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A History of the Discovery and Translation of the Aklatan

On June 22, 1986 I was visiting my family in Dagupan. I had taken some time to walk to the beach to view the ocean I had missed so much. While walking along the beach I suddenly stopped and I saw a vision. In the vision I saw a cave with rocks covering the entrance. Then I saw the inside of the cave and there was a large stone with a strange object on top. It looked like a stack of rusted copper plates. In my vision I then saw the location of the cave. Now I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, but I’ve never had an experience like this before. I walked back to my family’s house and told my family about the vision. They said it was a special experience from God. I decided to travel to the location of the cave and see if it really existed.

On June 23, 1986 I prepared for my journey by gathering equipment and my camera. I took a bus to the town closest to the mountain where the cave was. I hired a tricycle to take me as far as I could go. I then started hiking into the mountains. I believe God helped guide me through the forest. After three hours of hiking I found the location of the cave. Even though I had been hiking for so long after I saw the rocks covering the cave I was so excited that I started pulling rocks away. I realized though that there were too many rocks in the way. But I felt a strong feeling come over me to leave. I placed a few rocks to mark the entrance of the cave if I would return. I hiked back down the mountain. When I reached the trail I saw someone waiting where I had been dropped off. He was an American and he approached me. He said to me that his name was Oleeha, and that God had told him to meet me here. He told me that he knew I was interested in archeology and that I had come here for a special reason. He said it was good I came because God had caused me to do so. I thought it was very strange that he knew about what had happened. Oleeha said that God had given him gifts to translate ancient records and that he was sent to aid me in translating the record I had seen in my vision. He told me I had an important work to do and that I should pray to God to have the strength to do this work. He told me not to let anyone else know the location of the cave. I told him I wanted to see the copper sheets so that I could take them to a university to get them tested, but he told me not to do it, but God has appointed a time when the sheets can be tested. He told me not to come back to the cave until an appointed time. I told him that I was very skeptical of what he was saying, I asked him how he knew all these things? If it wasn’t for the vision I had earlier I would have thought this was all a hoax. He told me to do just one thing, wait. He told me to wait for three months. I should not discuss these things for three months and if something miraculous doesn’t happen in three months then I could do whatever I wanted with the cave. I told him I would do that. As we walked we talked for a time and he asked me about my faith, and my belief in Christ. After we arrived back at the town he said he needed to leave. He told me he would explain some more things to me at a later time. When I asked how he would know where to find me he simply said, “God will show me.” He walked away from me and down a street.

I was asleep on the night of September 20, 1986 I saw a bright light, and out of this bright light came a man. I have never seen anything so bright in my whole life. And when I could make out the features of the man I knew that I was looking upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

I covered my face in shame because I knew that I had many sins and that I was not worthy to be in His presence. But suddenly I felt an intense love envelop me.

He approached me and spoke my name. He said, “My faithful servant, hide not your face from me. And be not ashamed for I have washed your sins away with my blood.”

I looked up at him, He told me to stand up, and I did. He said, “Come, feel the wounds in my hands and in my feet and in my side and know that I am he who was crucified for the sins of the world.” I wept as I felt the holes in His hands and in His side.

I asked him, “Why have you come to me?” He said, “I have come to call you to a special mission. For you shall be like unto Paul who was called as an apostle unto the gentiles. Wherefore he was not called to stand with my twelve Apostles but was called to stand in his own appointed place. So it shall be with you. Wherefore you shall preach and serve among my people among the isles of the sea, who have been prepared and preserved for a great and special purpose. Do not claim more authority than thou hast been given and beware of pride.”

He continued to speak, “You have also been prepared for a great work which you will soon bring forth among my people. My Spirit hath come upon you at times and inspired your mind. Now I say unto you that this work that you shall bring forth is a record of the people of isles of the sea whom I have caused to be preserved upon the land, and to come unto you. This record does contain a witness of the works of the Father among them. And it doth witness that His hand of protection is over them insomuch as they shall hearken unto His voice.”

He spoke some more, “Now behold, you shall be prepared for this mission and my servants shall minister unto you and cause that you should be prepared for this great purpose. And my servant Oleeha shall help you in translating this ancient work.”

After he finished speaking to me I said, “I have tried all my life to live by your commandments. And I know that I am imperfect and I am a sinner. But anything that you will command me to do I will do.”

He spoke again and said, “It is good, for not every person who shall say unto me, Lord, Lord, We believe, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. But he who doest the will of My Father, who is in Heaven, shall enter. And many shall say unto me, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name cast out devils, and in your name done many wonderful works? And I shall say unto them, I have never known you, leave me. All those who hear my words and doeth them, he shall be like unto a wise man who built is home upon a solid stone. And when the storms came and flooded the land, it stayed strong, for it had a strong foundation. And all those who hear my words and do not do them, he shall be like a foolish man who built his home upon the sand. And when the storms came and flooded the land, it fell and was demolished.”

He continued, “Now I give unto you a mission. And the mission I have brought for you is that you should prepare the way for the people of Isles of the sea to become a great and prosperous people. For I have made a covenant with those people in ancient times and my Father hath commanded me to bring them again to a remembrance of that covenant. And I covenanted that they should become a mighty people. I will cause that a kingdom should be established in these islands. And you should gather people through the book which I will cause you to write. And you shall preach the gospel from the Bible, and all my Holy Words.”

“I will show unto you the lands of the Kingdom you must establish. For the islands which I shall show you are a land of inheritance to those people of this covenant. Come.”

When he said this it was as if I was flying in the sky. It was like I was hovering above the ground and I could see my homeland (the Philippines).

The Lord spoke unto me again saying, “These shall be the boundaries of the Kingdom upon these islands. Starting from this land (the island of Luzon) the boundaries do include this large island. And there is a large island in the north (Taiwan), it is also part of the Kingdom. And there are small islands between these two large islands and they too are part of the Kingdom. And there is one large island in the south (Mindanao) and many islands between this land and that one all of those are in the Kingdom (Visayas). And there is also a long thin island in the west (Palawan), it too, and also the many small islands in the west are part of the kingdom.”

“Now every small island between the long island and the large island in the north, even every one which is near unto the shore of the Asian Continent is for the Kingdom. And also there is a very large island in the southwest (Borneo). And it and all the islands between this land and the south island (Mindanao) are in my Kingdom.”

“And there are many small islands south of the southern island. And these shall be in the kingdom until you come unto the larger islands in the south. These larger islands shall not be immediately counted as part of the kingdom, but if they desire to be counted they may. And the most southern of these small islands shall be the southern border. And the northern most point of the large northern island (Taiwan) shall be the northern border.”

“And with these two as the border you shall travel east until you come to an island were there is an ancient ruin (Ponape). And this island shall be the eastern border. And all those islands within this boundary northward, eastward, southward, and westward shall be in the Kingdom. And if any lands that I have not spoken shall desire to unite with the kingdom in this land they may do so. But it is not needful that every land join for I have established many kingdoms in many lands each according to the people therein. And the time shall come that they all shall come unto me and be united as one. But until the time that I shall return in great glory there shall be many kingdoms.”

“And behold any man or nation who shall use their power to keep these lands from their special purpose which has been prepared for them, shall be cast down and trodden upon. And they shall lose their power. For these lands were given by my Father to be preserved as an inheritance for the gentiles who shall be bound through a remnant of the Tribes of Israel. For I do remember my covenant with Israel and also my promise unto the Gentiles.”

I asked Him, “How can I do these things? I’m not rich and I don’t have power over others.”

The Lord said, “Those things you need, to accomplish this purpose, will be given unto you. And the way will be prepared for you. And as concerning riches you shall not be rich in the things of the world. And those things that you now possess you shall sell and give the money to the poor. And if you cannot do this you will be cast off and the work will be given unto another. But if you do this thing and do it with a grateful heart, rejoicing, then you will receive a greater reward in heaven. And the record you shall bring forth shall be done for the benefit of all those who reside in these lands. And you shall not charge money for it save it be for the cost of publishing this book when the time shall come to do so.”

“Now you have also inquired concerning your power over others. Wherefore I speak unto you saying you shall have no power over another man save it be given unto you by God. Wherefore any power you gain does not come from your own strength but it comes from the strength of God. And do not trust in the arm of flesh, for the arm of flesh is weak and must surely fail. But trust in the arm of God, for it can never fail and will uplift you for all eternity.”

“Now you shall spread this work forth, first among the weak and poor. And they will gather strength from this work. And you shall gather their strength together. For even though they may seem weak in the eyes of the mighty and even in their own eyes, they have much strength. Then after you have gathered the strength of the weak and poor then you shall find those who are pure in heart among the rich. And you shall appoint those among you to be your leaders. Now here is wisdom, do not appoint any man to be a leader who desires that position. For a man that desires power over others is a wicked and prideful man. Wherefore appoint those who are humble and meek and strong in the ways of God. Appoint them who do not walk to be seen and praised of men, but appoint those who walk uprightly before me. And they will be those who shall lead this kingdom.”

“Now I have spoken concerning the publishing of this work. For when you bring forth this work you shall record it upon sheets of paper. And you shall carry this record with you whithersoever you shall travel. And you shall preach the words of this book to the people for a time. And after this time even five years you shall commence another work of translation. And these things you shall preserve for a future time. Wherefore the first record you shall translate, which is a record of my people among these islands, you shall publish after the space of twenty years. And you shall bring it forth among the people so that all the people of these islands shall read it. And it will shine forth as a light. And I will prepare the way that it may be published.”

“Wherefore when it shall be published you shall only publish a small portion of it. And if My people shall receive it with glad hearts, and do all the things I shall command them through you; then you shall publish more of the record. Even until all the record shall be published. And this you shall do wherein it shall be appointed unto you.”

After he said these things I asked Him, “Lord, why have You commanded me to write these things. Doesn’t the Bible contain all your word?”

He said to me, “It is true that the Bible does contain my word, it is good and pure, except for those errors which have been transmitted by the hands of men. But behold I have spoken unto many nations and many people. And these too are my Word. For any word that proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God is my Word. And there is no limit or end to my Word. For have you not read the words of my servant who did write? For if all of those things which I have done should be written then the world could not contain the books. Now behold the Bible does contain a record of my Words and works. And I have caused that the Bible should be made to preserve some of my Words. But there have been many things which are lost because they were not preserved therein because of the weakness of men. And there are many writings that are true that are not preserved in the Bible.

“For did I not teach from the Book of Enoch and cause that my servants should learn from it, but behold it is not found within the pages of the Bible. But think not that the Bible is weak or inferior, for because of it many have been brought unto the ways of righteousness. And it shall stand forever as the foundation and measuring rule of my Word.”

“But any man who preaches that the Bible alone contains all my Words preaches a gospel which is different than that which I taught. For the works of God have been manifest throughout all the world and shall be made known through the books and records of the world. Know they not that I did not teach from the Bible, Nor did my apostles teach from the Bible. For there was no Bible. But we taught from the scriptures, many of which are not contained in the Bible. And he who sayeth, I shall only accept the Bible, doth follow the evil one and in doing so doth commit a grave sin. For behold my words are pure and holy for they are the words of my Father. But Satan doth lie to men that they might be led by him to Hell. Wherefore my servant, read the words in the Bible for they are good, but be not afraid to read those other books which do contain my word.”

After this I asked him, “How will I know which books contain your word?”

Then He answered me, “The Holy Spirit shall show them unto you. For it is through the Spirit that you shall know true things. But I speak not of physical truth for physical truth can only be determined through physical means. But I speak of spiritual truth, for spiritual truth can only be determined through spiritual means. And man cannot prove spiritual things through physical means. But if men will not accept the words I give unto you spiritually, I will give unto them a physical means to accept them. Now I give unto you a command. You shall read the words of Ezekiel written in the record of the Jews. And read those chapters forty through forty-eight. And as you read them I will show unto your mind the meaning thereof. And you shall include the words of Ezekiel in your writings, even at the beginning of the record which you shall translate. And this you shall do for a special purpose.”

“And now I teach you this, that there is but one Lord, and one Faith, and one Baptism. And there is but One God who is the Father of all things, who is master of all things. But I teach you this thing as my servants have taught, Every man differeth in his degree of grace. For every man differeth from his neighbor and not one man is alike. And grace has been given unto each according to his degree. And I have given people to give my word unto men. For unto some I have given apostles, and unto others I have given prophets, and unto others I have given evangelists, and unto others pastors, and teachers. For not all men shall come unto my Word equally, for every man differeth in his understanding. And I have given such, that many understandings may increase in knowledge and wisdom and become perfect. And I have also given such, that many understandings may work abroad in the lands to spread forth my Word and my works. And I have given such understandings that many may be uplifted according to his degree. For is it not better that a teacher should teach so that many may be uplifted rather than a few. And I have given such as the pattern until such a time shall come that all those who believe in me shall be unified, and come unto a more perfect knowledge of me. And then shall men be safe from the deceptions of wicked men. And from false doctrines. And they shall speak truth and love. And they shall grow closer unto me. For behold I am the head of the body. And how can the body be without the head. Nor without any part for all worketh together for the perfection of all.”

“For the kingdom of heaven is like a man who travels in a distant land, and he gathered his servants and charged them with the keeping of his property. And unto the first he gave five pieces of gold, and unto the second he gave two pieces of gold, and unto the third he gave one piece of gold. And he gave unto every man according to his degree. And he departed on his travels. And the first who had five pieces did go into the market and traded and had an increase of five pieces of gold. And in a similar manner the second who had two pieces did go into the market and traded and had an increase of two pieces of gold. But behold the third who had one piece of gold did dig a hole and he placed the gold therein and covered it with earth. And the property was hid up. And after a time the man did return from his travel and met with his servants. And the first who had been given five pieces came forward and brought the increase of five pieces. And he spoke saying, Master, you did give unto me five pieces of gold and I did go and gain an increase of another five. And the man said unto him, You have done well, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things. Come, and enter into the joy of your lord. And the second who had been given two pieces came forward and brought the increase of two pieces. And he spoke saying, Master, you did give unto me two pieces of gold and I did go and gain an increase of another two. And the man said unto him, You have done well, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things. Come, and enter into the joy of your lord. And the third who had been given one piece came forward and he spoke saying, Master, I know you are a strict man. And you do work for an increase in all things. And I was afraid I would lose your one piece in the markets. Wherefore I did hide the piece that it would be safe. And I give unto you your property. And the man spoke unto him saying, You wicked and lazy servant. You did know that I do work for an increase. And you should have given the one piece to those traders and then when I returned I would have an increase. Now take the piece from him and give it unto he who has ten pieces.”

“For all of those who have been given according to their degree and they bring an increase they shall have a great amount. But those who are given according to their degree and they increase not, they shall lose that which they were given. And send the third servant to the place of darkness.”

“You know that I came from the land of Jerusalem, and that I have preached my word unto them. And the Father hath commanded me that I should go unto many lands to bring them the Gospel. For I did speak unto them in Jerusalem saying, Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, I must also bring them, and they will hearken unto my voice and there will be one flock and one shepherd. But many of those people did not understand my words for many believed I spoke concerning the gentiles in their land. But they understood me not. For I spoke unto them concerning the other Tribes that my Father hath led away out of the land. And the people of those islands which you have seen are among those people unto whom my works have been done. And there are also other sheep which are not in that land. For there were also sheep in many other lands. For there are many more lands and there are even many more worlds. And I have been commanded that I should go unto them. And they shall hearken unto my voice and there will be one fold and one shepherd.”

“And I give unto you a commandment to write all these things which I have spoken unto you. And they shall stay in your memory until you have written them. And this you shall do so that those who reside in the islands which you have seen shall know that they are my children and that I have made a covenant with them. And they should also know that I had visited them in ancient times. And at the appointed time Oleeha shall return and aid you in translating the record of which I have spoken. And this record does speak concerning the time when I came unto the people of the islands. And I have caused this record to have been preserved in the mouth of the cave. I have also caused that you should discover this record. And this that it may come forth among the people and be a guide unto them. And this record shall be proof of the calling I have given unto you. And this will be proof that they may receive a witness of the Holy Spirit. And you shall write these things so that the future generations of these people may come to a knowledge of me, their Redeemer. And they shall be gathered back into the House of Israel. And receive the blessings which I have laid up in store for them.”

“And I speak unto you that my Father hath decreed that the islands which you have seen are given unto the inhabitants of those lands for an inheritance. For behold I am the Lord of all nations and I have established myself as King in all lands and of all people. For they are one of my people. Now spread these words among the people that whosoever shall obey my commandments shall be saved in the last day.”

After Christ finished saying these things he departed. It was very strange because it was just as the Lord said, I could remember everything he said with perfect clarity. But after I wrote these things down the memory began to fade.

On January 25, 1987 I was preaching the bible to the people in Bangued. As I was walking down to the edge of the Abra river to take a rest, three men approached me. They were much taller than me. One of the three men asked me who I was. I told them my name and asked their names. They said they could not tell me their names. But they told me that God has sent them to find me. I was very curious. They next told me that I needed to be baptized and given the priesthood of God. I asked why I needed these things since I was baptized as an infant and I didn’t know about the priesthood they spoke of.

They told me that baptism of infants was a tradition of the Catholic church, but did not come from the teachings of Christ in the Bible. They said that my prior baptism was not sufficient to manifest my faith in Christ, but rather I should be baptized of my own will. Such baptism is the fruit of faith and repentance. They also told me that the priesthood I would receive is the authority and power that I should use in preaching the Word of God among the people of the Philippines.

I accepted their explanation and they told me to remove my clothes and go down into the water of the river. One of the men entered into the river with me and stood by me. He then spoke my name and baptized me in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. He then aided me as I dipped my body into the river so that all my body was covered. After a second or two I stood up and came out of the water.

After these things happened I came out of the river and put my clothes on again. They instructed me to kneel down, and I did. They then placed their hands on my head and one of the other of the three pronounced that the gift of the Holy Ghost should come upon me.

As he did a bright aura of light came over me. I felt a warmth and power. After he was finished I stood up and start speaking a language I could not understand. I could feel the power of God flowing through me and this was the way it manifested itself. After I finished speaking I looked at them and one of them told me that what I spoke was true and the others confirmed it. I don’t know if what I spoke was true because I could not understand it. But it seems that they could.

After this they again told me to kneel down and they put their hands on my head. Then the last of the three pronounced that I should receive the holy priesthood of God. After this they taught me many important things and then left. After which I sat on the bank of the river until the night thinking about the things that happened.

On the night of April 6, 1987 I was reading my bible. I saw something move outside of my window. I went to the door and opened it. The American man Oleeha was standing outside. I invited him inside and he came in. Oleeha told me that the time was here for me to write the record that the Lord commanded me to write. He held out his hands and in them was the stack of sheets I had seen in the cave in my vision. He placed them on the table. He told me to get some paper and a pencil to write with. He told me to copy the first line of symbols from the top sheet. I copied it and then he taught me how to decipher these symbols. After doing this he told me, “This is man’s way of translating. There is an easier way to do it.” He told me to look at the first symbol of the next line. Then he told me to close my eyes and focus on the symbol in my mind. He asked me, what is the strongest word that comes to mind when I focus on the symbol. I told him the word. He then told me to ask God if it is the correct word. I asked God and I felt it was right and I told Oleeha. He said, “Write it down.” I did this for all the symbols of that line. Then Oleeha told me to read what I had written. I saw that it made sense. He then showed me how the symbols translated into exactly what I had written. He told me that I should use God’s method and that later man’s method would later prove that my translation was correct. Oleeha and I worked for hours translating the first sheet of the record.

After this I woke up. I realized I had dreamed the whole thing. I quickly grabbed some paper and wrote down the translation I had made in my dream. Over the next eight months I translated every night. I was able to remember everything I translated until I after I wrote it down. This is the way the copper sheets were translated.

On November 21, 1987 I completed the translations of the last symbols on the back of the last sheet. After I did this I woke up and Oleeha came to my house. I brought him inside and we talked. I told him what had happened. We discussed the events and he knew of the things that had happened to me. He told me what portions of the translation to include in the first publication of the text. He also told me that the book was to be called the Aklatan, and that I must wait before the publication of the Aklatan. He told me that a time will come when the people of the islands will be prepared so that this work will proceed forth. He told me that I must wait twenty years before publishing the Aklatan. I was completely surprised that I needed to wait such a long time. But Oleeha told me that I would be called to commence other works to help bring forth God’s purposes.


  1. This is incredible. Either this is the greatest hoax by someone who knows the LDS religion and history, or this is the greatest thing to happen on earth since Joseph Smith translated the golden plates and brought us the Book of Mormon. I was reflecting on this concept tonight, and it was blowing my mind! What have you stumbled upon, Brad? And what profound things are about to happen??

  2. Don't know. Keep seeking, learning, and preparing...

  3. I felt good while I was reading through the Book of Visions, especially when Christ was speaking. It just felt like it was Him.

  4. Either Elisha is an amazing religious visionary, thinker, and writer, or there's something to it all.