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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Just another quick post before moving on with the Aklatan. Elisha posted some thoughts and answers to questions on the official website today (find it HERE). Without reposting the whole thing here, I'll give some of the highlights and let you check out the details, but there's been a lot of discussion recently on the Twelve Women, so that's a running theme throughout.

A Record of the Twelve Women will be published in two parts after the Twelve Women are found, meet together, and read it.  Three have been identified already (I won't post their names here) based on the Prophecy of the Prophetess Liwan, Elisha's vision of these women, and some sleuthing by interested parties.

Do you know anything more about the 12 women?
The Prophecy of the Prophetess Liwan and A Record of the Twelve Women are the main sources of information about them. Elisha wrote inspired personal prophecies for them in 1993 but sealed them in envelopes and "can't remember for sure what is in them."

Are the 12 women given priesthood authority?
The power of God in the universe has both a male and female portion. The 12 women will act unitedly in their portion of the holy order. (We'll be discussing this in depth later on.)

Do you know how old the 12 women are?
He saw their faces in vision, but doesn't know if that matches their age when gathered.

Will the Maharlika and those who join them be safe from the calamities of the last days?
Faith leads to safety but not freedom from hardship. (Sounds like D&C 63:34--"the saints also shall hardly escape", 38:30--"if ye are prepared ye shall not fear", 87:8--"stand ye in holy places, and be not moved," etc.)

Is the coming of Christ and the destructive events a planetary/cosmological catastrophe?
"The coming of Christ will be witnessed on all scales."

Do you know anything about the fall of America as prophesied in the Aklatan?
The unpublished Great Scroll of Suran contains prophecies of many nations.

Do you expect miracles and gifts of the Spirit to be abundant among the followers of Christ and the Aklatan? Are they experiencing these things now?
Yes, but the Aklatan is only part of Christ's work.

Approximately how many followers or "believers" are there presently that are known?
He has preached all over the Philippines and knows of others throughout the world and estimates a few thousand or so. (The official Facebook page HERE has over 3500 likes as of today.)

Where is Elisha when he is preaching?
He's been traveling all over the Philippines as inspired by the Lord.

Has Elisha had any contact with the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
He can't speak about Mormons at the moment.

Is Elisha familiar with Mormon history or has he been one in the past?
His thoughts on or relationships with Mormons aren't central to the work at this time.

What is the abomination spoken of in the Life of Suran?
Basically, it's a secret combination that's gained politico-economic power in the US and whose influence is felt worldwide (cf. Nephi's "great and abominable church". I was going to post a bunch on this, but he beat me to the punch ; )

What are we to understand about the Book of the Lords, as written by Ahkman?
There's more information in unpublished portions of the Aklatan, and these Lords will be identified after the Twelve Women have been gathered.

Are there "other sheep" that you are aware of that have other records, promises, temples, gathering places?
The Book of Mormon peoples are the most prominent, though he can't speak on that. Others he knows of are among Islamic Arabs, Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews), Chinese, British Islands, etc.

Would you like bilingual persons to translate the Aklatan into other languages?
Yes, but the English text needs to be cleaned up first.

Why is the very last verse from the Selections of Ezekiel different than from the KJV?
He was instructed to copy those passages from a specific Bible. (*cough* JST *cough* ; )

Do you have, or have you had, other visions, dreams, revelations, etc. that you have not published and may we know about them?
Yes, the Aklatan is just part of his calling, and the rest will be published in due time.

Where are we when it comes to the work and the unveiling of more books?
The primary effort still needs to be in gathering believers, establishing Maharlika, and identifying the Twelve Women. The next three books to be published will probably be A Record of the Twelve Women (after many of the women begin traveling around to share the Aklatan), The Prophecies of Telemek (after the first pilgrimage), and the Book of Datara (after the Warriors of Darkness are re-established).

In the Lesser Gospel Written by Buka, Christ created a group of 12 men and a group of 12 women. We know that the group of 12 women will be recreated, but will the group of twelve men be recreated too?
The gathering of the 12 women is central to his calling, but he was not called to do the same with a group of men.

When might the copper sheets be tested as spoken of by Oleeha?
After the temple and Kingdom are established.

Were you given authority to baptize, lay on hands, or ordain priests?
He was given authority to accomplish everything related to his specific work of establishing Maharlika.

Who were the three men who baptized and ordained you?
Can't say yet.

How can we reach a representative of the colonies (Okinawa, CA, etc.), or does Elisha need representatives?
There are none yet, but volunteers are welcome : )

Do you have any plans or blueprints for Zion communities to be established?
Just general plans that he might discuss later.


  1. I was able to ask a handful of those questions and it was great to get a response. A good brother convinced me to ask that Ezekiel question haha, and I think I coughed a bit too. I really did found his answers impressive, even when he was unable to answer, it makes me feel like there is more going on than we know.

    1. It was cool to see all those questions answered. Maybe I'll take advantage next time in unloading all of my own : )

    2. For sure, he also encouraged the asking of more questions too. Another Brother and I were joking about the possibility of them not taking anymore questions after all of the ones that were asked, but to our pleasant surprise Elisha encourages more.