingdoms and into a family. And they shall be made equal with their brothers in the ways of earthly goods, for no one shall possess more than his brother. And thus there shall be no poor people and all shall be made rich equally. And thus ended the Book of the Lords which was written by our father Ahkman.


  1. These Zion-like scriptures at the end are very intriguing.

  2. Zion's the goal of all of Christ's people in all times and places, and even though it failed among the early Latter-day Saints, it should still be ours today, too.