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I, Ruman, am the son of the brother Namwaran, even that same Namwaran who did defend the Kingdom of Tundun and did gather the sacred records of this land. And after the brother of my father had died he was buried in the land he loved. And I did take myself up to find the records which the brother of my father had gathered. And I did journey to the place of his death and searched the land round about. And it came to pass that I did climb an exceedingly high mountain and I found a cave and I did enter into the cave. And behold it was filled with all manner of treasure and records. And Yea I did even find a record which my father had written concerning his dealings upon the land. And I did search the treasures and I did find much gold, and silver, and pearls, and precious jewels. And yea any man who would possess these treasures would become a rich and powerful man. And I did find those sacred articles which had been stored away. But I knew that these treasures were reserved for the Kingdom of God. And I beheld the records which were in the cave And they were numerous, And I did spend many years reading them. And there were many records including the large scroll which was written in part by our forefather Suran. And it did contain his record as well as those writings from the ancient people who did come into this land. And, Yea it did include the writings of Ahkman and many other prophets. And there was also the record of the Strangers, which did come unto us from travelers that came from a land far away. And there was the record of the Ancients, which contained the writings of those men who did populate the world and even those who first came unto these islands. And there was also a record of the great warrior Danku who defended the land. And there were many sacred books revealed unto us by the prophets. And only those of a higher understanding may receive these books. And there were many more records from many prophets and messengers. Yea, insomuch that it took me many years to read all of them. And I did read them and I did read many of all those glorious blessings God had given unto the people of this land when they were righteous. And also those terrible punishments when they had been wicked. And I also read many prophecies concerning the future generations that would inhabit these islands. And that if they would follow the Laws of God given in these records and the other books they will posses then they shall become a mighty, and beautiful, and rich people. And God shall bless them continually. And I also read that there would be a book that shall go forth among them and it shall contain the words of these records. And I did know that it was impossible for all of these records to be made into one book. And yea, it would take many years to read them all. So I Ruman took it upon myself to write the book that should go forth among the people. And I did gather those records which I knew were of the greatest importance. For I did go forth and gather copper that I might melt it. And I did make cuts in the dirt. Now after this I built up a great fire and I did melt the copper in a large bowl. Now after the copper had been melted I did pour it into the cuts in the earth and I did form ingots. Now after I had formed ingots of copper I did hammer them into sheets. And it was upon these sheets that I did write my record that it might come forth in a future time.
And behold my brethren, the children of Suran have fallen from the true path of Christ. And they do worship gods of their own design, or gods of the foreigners who have gained power over our land. And I cannot find any believers left in the land. For they have all died, or been killed, or have fallen from their belief. And I alone retain a belief in the Eternal True God. Now I write this that future generations may come to a knowledge of the true pattern of worship given unto us by Christ. For worship is to show love and devotion unto God. And we should worship God every day of our lives. And at all places and at all times we should remember God and show unto Him devotion. And we should obey his commandments and keep him in our minds. Wherefore we must also worship God on the seventh day. And all those near unto each other should gather together in a house. And they should pray and sing praises unto God. And the elder or priest should expound the scriptures unto all those who shall assemble. And he shall preach unto them the meaning thereof. And the elder or priest shall speak unto the people, and teach them of the laws and commandments of God. And he shall exhort them to be obedient and faithful. And an elder or priest should break bread and offer a prayer of dedication to God. And they shall partake of it as a memorial of the Body of Christ. And all who are present, who have been baptized, and are willing to obey the commandments of Christ of this shall partake of the bread. And those who are not baptized shall not partake of the bread. For those who are not baptized have no covenant with Christ and have no need to partake. And those who are young children are perfect in Christ. For those who partake of this rite and are not baptized, it shall be a condemnation unto them, and they are guilty of a grave sin. Wherefore live always in righteousness. And after all have partaken of the bread an elder or priest should bring forth wine and offer a prayer of dedication to God. And they shall drink as a memorial of the Blood of Christ. And all those who have eaten of the bread and drunken of the wine shall remove their sandals. And the Servants who have delivered the bread and the wine shall wash their feet. And after all have partaken of the bread and wine and washed their feet, those who were forbidden, shall be allowed to return again to their places. And after their worship they should eat of a feast which was prepared for the Sabbath. And this they should do to keep the Holy Day of the Sabbath. And they should eat of the feast in memory of Christ and in a solemn manner. And after the feast all who did attend should return to their homes. And no man should have to travel a great distance to worship on the Sabbath for many churches should be organized. And there should be as many as organized to for the people.
And they shall also worship at the temple. For they shall partake of those rites which are performed within the holy walls of the temple. And they shall do this to show their devotion unto God. And many shall gather together on the Sabbath within the temple and partake of the rites. And I have written earlier in this book of the covenants within the temple. And these things should be done that they may worship God in their lives, in their Sabbaths, and in the temple.
And it came to pass that as I did sit and ponder upon those things which I should write to close this record I heard a sound afar off. And as I sat in the mouth of the cave I saw a man approach from whence the sound came. And he was a most strange man, for he was not like the people of Suran. For behold he was a tall man, and his skin was white. And his did carry a great load in a satchel. And now as he did approach closer the cave in which was resting he called out in a loud voice saying, Ruman, come forth, and speak with a messenger of God. And now behold upon hearing those words I did approached the man. And I did ask the man, How be it that thou knowest my name? And the man said unto me, Behold I know a great many things, for I am a servant of God. And I know all these things through the power of the Almighty. For His power is great, and His knowledge is perfect. And I did inquire Him again saying, Why hast though come unto me, for I am not but a simple man? And the man again spoke unto me saying, Oh, Ruman, behold I am John. That very same John that did walk with Jesus and I am the disciple whom He loved. Now Behold I did marvel exceedingly for more than nine hundred years had passed away since Christ had visited our people. And I did speak unto him again saying, Behold your age must be exceedingly great for the Son of God hath long since been resurrected. And your age must be greater than that of any living man. Upon hearing this John didst again speak unto me saying, Now did Jesus not say unto me: You shall tarry until I come. Wherefore it was appointed unto me to remain upon the Earth until the time of His second coming. Now behold I shall not taste death. But it has been appointed unto me to bring to pass the work of the Father until that time which has been appointed, yea even that time which the angels in heaven do not know. And John did continue to speak unto me, For behold Ruman I did come unto you as commanded by the Almighty God. For I do bring unto you a special record and a witness, that your writings should be accepted by the seed of thy brethren.
And he did show unto me a scroll. And on it was written the words of a vision which John had seen concerning this world. And I did read it. And there were a great many signs, and wonders, and symbols in this vision and I did not read the entire vision, but only that portion which John did show unto me. Now behold, I did not fully understand the meaning of this vision, nevertheless it was like unto that vision which was seen by Katalua. And I did ask him many questions concerning this vision. And I did ask him, what is the crystal sea that was before God’s throne. And he said unto me the crystal sea is the earth. For it shall be come perfected and the world shall be as a means of seeing and they shall look into it and learn the mysteries of the universe. And things shall be made clear. And I asked him, what are the four creatures. And he said unto me, these four creatures are symbols of all of the creatures of the earth. And the calf represents the lowest creatures, And the Lion represents higher creatures, And the eagle represents even greater creatures, And the man represents those intelligent creatures who have dominion. And I asked him, who are the twenty-four people who worship he who sits on the throne. And he said unto me, these are the twelve apostles of Christ. They are also another group of twelve that God shall chose as His apostles who shall preach at the time of the second coming of Christ. And I asked him, what is the book that had seven seals. And he said unto me that it represents the knowledge, will, and works of God but that they are only those things that concern this earth. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the seven seals. And he said unto me that they represent periods of time in the history and future of mankind. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the first seal and the white horse and the man that ruled. And he said unto me that the horse does represent those who do proclaim the words of Christ. And the rider of the horse is Christ insomuch that he, or rather his works, are carried forth by those who proclaim his words. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the fifth seal and the white garments that were given to those slain. And he said unto me, The fifth seal is the time that beginneth with Christ. And it is the time of the first church. And the white garments symbolize that Gospel of Christ which was spread forth among the dead. And I asked him, why must those who were slain wait for a time. And he said unto me, they must wait for those martyrs who live during this time. For once all have been killed and are gathered together they shall being a great work. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the sixth seal and four angels and also the angel from the east. And he said, they are four angels that have been sent out from God to bring the gospel to all nations. They also have power over the earth. And the angel from the east does not represent one person but any who shall bring forth the gospel. And I asked him, who are those one hundred forty-four thousand who shall be sealed. And he said unto me they are twelve thousand men from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. And they shall be gathered at the last days and shall rule in the Kingdom of God. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the seventh seal and also the quiet that shall be in heaven. And he said unto me the seventh seal is the Sabbath of the earth. For this time shall last one thousand years and shall be filled with peace and holiness. But there shall be a time at the beginning that is the cleansing of the earth. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the seven angels with the seven trumpets. And he said unto me, they represent the seven periods of the creation and the seven periods of the earth. For seven is a holy number and thus the angels are seven. And I asked him, what is the small book that was given unto you to eat and why did it change taste. And he said unto me, the book was a commandment unto me to gather the tribes of Israel. And when I first received this commandment it seemed unto me to be a glorious thing. But after I had started the work I saw that it was a very difficult and hard work. And I asked him, what is the temple that you were commanded to measure. And he said unto me, it is the temple that will be built after the pattern given by Ezekiel. And I asked him, why is the holy city trampled under foot. And he said unto me the city shall be conquered and a part of the city shall be destroyed to make way for the building of the Holy City of Jerusalem. And I asked him, who are the two witnesses. And he said unto me, they are two prophets who shall come into the nation and preach the gospel to the inhabitants thereof. They shall also lead the city in defense against those who shall fight against them. I asked him, what is the meaning of the creature. And he said unto me, the creature represents all those who follow the devil. And some are political kingdoms, and some are churches, and some are merchants. And I asked him, what is the meaning of the crystal sea mixed with fire. And he said unto me, the crystal sea mixed with fire does represent the earth at the time of cleansing. For there shall be many who follow the word of God and the evils of the world shall pass over them. And the world shall be unto them as a crystal sea and they shall look into it and learn the mysteries of the universe. And things shall be made clear unto them. But unto the wicked the earth shall be as fire and they shall endure plagues, and evils, and earthquakes, and lightnings, and all manner of affliction. And I asked him, what are the plagues that shall be delivered by the seven angels. And he said unto me, they are seven plagues which shall cleanse the earth of the wicked. And the first shall be poured out upon the dry land. And there shall be a sore which shall go forth among those who have the mark of the creature and those who worship his likeness. And the second shall be poured out upon the seas. And they shall become like the blood of a dead man and he wicked thereon shall die upon the waters. And the third shall be poured out upon rivers and springs. They too shall become as blood, and they shall not be good for drink. And the fourth shall be poured out upon the sun. And the sun shall increase its heat. And many shall be burned with fire because of this. And the fifth shall be poured out upon the throne of the creature. And those who follow him shall be filled with darkness and they shall loose their senses, and they shall bite their tongues with the hope to feel pain. And the sixth shall be poured upon the river Euphrates. And the water shall dry up and it shall be a preparation for a street of Holiness which shall pass through there. And the seventh shall be poured out into the air. And there shall be great earthquakes, and lightnings, and thunderings. And there shall be great hail which shall cause great destruction. And I asked him, who is the false prophet from whom one of the three spirits in the form of frogs come. And he said unto me, he is one who shall come and lead many after false paths. And those who shall live in the seventh seal must be warned of him. And I asked him, what are the three spirits in the form of frogs. And he said unto me, the three spirits are three beliefs that shall go forth among men to bring to pass the will of Satan. And one spirit shall possess a King, and another Spirit shall possess a Priest, and the third spirit shall possess a Prophet. And they shall lead the world in much destruction and wickedness. And I asked him, who is the man who rides upon the white horse and what is the name that no man knows. And he said unto me, the man is the Word of God, even the only begotten son. And the name is that which must be received of all men. For each shall receive a name which no other man knows. And this shall be his name unto God. For this name shall be written upon a white stone that shall be given unto him. And I asked him, who shall loose the devil at the end of the thousand years. And he said unto me, it shall be the wickedness of the people who shall allow the devil to be loosed. For as long as men are righteous the devil is bound. And because of the righteousness in the thousand years the devil shall be bound. But pride shall enter into the hearts of men at the last days of the thousand years and the devil shall thus have power over men. And I asked him, what is the great city of Jerusalem. And he said unto me, this is the city of God in heaven that is reserved for those of this earth. And he did answer all things put to him. And I did grow in my knowledge of God and in what I had learned of the vision. Even so much that the meaning of the vision was more clear unto me.
And he did also speak unto me concerning the record which I had written that contained the history of my people and also many prophecies concerning the future times. And he caused that I should bring it forth and I did. And he did read that which I had written, even every part. And he said, Many shall look upon these words and say, Did not John warn us of these things in the Bible? Did he not speak unto us saying, If any man shall add unto these words, God shall add unto him the same plagues that are written in this book. And if any man shall remove from the words of this book, God shall remove his part out of the book of life. So why then should we give heed unto these new words which John hast warned us away from. Now I speak unto these, Behold I am John, even that same John which did write the words of which you speak. And I do know of that which is written in the record that has been written and it is good. Wherefore I have accepted it and I know that God hath approved this record, for it doth contain His Word. Therefore I do say unto you that if any man shall hearken unto these words it shall not be counted towards him as adding unto those things which I have written. For I John approve these words, And he that shall hearken unto them shall not have plagues added unto him for they will not be adding unto my words, for I accept these words as if they are mine. But let there be a warning to all people for I testify unto every man that heareth these words that they are true. And if any man will deny these words it shall be counted unto them as if they had taken away from my words. And any man that taketh away from my words, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life. So if it be wisdom in God that thou shalt read these things do not dismiss them, for he that dismisses these words commiteth a grave sin. And I leave these words with you as a blessing and a warning, for unto those who accept these words it shall be a blessing but unto those who deny these words it shall be a warning. And He which sayeth, “Surely I come quickly,” also testifieth of these things. Even the Lord Jesus.
Now John did leave these words with me to include as a testimony of the words which I had written. And I know that He is truly a messenger of God And those who hearken unto his words shall have everlasting life. And now behold John did give unto me a special mission, that I should remain upon the earth until the time that this record should come forth. And after this, John did leave my presence and depart into lands unknown and I know not where he went. Now behold after John did depart a bright light came over me and I saw what seemed to be a person. And the person spake unto me saying, I am Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ. And I have come to deliver you a message. And he did say, I have come unto you to be a second witness of the truthfulness of this book. And I shall speak unto those who would deny this book. For there shall be those who shall recall my words to the churches of Galatia. And they shall say we cannot accept this book because of the words of Paul, for even though they, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto us than that which he has preached unto us, let him be accursed. As they had said before, and so say they now, if any man shall preach any other gospel unto us than that we have received, let him be accursed. And I say, those who deny these writings because of my words do not understand them, and they do not know the gospel I have preached. For behold I certify unto you, that the gospel which is preached from this book is of me is not after the ways of man. And it has not been received of man, neither was it taught from the ways of man, but it did come forth by the revelations of Jesus Christ. And I have accepted this book and, Yea even Christ has accepted this book as a true witness of Him. And the messenger did leave and the bright light disappeared. And I knew that this messenger was true for he did nothing but speak the will of the Lord. Now I did write the words of those messengers who came unto me.
And now I do close this record that it may come to stand as a witness unto the people of these islands of the mission of Jesus Christ And His love for the people of this land. And if any who find this record shall read it and take it into their hearts they shall come to know the truthfulness of it. And those who shall pray unto God And ask Him, in faith, if this record is true, and if it be His will, the Spirit shall witness unto them the truthfulness of this record. And if there be any remains that our people have left in the land, and they shall come forth, then it shall also be an evidence of the truthfulness of this record. And also if any shall read the prophecies within this book and see that they come to pass then it shall stand as a witness of the truthfulness of these things. And I have prepared these sheets of copper that they might be preserved until the time that they shall come forth. And I have stacked these plates together. And I do also possess a vial containing earth from the place where Christ first set foot upon these islands. For it was collected shortly after His arrival And has been held sacred for many years. And also a shaft of bamboo which doth contain many sacred writings which are not to be given unto the world. And this record is complete and those of you who read this and believe, and come to a better knowledge of Christ, and obey His law, shall have a place in His kingdom and shall have unnumbered riches both in this world in and these eternal world. Now I leave with you this prophecy for in a future time these sheets shall be preserved in the earth. And they shall be delivered unto a man in the form of a vision. And he shall translate them into his language. And he shall send forth a portion of the record and after a great many people have accepted it he shall bring forth the other portions of the record. For he shall appoint one to stand before him unto the world. And he shall speak the words of the man. And the people shall find the twelve women who shall go forth as the women of old and they shall build the kingdom. And after the kingdom is established and a great temple is built these copper sheets shall be shown unto the world. And when this time shall come all men may view these things and examine them. And they shall have a sure knowledge of their truth. And they shall also view other evidences that do show the truth of these things. And it mattereth not if some may receive this record as a parable or if they receive it as a true account, for did not Christ teach many truths in parables. For it mattereth not if it is true or a story for what mattereth is that those who shall read it shall turn unto God, and Christ their redeemer, and unite together in God’s Kingdom. And I leave this now with you, may we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ, the Savior of all the universe. I know that He lives and that He is the head. His works are great and also his glory. Praise be to Him forever and ever!


  1. What do you make of this book Brad?

    1. I think the visits of John and Paul are interesting, as well as the Ruman-John Q&A session. John's interpretation of the symbols is compatible to what Joseph Smith learned in D&C 77 and elsewhere. But why did John and Paul need to give their recommendation of the Aklatan? Why didn't this happen with the Book of Mormon? I answered this on the New Mormon Scripture blog (and I'll go into it when we get to Ruman), but I think it's a matter of the times, culture, and context of the coming forth of each of those--1830 frontier America v 21st century Philippines. They had different audiences and, thus, different needs for convincing them of truth.