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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


At the end of this encounter, the Lord reiterates that Ahkman's desires are good and as long as he and his seed are righteous, they will receive the blessings offered them. But if they break their covenants with the Lord, those blessings will be withdrawn. He warns Ahkman that a time will indeed come when his descendants will fall away from God's covenants for many generations. However, the Lord will cause the covenant He made with His disciples in Jerusalem to come to Ahkman's descendants, and they will live by this covenant for a time. Yet, this covenant from Jerusalem will not be an end unto itself but will prepare them for a full restoration of their ancestral covenant with the Lord.

Even though the Spanish conquest of the Philippines was destructive and oppressive in many ways, the Lord had a hand in it because it brought Christianity and the knowledge of Christ and His Gospel again to the islands. For centuries, the Catholic flavor of Christianity prepared Ahkman's descendants to receive and accept the fullness of the Lord's covenants and blessings He has to offer them.

After they receive this fullness, they will prepare the way for the Lord's second coming. (Here also the Lord mentions in passing that He will visit Ahkman's people after His mortal ministry.) One of the primary ways they will accomplish this is by building a temple, which will precede the Lord's temple in Jerusalem and signify its near completion. This temple will be built according to the instructions provided in Ezekiel and the Aklatan.

Here are some interesting tidbits about this future temple provided by the official website:
- It will be built at the southern base of Mt Banahaw in southern Luzon (pictured above), and it and the land will be designed after Ezekiel's description. (LINK)
- The Great Scroll of Suran and the Book of Kilinga will be published after temple land is acquired and construction begun, respectively. (LINK)
- Donations toward building the temple and making items and clothing for use in it are posted (though haven't been updated in quite some time) HERE and accepted HERE and HERE.

In any case, Ahkman descends the mountain comforted in knowing God has blessings in store and a special place for him and his children.


  1. I've not read from this book for a while, but am trying to read it through again. Thank you for all your insights.

    1. Thanks for reading, Shawn, and keep exploring.