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And it came to pass that a man named Jaresh did approach his father, Arakim, the High Priest of the temple. And he did inquire that he may go abroad in the land and preach the law. And his father went before the Lord and he did pray if his son might go and preach the law. And the Lord did hear his prayer and did approve his request. And the Lord commanded that another should be paired with Jaresh that they two should go forth in the land and preach. For the truth shall be known through two or more witnesses. And now Arakim, the father of Jaresh, did rejoice that the Lord should allow his son to go forth among the people and preach. And he did go unto his son and speak unto him that which the Lord had told him. And Jaresh rejoiced. And Arakim did speak unto one of the Priests of the temple. And the Priest did also have a son whose name was Gubir. Now this priest was that same Lekim who received a promise of the Lord. And Gubir had also desired to serve the Lord. And they brought Gubir and Jaresh together to commit them unto their journey. And they spoke unto their fathers saying, We do covenant to serve the Lord and to preach repentance unto the people in the land round about. And if it is the will of the Lord we will bring many souls unto Him. And Yea, we will do anything that the Lord shall command us. For the Lord shall lead no man astray and His arm is mighty and will support all those who seek to obey Him. And the fathers of Gubir and Jaresh did rejoice and did send them on their journey. And Gubir and Jaresh did depart northward from the City of Light and began to preach. And they took nothing with them save their clothing and scrolls containing the Word of the Lord written by those who had passed before. And they trusted in the Lord to provide their food. For surely if the Lord would provide food for the animals in the forest He would provide food for them who were His servants. And behold they did travel northward out of the land of Suran. And they did travel away from the ocean and into the heart of the land. And as they traveled they were an hungered and they did search the land around them and did find fruit. And they ate of the fruit and were nourished. And it was after this manner that they traveled for the space of many days even until they did arrive at a place that had a population of people. And they neared themselves unto a man who was a keeper of animals. And his name was Karatang. And he did welcome them into his home and he gathered his family to meet them. And they asked Him do you believe in the gods? And he said, Yea, I know no one who doth not believe in the gods. And they asked, is there one God who is greater than the others whom though do worship? And he said, Yea I do worship the god of the sky and even all my family does worship. And they said we too believe in a great God that dwells in the sky. And, Yea, He has power over all things even the sky and the earth, and even the water. And Karatang did know that their God must surely be very powerful. And they did teach him about the creation of the world and how Lord did bring mankind into the world. And they did also teach him concerning the need of a Savior to redeem all mankind from the fall of man. And Karatang did know of the truth of these things for the Holy Spirit did testify of it unto him.
And Karatang did ask them, What must I do be saved from my sins. And Gubir and Jaresh did speak unto him and they did say, There is nothing that a man can do to save himself. For surely the works of man are nothing to the works of God. But only those who may be saved are those who believe in Him. And those who believe in Him shall obey His commandments. And a man must die and come alive again in the Lord. And Karatang spoke unto them, how can a man die and take up again his life, for no man in all the world has done this. And they knew that the understanding of Karatang was imperfect, but he had a desire to know the truth of God. And they said unto him, the death that must come upon a man is not a death of the body but is a death of the evil within a man. For surely a man must put off his evil and take upon himself a righteous life. And it is in this way that a man can die and come alive again. But behold a man must die in the water and come up again out of the water alive again. For the waters doth symbolize the living water that is the Lord. And behold Karatang did know that the things which they taught were true. And He desired to follow the Lord and to die and live again through baptism. And yea even all his family desired it. And Gubir and Jaresh took Karatang and his family to a body of water, even the river of Lar. And they did baptize him and his family in the name of God the Father, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit. And this Karatang did become a righteous man and even all his family did become righteous. And Gubir and Jaresh went forth among the people of this place and did teach them of God and the Law. And even Karatang did aid in teaching and did gather people together to hear their words. And it came to pass that they did bring all those people unto the Lord and did baptize them.
And many souls were brought unto the Lord in that time. And they did dwell in the land and teach and serve the people. And yea they did even labor with their hands to help those people around them. And the people did prosper and were blessed by God because of their faith. And it came to pass that the time came for Gubir and Jaresh to continue on with their preaching and they did take leave of the people and did continue their journey northward. And they did rejoice in the Spirit of the Lord for the great success they did have with the people. And it came to pass that as they continued their journey they came upon another place of people. And they did approach the people and they did speak unto them in a similar manner as before. But behold the people of this place were hard in their hearts. And they did reject the sayings of Gubir and Jaresh. Or rather they did reject the word of the Lord as spoken by Gubir and Jaresh. And they did gather in the center of the people. And they attempted to speak unto the people to bring them to a knowledge of God. But behold the people were angered with them and did smite them with stones and sticks. And Gubir and Jaresh did flee from the people into the forest.
And they fled away from the people and made camp deep in the forest. And Gubir spoke unto Jaresh saying, How be it that we being messengers of God cannot bring the people of this land unto God? And Jaresh spoke saying, Do you not know that it is not our purpose to bring people to God. Rather it is our purpose to preach repentance and faith in God. For people must come unto God according to their own will, for no man can force another to a belief in God. And Gubir spake saying, How can it be than God would permit these people to live without a knowledge of Him. Is He not an all powerful God? And Jaresh rebuked him saying, O, you foolish man. Know you not the word of God? And he spake unto him after this manner. And Gubir and Jaresh did become angry with one another. And they did argue concerning the Word of God and behold because of their contention the Spirit of God did cease to be with them. And behold they took up their camp and continued northeastward. And they were angered with each other and did not speak. But they knew that they must remain together and they did so.
And behold they came unto a city of people and they came into the boundaries of the city. And they did attempt to preach the gospel unto the people. But behold because of their contention they could not teach. And their words were not strong. And behold they knew that they had lost the Spirit, because of their contention. And behold they did leave the bounds of the city and did resign themselves to the forest. And behold Gubir and Jaresh did apologize one to another. And they prayed unto God and fasted many days. And they did so that they might be forgiven of their sins. And the Spirit of God again came unto them and witnessed unto them that God had forgiven their sins. And Yea, they did return again unto the city. And they taught the people with much success. 
And on the fifteenth day of their preaching within the city they did awake and continue to preach unto the people. And behold a man named, Kubal did come near unto them. And he spoke saying, You are believers in God. Wherefore I have not seen any god. So prove unto me that there is a God that I might believe in Him. For in all my life I have never seen a god. And they say that the trees and plants do grow because of the power of a god. But behold do not the trees and plants grow because of the sun and of the dirt and of water? And is the sun god? And is the dirt god? And is water god? Wherefore I know of you and your beliefs and I know that you do believe in one God. Therefor those things cannot be God unless you do lie concerning your beliefs. And in man I see no God. For do we not descend from the ancients who inhabited our land and the lands round about? Wherefore God hath not made man from two. So prove unto me that there is a God that I might believe in Him. And Jaresh did look upon the man and did see the darkness of the countenance of the man. And he knew that the man had no desire to believe, but to weaken that faith of the people. And he spoke unto Kubal, O, you wicked man, for you do not desire to know God. For you seek only to prove that there is no God. And there is nothing that we may show unto you that will cause you to believe. And yea it is true with many men. For those who say, I will not believe until there is a proof, will never overcome their doubts. For there shall never be sufficient proof unto them. And those who shall say, I believe and there is nothing that shall disprove my belief, they do fool themselves, for they close their eyes to the world. But those who say, I shall examine my belief, and my world, and I shall seek to find the truth and I shall learn new things, and I will not harden my hard to knowledge, these are they who are righteous and have a true understanding. For what man can know all things? Yea, any man must learn those things that come unto him and improve his knowledge. And Kubal spoke unto the people, Behold these man cannot prove that there is a God. And they do seek instead to speak vile things against me. And they do this to fool you into believing that I am in error. Wherefore hearken unto me and learn the truth of the world that there is no God. And if you believe these things you shall not be fools and you shall be free. And Jaresh spoke, Kubal, I have spoken unto you, and you know that there is nothing that shall be proof enough for you. Wherefore I ask you, what shall be proof enough for you that if you shall see it then you will never doubt. And Kubal thought for a short time and spoke, Anything that shall show that God exists shall be proof enough. And Gubir spoke saying, Why is it required that God prove himself unto you or unto these people? For you speak unto us and unto these people as if it be required that all men should know that there is a God. And Kubal spoke saying, Doth not God require mankind to worship Him? And yea, if he shall prove himself unto me I shall be a strong worshiper. And Gubir spake again saying, O, fool, you do not understand God. For you do build God in your own image and then ask your false god to prove himself unto you. For if you did truly desire to know God you would come unto Him. And follow his commandments, and obey his word. And then will God begin to show himself unto you.
Now Kubal saw that they had turned his words against him and he did change his speaking for he did still desire to gain control over the people. And he did speak, saying, I have read the great scroll and the words of the prophets. And they did make me fearful for the God that is spoken of therein is an evil God for he doth grow angered and he doth kill and command some to kill. And if your God be a true God that loveth all man how can it be that there are hardships? Wherefore how can a true God allow men to kill other men? And Jaresh spoke unto him, if you have read the words of the prophets then you do not understand them. For God hath brought men into the world to learn and be tried. And how can it be that men would be proven if God should prevent them from enduring hardship? And how can God be a just God if he should bring his hand into the lives of those with hardship, but not into the lives of those who do not have a hardship? For God will bring blessings on both the righteous and the wicked, on both the poor and the rich, on both the young and the old, on both the people of Suran and the tribes of the outsiders. And those eternal rewards shall come only to those who shall prove themselves. And after Gubir and Jaresh spoke many more things Kubal was confounded in his speaking. And he did look about him at those people who were gathered around. And he did flee into the forest, for he was ashamed. And Gubir and Jaresh preached unto the people and every man and woman was brought unto God, and there were none who did not believe. And after many years Gubir and Jaresh did depart the land and did take their travels northward even until they did arrive at the sea of Wayin. And it came to pass that Gubir and Jaresh did fashion a boat out of bamboo that they might cross the sea to the islands in the north. Now after many days of gathering food and water they did set sail into the north. And they did sail for many days and did pass by many islands. And they did land upon a large island in the north. And it came to pass that Gubir and Jaresh did disembark from their boat. And they did journey into the land. Now as they did this they found a village. And the people there were kind unto them and they did rejoice at the sight of Gubir and Jaresh. And one of the village, a woman, did approach Gubir and Jaresh. And she spoke unto them and they could understand her words. For she spoke unto them saying, My friends, I see that you have come. For behold your coming was prophesied unto me by an angel. And I have spoken these things unto these people and they did believe them. No come and teach us of the message which you have been commanded to give us. Now this woman’s name was Holingu. And Gubir and Jaresh were amazed at what Holingu has spoken unto them. And they did teach unto the people concerning the coming of the Christ and the law which they had received. And the people did believe all that they were taught. Now I do record this because Holingu did travel with Gubir and Jaresh to the large northern island. For she was the shamanka of the Ibata people. And she did commune with those spirits which did speak to her. Now because of the angel which had visited her she taught the people. And their hearts were prepared to receive the words of Gubir and Jaresh. And she did also cause that a boat should be prepared that they might travel to the northern island. And this she did that she might travel with Gubir and Jaresh.
And it came to pass that after several days journey they did arrive at the shores of the northern island. And they did venture forth upon the land. Now as they did walk along the beach they heard a sound. Now the sound they heard were the people of the island. And they did charge forth with their weapons, and with their might that they would capture Gubir, and Jaresh, and Holingu. Now these warriors of the island did chase then along the beach towards their boat. And it came to pass that the warriors did lay their hands upon them. Now they did capture them, and they bound them with chords. Now behold they did carry them forth to their village. And it came to pass that the warriors did take Holingu to the abode of the king. For there was a king who did reign over their tribe and his name was Oram. Now behold Gubir and Jaresh were bound and kept within the village.
And after many days a woman in the village did take compassion upon them. And she did give unto them food and drink, that they would not perish. And the woman did teach unto them the language of their people. Wherefore they were held prisoner within the village for the space of one and a half years. And this was the seventh year of the reign of King Oram. And in this year King Oram did have a vision come unto him in a dream. And this dream did greatly confuse King Oram. Therefore he did call forth all the wise men in his kingdom. And he did hold council together with them, and during this council he spake his dream unto them. And his dream did confound some of these wise men. And others said, Behold it is simply the imaginings of your mind. And yet others, determined to give the king a meaning, did imagine their own meanings to the dream. Wherefore the King did know that these were imaginings because of their complexity and of their confusions. And it came to pass that while Gubir and Jaresh were bound within the village, they did hear concerning the dream of the king. Wherefore they did hear because the news of it did spread through all of the tribe. And they spake one to another saying, Let us go forth unto the King, for we are servants of the Lord. And surely He will reveal the meaning of the King’s dream unto us. And so it shall be so that the King may come unto the path of the Lord. Wherefore Gubir and Jaresh did proclaim unto the warriors that they knew the meaning of the dream of the king and they did request a meeting with the King. Now because of the distress of the king they were taken before him that he might hear their words. Wherefore they did enter unto the chambers of the King and did speak unto him saying, King Oram we have heard of they dream and that it has troubled your mind greatly. We believe that the meaning of your dream will come unto us through the power of God. And the King being an unbeliever did see fit to test them. Wherefore he did separate Gubir and Jaresh. And he did this so that he could ask them each for the interpretation of his dream and if the interpretations thereof did match then they truly did come from God. However if the interpretations differed, even to the slightest degree, then they were not from God and would be put to death. For he thought that they might be warriors sent from another kingdom to kill him and his people. Now King Oram did speak of his dream to Gubir. And behold Gubir did give a meaning thereof. And behold King Oram did then go into the house were Jaresh was. And he did divulge his dream to Jaresh. Now this was the vision which was given unto King Oram in a dream. For he did see a young water buffalo grazing in a field. And from a great distance a white snake did approach the young water buffalo. And as he watched he did see the white snake begin to coil around the water buffalo. And as the snake did begin to coil around the water buffalo, the water buffalo did begin to fight. But inasmuch as the young water buffalo did fight, the white snake continued to ensnare the water buffalo with its coils. And behold the water buffalo did remain ensnared in the snakes coils for many years. And he did also see in his dream a great eagle descended upon the snake. Wherefore the eagle and the snake did do battle even until the snake was defeated and did leave the water buffalo and flee. And after a time a large dragon did attack both the great eagle and the young water buffalo. And it came to pass that the large dragon did spread its wings and cause the great eagle to flee. And it came to pass that the great eagle did make a vow to the young water buffalo that it would return. After a short time he did see the great eagle return and it drove the dragon away across the seas. Wherefore the great eagle did stay with the young water buffalo and did nurture and help it. Then King Oram did look again and the great eagle returned to its land across the sea. And after the eagle had left, the strong water buffalo did become weak and thin insomuch as it was near death. Wherefore he saw the dying water buffalo and it found a scroll and it did eat the scroll. Wherefore after the water buffalo partook of the scroll it arose and gained great strength even so much strength that it grew and dominated the regions round about. And he saw it dominate the tail of the great eagle, and it dominated the claws of the large dragon, and it dominated the tail of the white snake. And these are the things that King Oram did see in his dream. Yea he was greatly confused by this dream.
And Jaresh prayed in his heart to know the meaning of these things. And he pondered for a time. And after pondering he did speak unto King Oram saying, This dream which you have seen speaketh of the future of the lands southward. For this whole land shall become part of the Kingdom of God. And the lands southward shall be the center part of the Kingdom. And many people of your kingdom shall become inhabitants of that land. And this dream doth concern them. For behold the creatures in this dream do symbolize specific kingdoms. For the young water buffalo doth symbolize that region of land southward. And in the future a kingdom shall come into those lands from a great distance away. And they shall seize power in the lands southward. And the people of the lands southward shall fight but the foreign kingdom shall take power in the land. And this kingdom shall retain power over the lands southward for a great many years. And after this time another kingdom shall come, which is symbolized by the eagle, Yea the people of this kingdom do rally behind the symbol of an eagle. And this kingdom shall come unto the lands southward and shall take power from them. And the kingdom of the eagle shall have power over the lands southward. And after some years a third kingdom which is symbolized by dragon, shall attack the lands southward under the control of the kingdom of the eagle. And the third kingdom shall cast out the nation of the eagle and take power over the lands southward. And the dragon shall gain power in other islands for this is what is meant by the wings spreading. And there shall be one among the forces of the kingdom of the eagle which before fleeing the lands southward shall vow to return unto those lands. And there shall be a time when the kingdom of the eagle shall return to the lands southward and they shall drive the third kingdom out of those lands. And they shall establish a rule in the lands southward. And they shall organize a kingdom of the native people of those lands. And thus shall the people of the lands southward be nurtured. And the time shall come when the kingdom of the eagle will leave and return to their own land. And the power of the kingdom in the lands southward shall be retained in the hands of those native peoples. And the people who control the kingdom shall make foolish mistakes. And they shall lead the kingdom to near destruction. And there shall come a record among the people which is symbolized by the scroll. And the people of the lands southward shall take up this record and accept it. And they who accept the record shall become a mighty and strong people. And they shall gain so much power that they shall gain control beyond their borders. Yea even the people of this land shall be united as part of the kingdom. And this kingdom shall have so much power that they shall gain control over a portion of land in the kingdom of the eagle. And they shall gain control over a small portion of land in the third kingdom. They shall also gain control over a portion of land in the first kingdom. And this is what is meant by those things that you have seen in your dream. And King Oram stood silent, and he did not speak a word. For he was amazed that Gubir and Jaresh spoke the same things. And He knew that this must mean they were truly guided by their God. And it came to pass that King Oram did flee from the presence of Jaresh. And after the space of many hours he did order that Gubir and Jaresh be brought unto him. And he spake unto them saying, You know not of my plans concerning you. For I had commanded that if your interpretations of my dream be different then I would know that you were not guided by your God and that you were spies sent to kill me. And I commanded that if it be so, you should be killed. But behold your interpretations of my dream did not vary even in the slightest degree. And when I heard this I did flee into the forest and did cry. For I knew that what you have spoken is true. But even more I know that you do speak for God. And His words do come from your mouths. Now I would ask of you to teach unto me the ways of God. And I will command my entire kingdom to obey them. And we shall all obey God according to your words. And Gubir spoke saying, It cannot be, for a man must gain his own witness of the truthfulness of these words. For if a man is forced unto belief, he doth not truly believe. Wherefore command that our words should be carried unto all your people that they may read them and learn for themselves. And King Oram did command it.
And Jaresh spoke saying, what know you of God? And King Oram spoke saying, I know that there is a great God which doth rule in the skies. And He hath power over all things. But of the ways or nature of this God I know not. And Jaresh spoke saying, what you say is true. There is a great God and unto us there are no other gods beside Him. For He hath no equal, nor a parent, nor a child. For He alone is our God. But behold the nature of God is like unto that of man. For he hath being and substance, and all of us are his children. And King Oram spake, How can this be? For you have said He hath no children. Do you seek to fool me for my lack of understanding? And Gubir spoke saying, We do not seek to fool you. For what Jaresh hath spoken is true. There is only one God whom we worship. And He does not have children whom we worship, but that doth not mean he hath no children. And He doth not have a parent whom we worship, but that doth not mean that he hath no parent. And it doth mean that there are none of those others whom we worship. For behold we are children of God in the spirit, and our flesh comes from the earth. And unto those who follow His Law we shall grow like unto our Father, for that is our nature. And He doth have power over all things, in the earth and under it, and in the sea, and in the sky, and even in the Heavens. And Jaresh did begin speaking, saying, But behold we do look forward to a time when God shall raise up a prophet in the world. And this prophet shall go forth and teach the laws of His father. And He shall atone for the sins of all men. For it is not possible that any man should atone save He be from God. For the nature of His flesh shall come from God and also from the earth. And it shall be so that He may suffer for the sins of all man, but He shall not die until the time appointed. And He shall seem unto many to be God. For He shall do the will of the Father. And He shall do nothing of His own will save He shall follow the Father. And thus He shall be like unto the Father and He shall be the Father for when one shall look upon Him they shall see the Father. And it has been spoken unto us that he shall be born in a land far from here. And he shall not come unto us until the time appointed. And King Oram spoke unto Gubir and Jaresh saying, Why doth this prophet come? For you have said He shall save man from their sins. So I ask why doth man need saved from sins? And Gubir spoke, Knowest though the creation of the world? And King Oram said, Nay. And Gubir spoke saying, God did create the world and all things therein, And he did create all His children. And two of His children He did create bodies for, upon the earth. And He placed the spirits of these children into those bodies. And he placed these souls into the prefect creation that was a garden. And outside of the garden was an imperfect world. And behold God commanded those children being one male and one female, to have children, and fill again the earth. But they could not do this for they were perfect being created by the hand of God. And King Oram did question Gubir and Jaresh, saying, How could it be that God commanded them to have children when it was not possible for them to do so? Surely a perfect God knoweth that they cannot have children. And Gubir spoke, You ask correctly, for this thing doth confound many men. God did command them thus for it was their purpose to come into the earth to bear children that the Spirits created by God might become souls. But because of their nature they could not do so. Wherefore it must needs be that they attain an imperfect state. And God could not create them in an imperfect state for such would be a punishment unto them. And at no time doth God punish except a man hath committed a sin. And God did create also a tree in that perfect garden that by eating the fruit of which would bring a knowledge of good and evil. For because of their state the man and woman were innocent and knew not good nor evil. And God did command them not to eat of that fruit. For if they should eat of that fruit they would become corrupted and fallen. And God did command such for if He commanded them to eat of the fruit they would receive a punishment. And God punishing no man who shall follow His commandment. Wherefore He must have forbidden them from eating of the fruit. And after a time the woman did eat of the fruit of that tree insomuch that she might have a knowledge like unto God even a knowledge of good and evil. And behold the women knew that their purpose in coming to this earth was to attain those attributes that they might dwell in the presence of God, for God had taught these things unto her. And she knew that because of what she had done she must die. And she went unto her husband and told him what had happened. And he also ate of the fruit for he knew that if he did not they could not fulfill the commandment of God to have children, for she would die. And because they partook of the fruit they did fall. And they could no longer live in the prefect garden and God did cast them out. And they became imperfect and prone to sin. And it is because of this that all men sin. And all men must be saved from their sins. For to return to live with God after this life, we must be sinless and perfect. For nothing dirty can live with God. And we cannot be sinless and perfect through our own actions. Rather it is through the atonement of that one who must come. For he shall be sinless and mighty, and in him we shall live. Now King Oram did know that what Gubir had spoken was the truth.
Now Jaresh again spoke, saying, Now you must know O, King, that the prophet who will save, shall save only those who will believe in Him. Wherefore He shall atone for all sins, but only those who believe in Him shall be saved. And they who are saved shall obey His words. And King Oram pondered this and spoke, saying, What must I do to believe and obey? And Jaresh spoke, You must believe that He shall come. And because of your faith and belief in Him you must obey His commandments. And He has commanded that we should repent of our sins. Know you what it means to repent? And King Oram said, Nay. And Jaresh spoke saying, to repent means to reject and turn away from your sins. For if you sin you must correct that error. And you must never again turn unto that sin. Wherefore you must repent all your life, for it is impossible that a man should go without sinning. And as you repent you must be baptized in water and of the Spirit. And this should be done to covenant unto Christ that you will believe in Him and obey Him and do all that he should command. For washing is a symbol of the death of your life and a rebirth of a new life in the Lord. And after doing these things you go shall into the temple and offer sacrifice.
And we have spoken unto you concerning the washing of water. For the washing by water is a covenant between man and God. And it is also a symbol. For a man who is washed of water shall covenant unto God to follow His commandments. And he shall go down into the water. And he shall stand in the water. And he shall be submerged in the water by a man who hath been ordained after that holy order. And he shall shortly be brought up out of the water. And thus shall be the symbol. For when a man is submerged under the water this doth represent the death of his wicked soul. And when he cometh forth out of the water this doth represent the birth of his righteous soul. And thus it shall be that every man must be born again. And there is also the washing of the Spirit. And the washing of the Spirit shall occur when the Holy Spirit cometh upon a man and remain with him. And he shall receive gifts that the Spirit shall bestow. And some may receive words of wisdom. And others may receive words of knowledge. And another may receive faith. And another may receive gifts of healing. And another may receive the power to work miracles. And another may receive the gift of prophecy. And another may receive the gift to discern between good and evil spirits. And another may receive the gift of speaking languages. And another may receive the gift of interpreting languages. And all of these gifts come from the washing of the Spirit according to the abilities of man.
And they did teach the king many more things. And he did accept their words and was converted unto God. And the Spirit did speak unto his heart and thus he was converted. And behold that as King Oram had ordered the words which Gubir and Jaresh had spoken were spread in the land. And many people did come unto the Laws of God. And the land did begin to become righteous. And it came to pass that Gubir and Jaresh did remain in the land for many years and did preach among the people. And after this time they did return to their homes. And Arakim the father of Jaresh, and Lekim, the father of Gubir did rejoice exceedingly for the great works which God has caused their children to perform. And the things which they did they caused to be written. And thus we can see that the Lord’s promise was fulfilled unto Lekim of whom Ahkman spoke. For his son Gubir did go forth and proclaim the Word of the Lord with a loud voice. And he did bring many souls unto God.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading this book of the journeys of gubir and jaresh, such comforting teachings and reminders of what is of greatest worth in this life.

  2. Certainly some inspiring lessons and reminders taught in this book.

  3. Aside from the added clarity of their teachings, my favorite part is how they learn the principle, "If you receive not the Spirit, you shall not teach." We can't be about the Father's business if we have enmity, animosity, or anything but the best of feelings between us and our fellow men.