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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


With his family all on board, Suran takes them to the place where Ngameke taught him, many days travel to the north. Once there, the Spirit of God "causes" them to be baptized in the pool as a sign of their faith in God. Now, this isn't the Spirit forcing them to participate in an ordinance or enter a covenant. Rather, they are so full of the Spirit and inspired by the things they have learned, they can't not be baptized. Again, I like the various descriptions of baptism in the Aklatan. Here it is simply spoken of as "a sign of their faith in God." Ultimately, that is the essence of baptism--showing God we're washing away our old self and starting anew in faith. Suran's family felt the Spirit and followed its promptings.

In the way he learned from Ngameke, Suran then appoints his three sons to the three Orders of the Levitical Priesthood--Ahkman to that of Gers(h)on, Shurak to Kohath, and Kodal to Merari. The names of these three orders are taken from the three sons of Levi. During Mosaic times, these three orders assisted the priests of Aaron in taking care of and performing different duties within the tabernacle and later temple. Ngameke taught Suran that a remnant of these orders had been preserved on their islands. Suran, on the other hand, was appointed to the Holy Order of Shem--the same Order given to Adam--the Holy Order of God. Again, this appears to be the Patriarchal Order which was passed on through the generations from Adam down to Melchizedek and Abraham. (And remember that the Aklatan follows the tradition that Shem and Melchizedek are one in the same.) The Levitical Orders, then, act under and are preparatory to the Holy Order, with Suran now serving as high priest and patriarch.

They name this special place Katagan because it was a "hidden sacred place". Elisha has said it was revealed to him that this is Kabigan Falls on the northernmost coast of Luzon.

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