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Sunday, November 9, 2014


In Visions 3, the Lord tells Elisha:
Now I give unto you a command. You shall read the words of Ezekiel written in the record of the Jews. And read those chapters forty through forty-eight. And as you read them I will show unto your mind the meaning thereof. And you shall include the words of Ezekiel in your writings, even at the beginning of the record which you shall translate. And this you shall do for a special purpose.
He doesn't elaborate on what that "special purpose" would be, but examining those chapters of Ezekiel, it's pretty clear it has to do with re-establishing the temple as a focal point of God's kingdom and putting forth a pattern for future temple construction and worship.

We'll see a similar pattern throughout the Aklatan, and these chapters of Ezekiel set a proper tone for the entire record.

1) Future Jerusalem -- Ezekiel sees the millennial temple of God in Jerusalem (Ezekiel 40-48)

2) Ancient Maharlika -- Suran and his sons are led to ancient records detailing pre-Israelite temple construction and worship, and build a temple and offer sacrifice after that pattern. (Suran 5, 8; Ahkman 12)

3) Present/Future Maharlika -- The Lord tells Ahkman that his descendants in the last days will build a temple as a precursor to the completion of His temple in Jerusalem. (Ahkman 7)

4) Future Jerusalem --  John the Revelator teaches Ruman that the temple he measured in Revelation 11 is the temple in Jerusalem that will be built in the last days after the pattern given by Ezekiel. (Ruman 5)

And so, the Aklatan itself is a complete historical and thematic arc or circle centered on past, present, and future temple worship and bookended by glorious visions of God's holy house.

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