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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hi all. Just a quick post before we delve into the actual text of the Aklatan. Elisha just posted on the official website to answer a few questions (find it HERE). Without reposting the whole thing here, I'll give some of the highlights and let you check out the details.

Where is Elisha Enoc?
Traveling all over Maharlika helping people and spreading the message of Christ. He says he "[doesn't] have a lot of time left." I don't know if that means he feels he won't live much longer, or if there's another event on the horizon, and he's trying to get as much work done as possible before that.

Why isn't Elisha more active online?
Answering questions online isn't his greatest priority; ministering to the people is. God's work should be the focus, not him.

Who runs your website?
A couple of close friends, who have their own lives and families. They want to get more people involved in their online operations. You can volunteer to help out HERE.

I don't live in the Philippines, how can I help support the Aklatan?
Read and share it (esp. with Maharlikans: people and descendants of the Philippines, Taiwan, Borneo, Palau, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Micronesia). For Maharlikans, help establish the designated international communities in California (San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara counties), Spain (Galicia/Canary Islands), and Japan (Okinawa). (These were announced and specified HERE).

Why is the Kingdom named the Kingdom of Maharlika? Wasn't that something Marcos developed?
Here's the entire answer:
It is true that Maharlika was (mis)used by Ferdinand Marcos. It is an ancient Tagalog word used to refer to the warrior class. This is a name that we have chosen to refer to the Kingdom. The modern kingdom was never given a specific name however the ancient followers of Christ took on the name "Mahardika" as spoken of by Namwaran. More information about this will be known as more of the Aklatan is published. But it is true that the name "Kingdom of Maharlika" is a modern name not an ancient one.
Does the Aklatan support the Book of Mormon/Mormon Church?
"There have been a lot of questions and comments by Mormons about the Aklatan," (*newby raises his hand*) but the specific purpose of the Aklatan is to reestablish Christ's kingdom in Maharlika. Once that purpose is accomplished, God will do what He wants with the book.

What is this I have read about twelve women?
Liwan prophesied of twelve women living today, who will travel throughout the islands to minister and reestablish the kingdom; however, they don't know about the Aklatan or their callings yet. They are key to the work, but it's up to us to find them.


  1. It was good to see him share some information. I get a sense that he really isn't out to help himself, but others. A good message indeed. I thought his remarks about the correlation with the Book of Mormon was impressive as well.

  2. The fact that he got and answered a "Mormon" question is telling, as is his response. I think it's time to post captmoroni's experience as someone's take from the other side.