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Monday, April 28, 2014


Here's a quick list of some of the recurring and important themes, topics, subjects, etc. found within the Aklatan:

- visions, miracles, & other spiritual gifts
- resurrected & translated beings
- appearances & prophecies of Christ
- priesthood authority & saving ordinances
- temple--importance of, ordinances, marriage, etc.
- Israel--scattering, gathering, & covenants with God
- apostasy & restoration
- prophesies of the latter days
- plural marriage
- homosexuality
- missionary work
- antichrists
- unity
- signs of Christ's birth/death
- role of women
- Book of Mormon peoples
- AND MORE!!! ; )

Half of the 24 books of the Aklatan have been published in their full form along with selections from another two. The remaining ten will be published with updated editions. (The Gospel Written by Angulu and the full Book of Ahkman were released Dec 2013.) Here is a current table of contents (selections in italics; unreleased in bold) (h/t Isles of the Sea):

The Book of Visions
Selections from Ezekiel
The Life of Suran
The Great Scroll of Suran
The History of the Ophir
The Book of Ahkman
The Book of Arakim
The Journeys of Gubir and Jaresh
The Book of Kimesh
The Gospel Written by Angulu
The Gospel Written by Taletan
The Lesser Gospel Written by Buka
A Record of the Twelve Women
Prophecy of the Prophetess Liwan
The Book of Strangers
The Prophecies of Telemek
The Song of Banali
The Book of Datara
The Book of Kilinga
The Preserved Record of Algapo
The Book of Namwaran
The Book of Ruman
The Rock of Ruman
The Record of the Ancients

There is no specific timeline for the full release of each book; it depends on the accomplishment of certain events. A chart describing what events will trigger the publication of each portion can be found HERE.


  1. This is exciting, Brad. I didn't realize that not all of the book has been published yet and that its being published depends on the fulfillment of certain events. Who is the one publishing and translating each chapter as those events happen? Are the chapters being translated into just Tagalog and English for now?

    1. In the Book of Visions, Elisha says that he translated the full record but was told only to publish certain portions as those events mentioned come to pass.

      Aside from my online version off to the right, the only place you can get a hardcopy of the most recent version of the Aklatan is through, a self-publishing distributor:

      It seems they have the manuscript and simply print each book as the order comes in, probably automated so that Elisha doesn't have to worry about all that and can focus on the ministry. I don't think there's an editing or publishing "team" at all. I also haven't been able to find it in any other language than English, even Tagalog. I just looked this up, and there are actually more English speakers in the Philippines than in Canada and Australia combined, so there's already a solid, native target audience.

  2. I didn't realize that certain books were not published? I don't understand the timeline. Does Elisha decide, or is that something he feels directed to do?

  3. In reading your comments to Katie, I think my question was answered.

  4. Do you feel there is an order to the reading? Where does one start?

    1. After Elisha's personal story and the Ezekiel section, the Aklatan is laid out chronologically. "Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start." ; )

      Elisha briefly explained what needs to happen for each book to be published here:

      And I mentioned them here: